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  • The Reagan Legacy White House Years
    Last Aired

    The Reagan Legacy: White House Years

    Panelists discussed the President Reagan’s leadership abilities. They analyzed how he possessed both the motive, passion and spontanaiety to show leadership in the smallest and largest…

  • The Reagan Legacy Before the White House
    Last Aired

    The Reagan Legacy: Before the White House

    As part of a symposium on the legacy of Ronald Reagan, the panelists discussed the former president’s years in Hollywood and his two terms as governor of California. They shared stories of…

  • American Politics Panel
    Last Aired

    American Politics Panel

    In a session of the two-day conference, "What’s Wrong with American Politics?", panelists discussed the gap between elected officials and their constituents which has been widening for…

  • Presidential Debates
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debates

    Panelists reflected on some of the greatest historical moments in presidential debates from the first televised debate in 1960 between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon to today. They also…

  • Presidents as Communicators
    Last Aired

    Presidents as Communicators

    Members of the press who have followed presidential politics talked about presidents in the broadcast age and their effectiveness as communicators. Mr. Matthews moderated the discussion and…

  • Reagan Conference Closing Remarks
    Last Aired

    Reagan Conference Closing Remarks

    Mr. Baker paid tribute to President Reagan’s accomplishments and how he had the important characteristics to be president of the United States. He also talked about the positive aspects of U.S.…

  • Ronald Reagan and the End of the Cold War
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan and the End of the Cold War

    Mr. Billington talked about how President Reagan did not take the credit for the end of the Cold War when Mr. Billington believes he deserved some credit. He stated that the end of the Cold…

  • Media Coverage of the White House
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of the White House

    Mr. Brokaw spoke about media coverage of the presidency in an increasingly media-rich society and in a world where the U.S. is the only superpower. He analyzed why covering the important…

  • Presidential News Coverage
    Last Aired

    Presidential News Coverage

    Mr. Snow moderated a discussion among journalists and two former presidential candidates. They discussed limits, if any, of media coverage of presidents, and the limits of personal privacy…

  • Reagan and Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Reagan and Foreign Policy

    Ambassador Kirkpatrick talked about the foreign policy of the Reagan administration. This was part of a tribute to the former president on the occasion of his 87th birthday. Ms. Kirkpatrick…

  • Reclaiming the Reagan Legacy
    Last Aired

    Reclaiming the Reagan Legacy

    Sen. Thompson talked about the presidency and legacy of President Reagan as well as his own career in politics. He talked about his first meeting with President Reagan in 1968 when Sen.…

  • Reagan Presidency
    Last Aired

    Reagan Presidency

    Ms. Sawyer talked about the presidency of Ronald Reagan and how America has changed since he left office. She gave her impressions about the Reagan era and the confidence President Reagan…

  • Reykjavik Summit
    Last Aired

    Reykjavik Summit

    Mr. Cochran moderated a panel on the 1986 Reykjavik, Iceland Summit. Panelists speculated about how the summit might have ended differently if President Reagan had agreed to abandon the…

  • Reykjavik Summit
    Last Aired

    Reykjavik Summit

    Prior to the panel, Mr. Palazchenko read a letter from former Soviet President Gorbachev regretting that he could not attend the forum. Then U.S. and Soviet participants in the 1986 summit…

  • Reykjavik Summit
    Last Aired

    Reykjavik Summit

    Former Secretary Shultz delivered opening remarks at a conference on the summit meeting between President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1986. He described some of…

  • Presidential Debates Conference Closing
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debates Conference: Closing

    Mr. Broder closed this conference titled, “Debating the Debaters: Defining Moments in Presidential Campaigns.” He spoke about the role of presidential debates in the political process and…

  • Presidential Debates Conference Opening
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debates Conference: Opening

    Mr. Shaw opened this conference titled, “Debating the Debaters: Defining Moments in Presidential Campaigns.” In his remarks, he spoke about the history of presidential debates and his…

  • Future of Presidential Debates
    Last Aired

    Future of Presidential Debates

    Panelists discussed the future of presidential debates, especially possible format changes that would lead to more direct voter participation. They examined the need of both candidates and…

  • The Reagan Legacy Closing
    Last Aired

    The Reagan Legacy: Closing

    Mr. Walesa spoke about his personal reminiscences of President Reagan and his impact on world history. He argued that Poland and all former Soviet bloc countries owe President Reagan a huge…

  • The Reagan Legacy Opening
    Last Aired

    The Reagan Legacy: Opening

    The Reagan Center sponsored a symposium on the legacy of Ronald Reagan as actor, governor and one of the longest-lived U.S. presidents. Mr. Wallace participated by remote connection,…

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