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  • Discussion on the US Election Process
    Last Aired

    U.S. Election Process and Political Reform

    Panelists talked about the U.S. election process, state primary laws, the two-party system, and the future of the independent movement. “Can We Make Political Reform Popular with the American People?” was a…

  • Discussion on Democracy and Social Issues
    Last Aired

    Democracy and Social Issues

    Panelists talked about the American political system’s ability to solve problems such as poverty, health care access, discrimination, and voter turnout. “Can Democracy Transform Social Crisis?” was a panel…

  • Jacqueline Salit Remarks at National Conference of Independents
    Last Aired

    Jacqueline Salit on Independent Voters

    Jaqueline Salit spoke about the state of the independent political movement, as well as issues including open primaries and redistricting. She was introduced with a video montage. This was the opening…

  • Panel on the Independent Voter Movement
    Last Aired

    Panel on the Independent Voter Movement

    Panelist spoke about the independent voter movement and how election reforms efforts would impact political culture. They responded to questions from members of the audience. “Changing the System to Change…

  • Jackie Salit on Independent Voters
    Last Aired

    Jackie Salit on Independent Voters

    Jackie Salit talked about independent voters and the history and evolution of their influence in American politics. She also spoke about the two-party system, partisanship as a stumbling block to…

  • Independent Political Movements
    Last Aired

    Independent Political Movements

    Independent party advocates spoke about the independent movement in the U.S. and how independent voters could effect reforms in the political system. They also responded to questions from…

  • Fred Newman on Independent Political Movements
    Last Aired

    Fred Newman on Independent Political Movements

    Fred Newman spoke about political reform, political organizing, and the value of democracy with Ms. Salit. This was a live version of the “Talk/Talk” series of political discussions they…

  • Privacy Location and Social Networking
    Last Aired

    Privacy, Location, and Social Networking

    Participants spoke about online technology, social networks, and Internet privacy. Among the topics they addressed were the history and future of encryption, the role of federal regulatory…

  • Independent Political Movements
    Last Aired

    Independent Political Movements

    Jackie Salit and other independents spoke about their movement and strategies to build a viable independent party.

  • Voting for Independents
    Last Aired

    Voting for Independents

    Lenora Fulani, a former independent presidential candidate, delivered the conference keynote address, urging African Americans to vote independently. She criticized the Democratic Party for failing to…

  • Independent Political Candidates
    Last Aired

    Independent Political Candidates

    The panelists on the first panel talked about media coverage of independent candidates. Ms. Salit moderated this panel. The panelists on the second panel talked about radicalism in America.…

  • Presidential Debates Lawsuit
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debates Lawsuit

    Plaintiffs briefed reporters on their suit against the Federal Election Commission that challenged the Commission on Presidential Debates rules for debate participation. The debate commission required…