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  • Nixons Cold War Detente Strategy
    Last Aired

    Nixon's Cold War Detente Strategy

    Former National Security Council member Sven Kraemer talked about President Richard Nixon’s Cold War détente strategy. Mr. Kraemer is the author of Inside the Cold War From Marx to Reagan:…

  • Nixon White House Recollections
    Last Aired

    Nixon White House Recollections

    Jo Haldeman, widow of President Nixon’s chief of staff, shares excerpts from her book, In the Shadow of the White House: A Memoir of the Washington and Watergate Years, 1968-1978. Her husband, H.R.…

  • Russia and China Relations
    Last Aired

    Russia and China Relations

    Experts on China and Russia talked about the concept of triangulation between China, Russia, and the U.S. and if it’s still relevant in today’s world, as well as the Trump administration’s…

  • Presidents Daily Briefing
    Last Aired

    President's Daily Briefing

    John Brennan and James Clapper talked about the President’s Daily Briefing during the Nixon and Ford administrations and how that had evolved over time since then. The President’s Daily Briefings (PDBs} contain…

  • Secretary Kissinger on President Nixons Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Secretary Kissinger on President Nixon's Foreign Policy

    Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talked about President Richard Nixon’s foreign policy. Topics included relations with China and the Soviet Union. This luncheon was part of the…

  • Historians on the Presidents Daily Brief
    Last Aired

    Historians on the President's Daily Brief

    Historians discussed the President’s Daily Briefs on national security threats and issues, which are seen only by the president and selected other officials. They talked about how former presidents had made…

  • Understanding Ronald Reagan
    Last Aired

    Understanding Ronald Reagan

    James Rosebush talked about President Ronald Reagan’s personal life and personality. Mr. Rosebush is the author of True Reagan: What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why it Matters.

  • Discussion on President Nixons Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    President Nixon's Foreign Policy

    Former members of President Nixon’s National Security Council talked about his foreign policy. Topics include “Vietnamization,” the Paris Peace Accords, and foreign relations with China.

  • Discussion on President Nixons Visit to China
    Last Aired

    President Nixon's Visit to China

    Former National Security Council and State Department officials from the Nixon Administration talked about President Nixon’s efforts to normalize relations with China in the early 1970s. They spoke…

  • Discussion on President Nixons National Security Council
    Last Aired

    President Nixon and the National Security Council

    Former members of President Nixon’s National Security Council (NSC) talked about his efforts to form a comprehensive, efficient national security policy that drew on the government’s diplomatic…

  • em And Then I Metem
    Last Aired

    "And Then I Met..."

    Former Representative James Rogan (R-CA) talked about his memoir 'And Then I Met…' Stories of Growing Up, Meeting Famous People, and Annoying the Hell Out of Them, a collection of…

  • White House Christmas Traditions
    Last Aired

    White House Christmas Traditions

    Author Jennifer Pickens talked about the role first ladies have played in creating White House Christmas traditions. Ms. Pickens is the author of Christmas at the White House -- and Reflections…

  • Former Prisoners of the Vietnam War Panel
    Last Aired

    Former Prisoners of the Vietnam War Panel

    Former prisoners of war (POWs) from the Vietnam War shared their experiences. On May 24, 1973, President Nixon held a White House dinner to welcome prisoners of war home from Vietnam. From…

  • Prisoners of the Vietnam War Homecoming 40th Anniversary Dinner
    Last Aired

    Prisoners of the Vietnam War Homecoming 40th Anniversary Dinner

    May 24 is the anniversary of the 1973 White House dinner hosted by the Nixons to welcome home Vietnam War POWs. Ross Perot delivered the keynote address, and video messages from Secretary…

  • Vietnam POW Homecoming Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Vietnam POW Homecoming Anniversary

    Participants spoke at the opening ceremony of a 40th anniversary reunion for former Vietnam prisoners of war (POW). The event included a wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of President…

  • emCrisis Talesem
    Last Aired

    Crisis Tales

    Lanny Davis talked about his book, Crisis Tales: Five Rules for Coping with Crises in Business, Politics, and Life, in which he gives advice on how to handle scandals, and shares personal…

  • President Nixon Centennial Birthday Gala
    Last Aired

    President Nixon Centennial Birthday Gala

    A gala dinner marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Richard Nixon. The event was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel where President Nixon’s two inaugural…

  • Reshaping the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Reshaping the Supreme Court

    Panelists talked about the nomination process for Supreme Court justices from Earl Warren through William Rehnquist. Panelists shared their personal experiences with the selection,…

  • First Lady Pat Nixon Ambassador of Goodwill
    Last Aired

    First Lady Pat Nixon, Ambassador of Goodwill

    Pat Nixon traveled to over 75 countries making her the most traveled first lady in history at that time. Speakers include daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower, former military aide Gen. Don Hughes,…

  • em50 Things Liberals Love to Hateem
    Last Aired

    50 Things Liberals Love to Hate

    Nationally syndicated radio host Mike Gallagher presents a list of social, political, and cultural items that he contends liberals, “love to hate.” Mr. Gallagher’s fifty points of discussion…

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