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  • Women as Citizens Vital Voices
    Last Aired

    Women as Citizens: Vital Voices

    Panelists talked about the progress women have made in the 20th century, from suffrage to the right to define their own destiny. They discussed the ways in which the women’s movement helped…

  • Sea and Space Exploration
    Last Aired

    Sea and Space Exploration

    Scientists talked about new discoveries resulting from remote exploration of the oceans and space. Among the issues they addressed were what the discoveries taught about earth’s natural history,…

  • Millennium Historical and Religious Meaning
    Last Aired

    Millennium: Historical and Religious Meaning

    As part of the Millennium Program, scholars talked about the historical significance of the millenium. Professors David and Marty spoke about the apocalypsticism and religious persecution…

  • Information Technology and Genetic Research
    Last Aired

    Information Technology and Genetic Research

    Mr. Cerf and Mr. Lander spoke about scientific progress in information technology and human genome research, respectively. After their remarks they answered questions from the president,…

  • 20th Century Indifference and Injustice
    Last Aired

    20th Century Indifference and Injustice

    Mr. Wiesel spoke about the violence of the 20th Century and how indifference has led to many of the atrocities of the century, including the Holocaust and the current crisis in the Balkans.…

  • Jazz An Expression in Democracy
    Last Aired

    Jazz: An Expression in Democracy

    The theme for this Millennium Program event is "Honor the Past, Imagine the Future," as stated by Mrs. Clinton. President Clinton talked about celebrating the new millennium and preparing for it…

  • Poetry in the United States
    Last Aired

    Poetry in the United States

    President and Mrs. Clinton hosted another in a series of events at the White House known as the Millennium Program. Mr. Pinsky, Mr. Haas and Ms. Dove, the president and first lady, and…

  • Science in the Next Millennium
    Last Aired

    Science in the Next Millennium

    As part of the Millennium Program, Professor Hawking spoke about the future of scientific endeavor. He stressed that societies will never reach the utopian visions of science fiction…

  • Millennium Milieu
    Last Aired

    Millennium Milieu

    President Clinton and the first lady hosted the first in a series of lectures and concerts called the Millennium Program. Professor Bailyn talked about American ideas that shaped the nation and…