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Chicago Humanities Festival


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  • Sex and the Constitution
    Last Aired

    Sex and the Constitution

    Professor Geoffrey Stone, author of the forthcoming book Sexing the Constitution, talked about the history of American law concerning sex and explains how the Supreme Court has come to see…

  • Vietnam Writers
    Last Aired

    Vietnam Writers

    Moderated by Mr. Fuller, the panelists discussed books they have written about the Vietnam War and its aftermath. After their presentations they responded to audience members' questions. Philip…

  • emThe Little Book of Plagiarismem
    Last Aired

    The Little Book of Plagiarism

    Judge Richard Posner talked about his book The Little Book of Plagiarism, published by Pantheon. He discussed contemporary notions of plagiarism, intellectual property, and fair use in literature, music,…

  • The Oldest Conflict of All
    Last Aired

    The Oldest Conflict of All

    Professor Mansfield is the author of the recent controversial study, Manliness, published by Yale University Press. Professor Kipnis is the author of a similarly controversial new book, The Female…

  • The Culture of War
    Last Aired

    The Culture of War

    Paul Fussell spoke about cultural and social aspects of warfare. Among the topics he addressed were some of his experiences in war, the impact of war on society at-large, and the daily…

  • emThe Flight of the Creative Classem
    Last Aired

    The Flight of the Creative Class

    Richard Florida talked about his book The Flight of the Creative Class: The New Global Competition for Talent, published by Collins. In it, he wrote that America should facilitate the emigration…

  • em2021 Visionem
    Last Aired

    20:21 Vision

    Bill Emmott talked about his book, 20:21 Vision: Twentieth-Century Lessons for the Twenty-first Century, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Mr. Emmott talked about trends in the economy and…

  • Biography A PublicPrivate Affair
    Last Aired

    Biography: A Public-Private Affair

    Authors discussed the increasing popularity of biographies. They also focused on how they determine the line between the private and public lives of individuals, and how this effects their…

  • Historys Value Today
    Last Aired

    History's Value Today

    Historians discussed the reasons for studying history and its uses in today’s world as a necessary expansion of experience and a way of taking individuals outside their own lives and…

  • How Leaders Define Themselves
    Last Aired

    How Leaders Define Themselves

    Panelists discussed the humble backgrounds of political leaders and how this contributed to their careers. They analyzed how various presidents, especially Eisenhower, Nixon, Truman and…