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  • Kevin Gutzman Discusses emThomas Jefferson  Revolutionaryem
    Last Aired

    Thomas Jefferson - Revolutionary

    Kevin Gutzman talked about his book Thomas Jefferson - Revolutionary: A Radical’s Struggle to Remake America, in which he argues that Thomas Jefferson was a political radical for his time,…

  • emAmerican Revolutionsem
    Last Aired

    American Revolutions

    Alan Taylor talked about his book American Revolutions: A Continental History, 1750-1804, in which he examines the American Revolution, from the strained relationship between the Colonists and…

  • emThe Civil War of 1812em
    Last Aired

    The Civil War of 1812

    Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Alan Talyor presents a history of the War of 1812. Mr. Taylor recalls the over two-year war between America and Britain that ended in a stalemate but established a…

  • 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner Alan Taylor
    Last Aired

    The Internal Enemy

    Alan Taylor talked about his book, The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772-1832, in which he recounts the impact that slaves in Virginia had on the War of 1812. In his book, the…

  • History of Slavery Scholarship and Museum Interpretation
    Last Aired

    History of Slavery Scholarship and Museum Interpretation

    Panelists talked about the history of slavery scholarship and the evolution of slavery interpretation at historic sites and museums over the last quarter century. They responded to…

  • Slavery at Historic Sites
    Last Aired

    Slavery at Historic Sites

    Panelists talked about how slavery is represented and reconstructed at places like Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello, and James Monroe’s home, Ash Lawn-Highland. They also discussed the…

  • Thomas Jefferson and the American West
    Last Aired

    Thomas Jefferson and the American West

    John Logan Allen talked about the role President Jefferson played in the Louisiana Purchase and the expedition of Lewis and Clark which explored and mapped western land. He talked about…

  • emMadison and Jeffersonem
    Last Aired

    Madison and Jefferson

    Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg present a dual biography of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. The authors focus on the third and fourth American presidents' relationship and their affect on the…

  • Monticello Independence Day
    Last Aired

    Monticello Independence Day

    The C-SPAN School Bus visited the 32nd annual Independence Day celebration at the home of Thomas Jefferson in Monticello, Virginia. David McCullough gave the keynote speech at the ceremony…

  • Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commencement
    Last Aired

    Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commencement

    On January 18, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent a letter to Congress asking it to fund the exploration of the western part of the continent. Thus began a three-year journey which took…

  • President Jefferson and Women
    Last Aired

    President Jefferson and Women

    Mr. Adams, who is currently working on a book about Thomas Jefferson’s time in France, talked about Jefferson’s relationships with women during his time there between 1784 and 1789.…

  • Washington Journal Monticello
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal: Monticello

    In the first of a three-part series, Monticello, the home of President Jefferson was profiled. In the first segment, Mr. Daniel talked about the history of Monticello and Ms. Stein provided a tour of several…

  • Financial World of Thomas Jefferson
    Last Aired

    Financial World of Thomas Jefferson

    Professor Herbert Sloan spoke about how Thomas Jefferson lost most of his personal assets after he served as president. He emphasized that Jefferson handled his financial affairs well for…

  • emThe Inner Jeffersonem
    Last Aired

    The Inner Jefferson

    On the lawn of Monticello, Mr. Burstein spoke about his new book, The Inner Jefferson: Portrait of a Grieving Optimist, which examines President Jefferson’s private correspondence. He talked…

  • Clinton Inaugural Tour of Monticello
    Last Aired

    Clinton Inaugural Tour of Monticello

    Cameras followed Mr. Jordan as he gave a tour of Monticello, the home of former President Thomas Jefferson, to the Clintons and the Gores. The tour happened on the first morning of the four…