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    No Simple Victory

    Norman Davies talked about his book No Simple Victory: World War II in Europe, 1939-1945, published by Viking. In his book historian Norman Davies questions common conceptions about World War II including…

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    A Lucky Child

    Thomas Buergenthal, the American judge at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, recalled his childhood during the Holocaust. He was a survivor of two labor camps and one of the youngest prisoners…

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    Hollywood Left and Right

    Film historian Steven Ross presents a history of politics and the film industry. Mr. Ross examines the impact that Hollywood has played on the American political landscape and profiles several actors…

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    1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created

    Charles Mann, author of 1491, about the Americas before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, revisits the Americas afterward. The author reports on the European voyages that followed and the transportation of flora…

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    Mighty Be Our Powers

    Leymah Roberta Gbowee discussed her memoir at about co-founding the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace. The women’s protest movement is credited with being instrumental in ending the Second…

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    Murder City

    Charles Bowden chronicles the murders that have plagued Juarez, Mexico, over the past several years. Once heralded as an economic success story and a beneficiary of NAFTA, the city is now…

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    Free: The Future of a Radical Price

    Chris Anderson talked about his book Free: The Future of a Radical Price (Hyperion; July 7, 2009). He explored the next revolution in business, which is making more money by initially providing…

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    A Bright and Guilty Place

    Richard Rayner talked about his book A Bright and Guilty Place: Murder, Corruption, and L.A.'s Scandalous Coming of Age (Doubleday; June 23, 2009). In his book Richard Rayner presents a history of Los Angeles in the…

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    Alphabet Juice

    Humorist and author Roy Blount, Jr., talked about his book Alphabet Juice: The Energies, Gists, and Spirits of Letters, Words, and Combinations Thereof; Their Roots, Bones, Innards, Piths, Pips, and Secret Parts, Tinctures,…

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    Avoid Boring People

    James Watson talked about his book Avoid Boring People: Lessons from a Life in Science, published by Knopf. In this memoir, James Watson, the Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of the structure of DNA,…

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    Religion and Reason Debate

    Reza Aslan and Sam Harris debated the future of religion and its role in society, moderated by Jonathan Kirsch. Topics included whether the Bible provides timeless prescriptions for daily life or if its inclusion of…

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    Spying on the Bomb

    Jeffrey Richelson talked about his book Spying on the Bomb: American Nuclear Intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran and North Korea, published by W. W. Norton. The book traces the history of America’s efforts to spy on…

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    The Running Mate

    Mr. Klein talked about his book The Running Mate, published by Dial Books. The book is a novel about a U.S. Senator and Vietnam veteran who has to come to terms with how politics is…