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  • Russian Presidential Election Implications
    Last Aired

    Russian Presidential Election Implications

    Foreign policy and political scholars talked about the implications of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s March 2018 re-election to another six-year tem in which he received 70 percent of vote. The…

  • Secretary Mattis Delivers Remarks on US National Defense Strategy
    Last Aired

    Secretary Mattis Remarks on U.S. National Defense Strategy

    Defense Secretary James Mattis spoke about U.S. national defense strategy for 2018. He said the objectives include building a more lethal force, strengthening traditional alliances,…

  • USChina Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Relations

    Panelists talked about economic and trade ties between the United States and China. Topics included North Korea’s nuclear program and the upcoming meeting between President Trump and…

  • Discussion Focuses on the Future of Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Future of Afghanistan

    Analysts and former ambassadors talked about possible U.S. policy and strategy toward Afghanistan in the upcoming Trump administration. They assessed the current situation in the region, and laid…

  • Tina Brown Discusses Issues Facing Women
    Last Aired

    Tina Brown on Women's Issues

    Journalist, editor, and author Tina Brown talked about women and global leadership. She talked about the state and future of feminism and how women can support and empower one another. Lady Evans and Ambassador…

  • emThe Gray Rhinoem
    Last Aired

    The Gray Rhino

    Michele Wucker talked about her book, The Gray Rhino: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore, about why society and governments fail to recognize and act on obvious dangers. In her book,…

  • World Bank Economist Birgit Hansl Discusses the Russian Economy
    Last Aired

    Russian Economic Recovery

    Birgit Hansl talked about the World Bank’s economic report on Russia. She said the state of Russia’s economy was dire, and that sanctions against Russia along with falling energy prices…

  • emCyberphobiaem
    Last Aired


    Edward Lucas talked about his book Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security and the Internet, in which he looks at cybersecurity. He talked about the security issues that impact both…

  • Discussion on Elections in Turkey
    Last Aired

    Turkey's Political Future

    Panelists, including former Ambassador to Turkey Eric Edelman, talked about the November 1, 2015, elections in Turkey, in which the Justice and Development Party (AKP) regained its majority in Parliament.…

  • Roy Gutman on the Middle East and the Iran Nuclear Deal
    Last Aired

    Iran Nuclear Agreement and Middle East Relations

    Panelists talked about the regional implications and Arab press reaction to the Iran nuclear agreement. Roy Gutman shared his observations from his time spent reporting from Tehran, Iran,…

  • Conflict Resolution in Syria
    Last Aired

    Conflict Resolution in Syria

    Ambassador Robert Ford and others talked about resolving the conflict in Syria. Ambassador Ford outlined why the Geneva talks failed to bring a resolution to the fighting in Syria, and said that…

  • Discussion on the Future of Iraq and Syria
    Last Aired

    Iraq Reconciliation

    Panelists that included Iraqi political scholars talked about the prospects for reconciliation of the different factions in Iraq. They focused on whether national reconciliation can stop…

  • Dan Glickman on Food Security
    Last Aired

    Food Security

    Former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman talked about the influence and effects of the American political system on food security. He called food security one of “the biggest issues” of…

  • Discussion on US Engagement in Balkans
    Last Aired

    U.S. Relations with Balkan States

    Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) talked about his visit to Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, and Montenegro, where he met with both government officials and the public to discuss U.S. policies and engagement in…

  • Secretary of State John Kerry on USChina Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Relations

    Secretary John Kerry spoke about the state of U.S.-China relations 35 years after the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between the two nations. Secretary Kerry called for greater…

  • emThe Eternal Naziem
    Last Aired

    The Eternal Nazi

    Journalists Nicholas Kulish and Souad Mekhennet talked about their book, The Eternal Nazi: From Mauthausen to Cairo, the Relentless Pursuit of SS Doctor Aribert Heim, in which they recount the…

  • Iraqi Elections Preview
    Last Aired

    Iraqi Elections

    Iraqi scholars talked about the April 30, 2014, parliamentary elections in Iraq and U.S. expectations for the country’s future. They discussed the potential outcome of the elections and…

  • emZbigem
    Last Aired


    Charles Gati, editor of Zbig: The Strategy and Statecraft of Zbigniew Brzezinski, and a panel of dignitaries talked about the life and career of former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski.…

  • EIA Administrator Discusses the 2014 Energy Outlook
    Last Aired

    2014 Energy Outlook

    Adam Sieminski presented the Energy Information Administration’s annual Energy Outlook for 2014 as well as projections of U.S. energy supply, demand, and prices to 2040. He said the U.S. is…

  • USRussia Interests in Syria and Iran
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Russia Interests in Syria and Iran

    Middle East experts talked about U.S. interests in Syria and Iran, and how they converge with those of Russia and Israel. Carter administration National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said that the conflict in…

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