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  • History of the Vice Presidency
    Last Aired

    History of the Vice Presidency

    Joel Goldstein talked about the history of the vice presidency and argued that the office has grown in importance, especially for the last six men who have held the position. Professor…

  • emThe Oil Kingsem
    Last Aired

    The Oil Kings

    Andrew Scott Cooper talked about his book based on previously-classified documents revealing how the price of oil drove U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. He discussed the deal for oil made…

  • President Fords Visit to China
    Last Aired

    President Ford's Visit to China

    Ron Nessen served as President Gerald Ford’s press secretary and was with the president on a 1975 trip to China. Mr. Nessen gave a behind-the-scenes account of that visit and his impressions of…

  • Discussion on the Pardon of Richard Nixon
    Last Aired

    The Pardon of Richard Nixon

    Benton Becker talked about the pardon of former President Nixon for any wrongdoings in the Watergate scandal which President Ford announced on September 8, 1974. Although not on his congressional or White…

  • Gerald R Ford Presidential Library
    Last Aired

    Gerald Ford Presidential Library

    The eighth in a series on presidential libraries focused on Gerald R. Ford’s life and career through rarely seen film and sound recordings, as well as letters, documents and artifacts collected from…

  • Vietnam 25 Years Later
    Last Aired

    Vietnam 25 Years Later

    Following opening remarks by President Ford, former officials talked about the long-term impacts of the Vietnam War and the war’s impact on U.S. foreign policy. Among the issues addressed…

  • Vietnam and the Presidency
    Last Aired

    Vietnam and the Presidency

    The forum participants discussed the costs and consequences of the Vietnam War, especially as it related to the office of the presidency. They also told stories of their involvement in…

  • Vietnam Politics and Media
    Last Aired

    Vietnam: Politics and Media

    Participants talked about the impacts of the Vietnam War on domestic politics and on the media. Among the issues they addressed were the power of the media to sway political decision making, how…

  • Women in American Political Life Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Women in American Political Life Panel 2

    Panelists reflected on the strides women had made in the past 50 years noting that women’s issues had begun to define political agendas today. They also discussed the challenges which still…

  • Women in American Political Life Panel 1
    Last Aired

    Women in American Political Life Panel 1

    The panelists talked about how the role of women in public life has changed over the years.

  • Women in Politics
    Last Aired

    Women in Politics

    President Ford introduced Mrs. Dole and briefly discussed the strong and active women in his life. Mrs. Dole then discussed the changes in women’s lives, American culture, and politics…

  • CIA Future
    Last Aired

    CIA Future

    Panelists discussed the future of the CIA. President Ford and Mr. Tenet talked about the role of the CIA and its relationship with the White House, Congress and the public. Following his…

  • Utilizing the CIA
    Last Aired

    Utilizing the CIA

    Mr. Baker described his relationship with the CIA during his twenty years of government service in various positions. He gave examples of the different ways in which he utilized intelligence…

  • CIA Future Company Man
    Last Aired

    CIA Future: Company Man

    The panelists concentrated on the job of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and communications with the White House and Congress. The panelists also talked about their personal…

  • CIA Future The Overseers
    Last Aired

    CIA Future: The Overseers

    Panelists discussed the congressional and press oversight and coverage of the Central Intelligence Agency. Journalists, lawmakers and intelligence experts talked about the roles of the…

  • The Trouble with Washington
    Last Aired

    The Trouble with Washington

    Dr. Boorstin discussed the democratic paradox, the tendency for citizens of a democracy to trust the form of government but to distrust those who govern. He says this is why there is so…

  • The Trouble with Washington Closing
    Last Aired

    The Trouble with Washington: Closing

    Former President Ford closed this conference titled “The Trouble with Washington” with his perspectives on public cynicism and discontent.

  • The Trouble with Washington Congress
    Last Aired

    The Trouble with Washington: Congress

    As part of a panel discussion titled, “The Trouble with Washington,” two former congressional leaders and Senator Cohen, who is retiring at the end of this year, discussed why the public…

  • The Trouble with Washington The Pundits
    Last Aired

    The Trouble with Washington: The Pundits

    Journalists and political strategists discussed media coverage of politics and how this contributes to public cynicism. They examined various issues, such a lack of connection with the…

  • The Trouble with Washington The Players
    Last Aired

    The Trouble with Washington: The Players

    Mr. Bruno moderated this discussion on the problems with Washington politics from their various perspectives. They focused on various issues such as lobbying, ethics and campaign finance.…

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