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  • emAn Honorable Defeat The Last Days of the Confederate Governmentem
    Last Aired

    An Honorable Defeat: The Last Days of the Confederate Government

    Professor Davis talked about his book, An Honorable Defeat: The Last Days of the Confederate Government, published by Harcourt Trade Publishers. Professor Davis said the leaders of the…

  • emRise to Rebellionem
    Last Aired

    Rise to Rebellion

    Mr. Shaara talked about his book, Rise to Rebellion, published by Ballantine Books, a historical novel of the American Revolution. Characters in the book include John and Abigail Adams, Ben…

  • emA Great Civil Warem
    Last Aired

    A Great Civil War

    Professor Weigley talked about his book, A Great Civil War: A Military and Political History, 1861-1865, published by Indiana University Press. The author evaluated the roles of Generals…

  • emVietnam A Historyem
    Last Aired

    Vietnam: A History

    Mr. Karnow talked about his book, Vietnam: A History, published by Penguin USA. The author was in Vietnam as a correspondent for TIME magazine when the first two American military advisers were…

  • emThe Jennie Wade Storyem
    Last Aired

    The Jennie Wade Story

    Ms. Small talked about her book The Jennie Wade Story, published by Thomas Publications. The book is a biography of Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty at the Battle of Gettysburg.…

  • emTriumph  Defeat The Vicksburg Campaignem
    Last Aired

    Triumph & Defeat: The Vicksburg Campaign

    Mr. Winschel talked about his book, Triumph & Defeat: The Vicksburg Campaign, published by Savas Publishing. The book orients the reader to the geographic region of Vicksburg, Mississippi,…

  • emThe Great War and Modern Memoryem
    Last Aired

    The Great War and Modern Memory

    Professor Fussell talked about his book, The Great War and Modern Memory, published by Oxford University Press. He described this history of World War I and his experience writing it. He also…

  • emBunker Hillem
    Last Aired

    Bunker Hill

    Mr. Fast talked about his book, Bunker Hill: The Prequel to The Crossing, published by ibooks. The book is an historical novel about the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Bunk Hill,…

  • emThe Lincoln Enigmaem
    Last Aired

    The Lincoln Enigma

    Contributor and editor Boritt talked about the collection of essays, The Lincoln Enigma: The Changing Faces of an American Icon, published by Oxford University Press. The book addresses some of the areas of…

  • emThe Hard Hand of Warem
    Last Aired

    The Hard Hand of War

    Professor Grimsley discussed his book, The Hard Hand of War: Union Military Policy Toward Southern Civilians, 1861-1865, published by Cambridge University Press. The author said that the…

  • emGettysburg Day Threeem
    Last Aired

    Gettysburg: Day Three

    Mr. Wert talked about his book, Gettysburg: Day Three, published by Simon & Schuster. The book is the story of the decisive day of the decisive battle of the Civil War. The crucial action on Day Three…

  • Civil War Photography
    Last Aired

    Civil War Photography

    Mr. Frassanito talked about his photography books of the Civil War, and photography during the war. He explained that many Civil War photographs have been captioned with false information…

  • George Washington Biographies
    Last Aired

    George Washington Biographies

    Ms. Fritz talked about the effect George Washington had on the Declaration of Independence, the Battle of Gettysburg, and American history. Ms. Fritz said she often thinks about the ghosts of the Founding…

  • emGeneral James Longstreetem
    Last Aired

    General James Longstreet

    Mr. Wert discussed his book General James Longstreet: The Confederacy’s Most Controversial Soldier, published by Simon and Schuster. He reviewed the life and military skill of the…

  • emA Grand Terrible Dramma Civil War Lettersem
    Last Aired

    A Grand Terrible Dramma: Civil War Letters

    Mr. Campbell talked about his book, A Grand Terrible Dramma: From Gettysburg to Petersburg: The Civil War Letters of Charles Wellington Reed, published by Fordham University Press. Mr.…

  • Speech Excerpt
    Last Aired

    Speech Excerpt

  • emThe Story the Soldiers Wouldnt Tellem
    Last Aired

    The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell

    Doctor Lowry, a retired physician and historian, talked about his book, The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell: Sex in the Civil War, published by Stackpole Books. The book examines the…

  • emSoldiers Blue and Grayem
    Last Aired

    Soldiers Blue and Gray

    Professor Robertson talked about his book, Soldiers Blue and Gray, which is about the life of the average soldier during the Civil War. The book provides statistics of the average height,…

  • emHappiness Is Not My Companionem
    Last Aired

    Happiness Is Not My Companion

    Mr. Jordan talked about his biography, Happiness Is Not My Companion: The Life of General G.K. Warren, published by Indiana University Press. The book spans the life of Civil War General…

  • emGeorge Washingtons Rules of Civilityem
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Rules of Civility

    Mr. Phillips talked about his book, George Washington’s Rules of Civility, published by Goose Creek Productions. He suggested the 110 “Rules of Civility” were 200-300 years old when Washington was taught…

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