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  • emBuffalo Bills America William Cody and the Wild West Showem
    Last Aired

    Buffalo Bill's America: William Cody and the Wild West Show

    Louis Warren talked about his book Buffalo Bill’s America: William Cody and the Wild West Show, published by Knopf. William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was a Pony Express rider, Civil War soldier,…

  • Federal Health Care Law
    Last Aired

    Federal Health Care Law

    Panelists talked about the Supreme Court cases that challenged the legality of the Affordable Care Act, the health care law. The last four minutes of the event were cut off for live…

  • Future of Wireless and Broadband Policy
    Last Aired

    Future of Wireless and Broadband Policy

    Charles Ergen talked about his career and the future of broadband with Phil Weiser. Mr. Ergen, a former professional blackjack player, started EchoStar Communications in 1982 by going door…

  • Technology and Innovation Policy
    Last Aired

    Technology and Innovation Policy

    Phil Wiser spoke about technology, innovation, and business entrepreneurship. He also spoke about his career in government service and ways policy makers can encourage innovation.

  • Genetics Genomics and Robotics
    Last Aired

    Genetics, Genomics, and Robotics

    Scientists and authors talked about the effect on the general public of genetics, genomics, and robotics. Andy Franklin moderated. Panelists answered questions from the audience at the end…

  • States Rights
    Last Aired

    States' Rights

    Authors, academics, and a former Arizona sheriff spoke about states' rights, individual freedoms, and federal authority. Following their remarks they answered questions from the audience.

  • University of Colorado Commencement Address
    Last Aired

    University of Colorado Commencement Address

    Steve Ells, founder and chair of Chipotle, gave the University of Colorado commencement address.

  • Tocqueville and Liberalism
    Last Aired

    Tocqueville and Liberalism

    Professors from the United States and western Europe discussed the impact of the writings of Alexis de Tocqueville as they relate to liberalism. They debated whether Tocqueville was a…

  • Tocqueville and Conservatism
    Last Aired

    Tocqueville and Conservatism

    Tocqueville scholars discussed the conservative ideas in Democracy in America. They examined how Tocqueville’s ideas compare with late 20th century U.S. and European conservatism and the…

  • Tocqueville and Socialism
    Last Aired

    Tocqueville and Socialism

    The panel talked about the philosophy of Alexis de Tocqueville. They compared his writings to those of Rousseau and Marx, along with other contemporary thinkers. They focused on the conflict between…

  • emExcellence Without a Soulem
    Last Aired

    Excellence Without a Soul

    Harry Lewis talked about his book Excellence Without a Soul: How a Great University Forgot Education, published by PublicAffairs. Professor Lewis, former Dean of Harvard College, offered his analysis…

  • emSomething in the Soilem
    Last Aired

    Something in the Soil

    Professor Limerick talked about her book Something in the Soil: Legacies and Reckoning in the New West, published by W.W. Norton. She described the history of the American West from the…

  • Betrayal  Sold Out by the Civil Rights Movement
    Last Aired

    Betrayal: Sold Out by the Civil Rights Movement

    Mr. Jones spoke about the current state of the civil rights movement, criticizing its leadership for being interested more in their ability to wield power rather than acting on behalf of…

  • Praising and Appraising American Heroes
    Last Aired

    Praising and Appraising American Heroes

    Mr. Ambrose and Ms. Limerick debated about historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and others and their accomplishments. They pointed out that while these people…

  • Tocqueville and Aristocracy
    Last Aired

    Tocqueville and Aristocracy

    Political scientists and historians from the U.S. and Europe talked about the philosophies of Alexis de Tocqueville, questioning how much of a democrat he was and how much the philosopher Aristotle…

  • Jackson vs North Debate
    Last Aired

    Jackson vs. North Debate

    Reverend Jackson and Mr. North debated a broad range of domestic policy issues, including race relations, citizens' rights and the proper role of government in U.S. society. They spoke on…

  • Political Parties and Democracy
    Last Aired

    Political Parties and Democracy

    The members of the forum discussed issues of democracy. They talked about the nature the American political system, and looked at the changing nature of Soviet politics.

  • The Development of Political Parties
    Last Aired

    The Development of Political Parties

    The members of the forum discussed the democratic changes sweeping the Soviet Union. They also talked about the important role played by political parties in democratic governments.

  • Constitution Building
    Last Aired

    Constitution Building

    The members of the forum discussed the role of political parties. They also talked about the forming of constitutional governments. In particular, they focused on the changing politics of…

  • Economic Change in the Soviet Union
    Last Aired

    Economic Change in the Soviet Union

    The members of the forum discussed the difficulties of the Soviet Union turning into a market economy. The importance of a free market for economic growth was stressed. Recent events in the…

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