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    Defense Secretary Confirmation Hearing

    General James Mattis (Retired) spoke about a number of topics at his confirmation hearing, including U.S.-NATO relations, Russia, U.S. intelligence reliability, the defense budget, and military readiness. On NATO,…

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    Civilian Control of the Miltary

    Former federal officials testified on on the merits of civilian control of the U.S. military. The Senate Armed Services Committee held the hearing as Congress prepared to consider a waiver to…

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    Russian Hacking and Cybersecurity

    Top U.S. intelligence officials testified at a hearing on on cybersecurity threats, including Russia’s series of 2016 election-season cyberattacks. The witnesses agreed that Russia was behind the hacking and…

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    Civilian Control of the Military

    The Senate Armed Services Committee voted 24-3 on a waiver to exempt Defense Secretary nominee General James Mattis (Retired) from the requirement that he be retired from active military…

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    Emerging U.S. Defense Challenges and Worldwide Threats

    Hearings to examine emerging United States defense challenges and worldwide threats.

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    Navy Littoral Combat Ships

    The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing with top Navy officials about the production and deployment of the littoral combat ship -- small surface vessels for operations close to…

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    National Security Threats

    Generals James Mattis (Ret.), General John Keane (Ret.), and Admiral William Fallon (Ret.) testified at a Senate Armed Services committee hearing on threats to U.S. national security.…

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    Department of Defense Actions Concerning Voluntary Education Programs

    Hearings to examine Department of Defense actions concerning voluntary education programs.

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    Cybersecurity and Encryption Technology

    Admiral Michael Rogers and Undersecretary Marcell Lettre testified about cybersecurity threats to the country, including how groups like ISIL* used encrypted technologies to stay hidden while planing and…

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    Defense Budget

    Leaders of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force testified at a hearing on budgetary concerns for the Pentagon and member branches of the U.S. military. Topics included the possible impact…

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    National Security and Military Operations

    Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Joseph Dunford testified at a hearing on military budget needs, particularly as it related to readiness across the…

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    U.S. Strategic Command Confirmation Hearing

    Air Force General John Hyten appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing for a confirmation of his nomination to be commander of U.S. Strategic Command. General Hyten…

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    Testimony on Cybersecurity and U.S. National Security

    Hearings to examine cybersecurity and United States national security.

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    Air Force Chief of Staff Confirmation Hearing

    General David Goldfein testified at a hearing on his nomination to be Air Force chief of the staff. As vice chief of staff for the Air Force, General Goldfein was also seeking reappointment…

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    North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Russia, and European Security

    Hearings to examine the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Russia, and European Security.

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    U.S. Africa Command and National Guard Bureau Nominations

    A confirmation hearing was held for the nomination of Lieutenant General Thomas Waldhauser to lead U.S. Africa Command and Lieutenant General Joseph Lengyel to be the chief of the National Guard Burea.…

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    Improving Strategic Integration at the Department of Defense

    Hearings to examine improving strategic integration at the Department of Defense.

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    Admiral Michael Rogers testified on the nation’s cyber infrastructure. Admiral Rogers said that America cannot combat ISIS propaganda on the internet by simply shutting it down. The…

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    U.S. Strategy Against ISIS

    Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Joseph Dunford testified at a hearing on operations against ISIL*, including the Obama administration decision to…

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