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    Award Ceremony for Hamilton

    Lin-Manuel Miranda was presented with a Special Achievement Award from the board of the George Washington Book Prize. Mr. Miranda is the playwright, lyricist, composer, and star of the Broadway musical…

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    Book Discussion on Nothing to Fear

    Mr. Gallagher discussed his book Nothing to Fear: FDR in Photographs, published by Vandamere Press. Mr. Gallagher read a portion of his book describing the conditions in the country just as…

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    Separation of Church and State in Principle and Politics

    Former Senator Birch Bayh spoke about the First Amendment, specifically the separation of church and state. Topics included the first Constitutional Convention, the development of the Bill…

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    Bias & Beyond: The New World of Political Journalism

    Stephen Hayes spoke about political journalism and media bias. He discussed the proliferation of media outlets and the democratization of the media. Following his remarks, he responded to…

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    Washington and the First Congress

    Ms. Bickford discussed the role of the first federal Congress and how they used the written Constitution to create legislation. She also focused on how they defined the image and power of…

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    Book Discussion on Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic

    Professor Fenn talked about her latest book, Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775-82, published by Hill and Wang. She described the smallpox epidemic that infected America…

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    Washington College Commencement Speech

    Mr. Kennedy spoke to graduates about his work with disabled students and the importance of service to the community. He told them that learning must a be a life-long experience.

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    Lessons Learned From a Lifetime of Leadership

    Mrs. Bush talked about the importance of a good education. She gave the students advice about how to live. Both President and Mrs. Bush were presented with honorary degrees. President Bush…

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    Washington College Commencement

    Mr. Bradlee delivered the commencement address at Washington College. He congratulated the graduates and talked about the search for truth and the specter of lying in public and private life and…