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Center for the Study of the American Electorate

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    Campaign Finance Reform

    Michael Malbin moderated a panel on campaign finance reform. Among the issues addressed were recent scandals involving lobbying efforts, avenues for campaign fundraising, and the amounts of money…

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    Political Reform Issues

    Nancy Tate moderated a panel on various political reforms. Panelists focused on reform proposals being considered in Congress, redistricting, voter registration and voting law, and the media’s…

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    American Democracy

    Mr. Broder gave the opening keynote address at the first Biennial AU Conference on the State of American Democracy was held at the Kay Spiritual Life Center at American University. In his remarks…

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    Religion in American Political Life

    Joseph Eldridge moderated a panel on religion in American political life. Panelists talked about the use of religious themes in recent campaigns and political advocacy, the use of faith-based…

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    Television Political Advertising and Political Consultants

    Candace Nelson moderated a panel titled “Televised Political Advertising, the Role of Political Consultants and the Conduct of the Modern Campaign.” Panelists focused on the impact television…

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    The Future of the Democratic and Republican Parties

    Curtis Gans moderated a panel on the future of the two major political parties. Among the issues addressed were the relative strengths and weaknesses in each party, likely themes for the 2008…