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  • Washington Journal Rep Bonnie Watson Coleman DNJ Discusses Hawaiis False Missile Alarm
    Last Aired

    Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman on Hawaii's False Missile Alarm

    Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) talked about emergency preparedness. and Hawaii’s recent false missile alarm.

  • Federal Health Officials Testify on Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities
    Last Aired

    Federal Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities

    FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Stephen Redd from the Centers for Disease Control, Robert Kadlec from the Department of Health and Human Services testified at a hearing on preparing for and…

  • FDA Transparency and Oversight Panel on Correcting Misinformation
    Last Aired

    FDA Transparency and Oversight, Panel on Correcting Misinformation

    Physicians and medical researchers talked about ways for the Food and Drug Administration to correct misinformation in the marketplace. Speakers included representatives from the Center for Science in…

  • Kellyanne Conway Speaks at Empowering Women Symposium
    Last Aired

    Empowering Women Symposium, Panel 2

    The president delivered remarks at the White House’s empowering women symposium. Participants from across the nation engaged with cabinet members, senior administration officials, and other…

  • FDA Transparency and Oversight Investor Panel
    Last Aired

    FDA Transparency and Oversight, Investor Panel

    A forum on transparency at the Food and Drug Administration featured a discussion on how transparency can affect investors. The chair of the Deerfield Institute spoke about this during the event…

  • Washington Journal Nathaniel Weixel Discusses Medicaid Work Requirements
    Last Aired

    Nathaniel Weixel on Medicaid Work Requirements

    Nathaniel Weixel discussed the Trump administration’s decision to allow states to impose Medicaid work requirements.

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Telephone lines and social media were open for viewer comments on the question “Should Medicaid recipients be subjected to work requirements?”

  • emThe Memoem
    Last Aired

    The Memo

    John Hope Bryant, founder and CEO of Operation HOPE, talked about his book, The Memo: Five Rules for Your Economic Liberation, in which he argued that the poor should turn to economic…

  • HHS Nominee Alex Azar Testifies at Confirmation Hearing
    Last Aired

    Health and Human Services Confirmation Hearing

    The Senate Finance Committee held a confirmation hearing for President Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary nominee, Alex Azar. The hearing focused on prescription drug prices, Medicaid and…

  • emThe Butchering Artem
    Last Aired

    The Butchering Art

    Lindsey Fitzharris talked about her book, The Butchering Art, about surgery in the 19th century and the medical advances of British doctor Joseph Lister, who asserted that germs were…

  • Sam Quinones Testifies on Opioid Crisis
    Last Aired

    Opioid Crisis

    Sam Quinones, a journalist and the author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic testified at a hearing on the opioid epidemic occurring in many communities across the…

  • President signing of Fentanyl Bill
    Last Aired

    President signing of Fentanyl Bill

    President Trump signed into law the Interdict Act, a bill intended to stem the flow of the synthetic opioid fentanyl into the U.S. Also speaking was a bipartisan group of lawmakers from…

  • Washington Journal Representative Roger Marshall RKS Discusses the Future of Healthcare
    Last Aired

    Representative Roger Marshall on the Future of Healthcare

    Representative Roger Marshall (R-KS) talked about the future of healthcare and the upcoming government funding deadline.

  • Federal Health Officials Testify on 21st Century Cures Act Implementation
    Last Aired

    Medical Innovations

    FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and NIH Director Francis Collins testified about medical innovation before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Members asked them…

  • President Trump Signs Executive Order to Expand Rural Broadband Access
    Last Aired

    President Trump Remarks in Nashville

    President Trump delivered remarks at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention. He addressed the state of the economy, the tax reform bill, deregulation and rural development.…

  • Buying and Selling of Slave Cadavers
    Last Aired

    Buying and Selling of Slave Cadavers

    Author and history professor Daina Ramey Berry discussed the practice of buying and selling of slave cadavers to medical institutions, and African American grave robbers who supplied the trade. She…

  • Food During the Great Depression
    Last Aired

    Food During the Great Depression

    Iowa State University Professor Pamela Riney-Kehrberg taught a class on food during the Great Depression. She described the ways families tried to stretch their money and food supply, often…

  • Washington Journal Seung Min Kim Discusses Prospects for Entitlement Reform in 2018
    Last Aired

    Seung Min Kim on Prospects for Entitlement Reform in 2018

    Seung Min Kim discussed what changes the president and Republican congressional leaders are considering to the nation’s entitlement programs.

  • Washington Journal James Capretta and Melissa Boteach Discuss Entitlement Reform
    Last Aired

    James Capretta and Melissa Boteach on Entitlement Reform

    James Capretta and Melissa Boteach talked about potential reforms in 2018 to Social Security and Medicare, also referred to as "entitlements.

  • Washington Journal Julie Rovner Discusses the Future of Health Care
    Last Aired

    Julie Rovner on Health Insurance

    Julie Rovner talked about the impact of the Republican tax reform plan on the Affordable Care Act and some of the changes Congress and the White House may be considering to health care.

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