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  • Hearing Focuses on Health Care and Retirement Strategies for Seniors
    Last Aired

    Health Care and Retirement Strategies for Seniors

    The Senate Special Aging Committee held a hearing on health and retirement strategies for older Americans. Some of the topics included avoiding Medicare late enrollment penalties, resources…

  • Aging in Modern America
    Last Aired

    Aging in Modern America

    Lawrence Samuel talked about American views of aging over the last 50 years, including a cultural shift in the 1960s away from revering elders towards embracing the youth culture. He is the…

  • Kathleen Sebelius Discusses End of Life Care
    Last Aired

    End of Life Care

    Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius participated in an Aspen Institute discussion about end-of-life health care. Ms. Sebelius co-chaired a group which researched and…

  • Hearing Focuses on Financial Fraud Targeting Senior Citizens
    Last Aired

    Senior Citizens and Financial Fraud

    Witnesses that included a victim of an IRS impersonation scam and federal officials testified at a hearing on financial fraud targeting senior citizens. Some of the schemes involved purported sweepstakes winnings,…

  • Brookings Institution Hosts Discussion on US Nursing Home Facilities
    Last Aired

    Nursing Homes

    The Brookings Institution hosted a discussion on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services' ratings system to evaluate U.S. nursing home facilities.

  • Federal and State Officials Testify on Financial Exploitation of Elderly Americans
    Last Aired

    Financial Exploitation of Elderly Americans

    Federal and state officials testified at a hearing on financial exploitation of elderly Americans from financial exploitation. They focused on actions being taken to address the problem and…

  • Aging and Health Care Costs
    Last Aired

    Aging and Health Care Costs

    The Health Futures Council at Arizona State University hosted a panel discussion produced by Zócalo Public Square focusing on the impact of an aging population on the U.S. health care system. Among…

  • QA with Jo Ann Jenkins
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Jo Ann Jenkins

    Jo Ann Jenkins talked about the AARP’s work, as well as her book, Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age.

  • Former Representatives and HUD Secretaries Discuss Health Care and Housing for Seniors
    Last Aired

    Senior Health Care and Housing

    Former Housing and Urban Development Secretaries Mel Martinez and Henry Cisneros and former Representatives Allyson Schwartz and Vin Weber talked about improving health care and housing policies…

  • Washington Journal Representative Jan Schakowsky DIL
    Last Aired

    Older Americans Act Reauthorization

    Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) talked about the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act, a federal initiative that provides assistance and services to elderly Americans.

  • Hearing on Fraud Against Seniors
    Last Aired

    Senior Citizens and Fraud Protection

    Consumer protection advocates and officials from local, state and federal agencies testified at a hearing on efforts to protect seniors from fraudulent and deceptive practices in the…

  • Hearing on Work in Retirement
    Last Aired

    Work in Retirement

    Experts on aging and health testified on the findings of an AARP study that showed nearly half of retirees either must or want to work during their retirement years. They discussed the…

  • White House Conference on Aging Financial Planning and Retirement Savings
    Last Aired

    White House Conference on Aging, Financial Planning and Retirement Savings

    Labor Secretary Thomas Perez moderated a forum on financial planning and saving for retirement, the second panel discussion of the 2015 White House Conference on Aging. Among other issues,…

  • Hearing on Tools to Help Seniors Stay in their Own Homes
    Last Aired

    Technology and Caring for Aging Seniors

    Academics and experts on aging testified on the ways technology is helping seniors maintain independent living longer. Some of the advancements they discussed included tele-health,…

  • Hearing on Unwanted Telephone Calls and Scams
    Last Aired

    Phone Scams Against the Elderly

    The Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing on the increase in the number of unwanted telephone calls, often pressure-laden scams, targeting the elderly. These types of calls had increased,…

  • emThe Age of Dignityem
    Last Aired

    The Age of Dignity

    Ai-jen Poo talked about her book, The Age of Dignity, about the increase in the number of senior citizens in the U.S. and the ability of our caregiver system to handle it. She said that the…

  • Hearing on Financial Exploitation of Seniors
    Last Aired

    Financial Exploitation of Senior Citizens

    Witnesses testified at a Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing on efforts to combat the financial exploitation of senior citizens. Members heard from Phillip Marshall, whose late…

  • After Words Atul Gawande
    Last Aired

    After Words with Dr. Atul Gawande

    Dr. Atul Gawande talked about his book, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, in which he argues that with all that medical science can solve in the modern era, it should be…

  • Hearing on Telephone Scams
    Last Aired

    Telephone Scams

    Witnesses testified at a Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing on efforts to combat the proliferation of telephone scams targeting senior citizens. The committee, which was was holding…

  • Keynote Address on Housing Older Americans
    Last Aired

    Henry Cisneros on Housing for Older Americans

    Henry Cisneros talked about the housing needs of seniors, as well as a report released by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies which examined this issue. He shared a personal story about his 90-year-old…

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