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  • African Americans Discrimination and Disparities
    Last Aired

    African Americans, Discrimination and Disparities

    The Manhattan Institute hosted a symposium on education, economic stratification, discrimination and other disparities facing African American communities in the United States. Housing and…

  • Native Americans in Southwest Missouri
    Last Aired

    Native Americans in Southwest Missouri

    Neal Lopinot, director for the Center for Archaeological Research at Missouri State University, shared the story of the Deleware tribe that once inhabited an area south of Springfield. C-SPAN’s Local…

  • Racism in America
    Last Aired

    Racism in America

    Georgetown University hosted a panel discussion with religious leaders, civil rights activists, and academic scholars on racism in America. Speakers included Representative John Lewis…

  • Role of Muslims in Combating Terrorism
    Last Aired

    Role of Muslims in Combating Terrorism

    The Muslim Public Affairs Council hosted a discussion about the relationship between Muslims and the West, and U.S. policy with regard to Islam, Muslims, and Muslim Americans. The panel addressed…

  • JapaneseAmericans in San Jose California
    Last Aired

    Japanese-Americans in San Jose, California

    Jimi Yamaichi gave a tour of the Japanese-American Museum of San Jose, which has a full scale recreation of a barracks room where displaced Japanese Americans were forced to live during World War II. On…

  • Annual British Youth Parliament Debate LGBT Rights
    Last Aired

    Annual British Youth Parliament Debate, LGBT Rights

    LGBTQ rights were the first topic at the 2017 U.K. Youth Parliament debate. More than 200 youth parliament members participated in the annual event held in the British House of Commons.

  • Japanese American 9066 Exhibition
    Last Aired

    Japanese American "9066" Exhibition

    Tammy Lau gave a tour of the “9066: Japanese American Voices from the Inside” exhibition and showed items from the Japanese American special collections at California State University, Fresno’s Henry Madden…

  • emHarvest Sonem
    Last Aired

    Harvest Son

    David Mas Masumoto talked about his book Harvest Son: Planting Roots in American Soil, in which he recounts the story of his childhood, race, and identity in California’s Central Valley. C-SPAN’s Local…

  • emKillers of the Flower Moonem
    Last Aired

    Killers of the Flower Moon

    David Grann talked about his book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI, in which he recalls the murders of members of the Osage Indian nation in the 1920s.…

  • Chinese Expulsion and Reconciliation
    Last Aired

    Chinese Expulsion and Reconciliation

    Andrew Gomez talked about how Tacoma, Washington’s Chinese population was driven out of the city in 1885. Today, the Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park represents the city’s acknowledgment of the Chinese…

  • Muslim Public Affairs Council Religious Liberty
    Last Aired

    Muslim Public Affairs Council, Religious Liberty

    An Islamic legal expert and an advocate of religious pluralism talked about discrimination against religious minorities in society and the courts. This event was part of a Muslim Public…

  • African American Ministers and Politics
    Last Aired

    African American Ministers and Politics

    Professor Randal Jelks talked about the role of African American ministers in politics. He described church boards and programs as ways community members gained experience running for…

  • Religious Freedom and AntiDiscrimination Law
    Last Aired

    Religious Freedom and Anti-Discrimination Law

    Two legal scholars debated the balance between religious freedom and anti-discrimination laws. The event was held one day before the Supreme Court was to hear oral argument in Masterpiece…

  • emMasterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commissionem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The case concerns whether Colorado’s anti-discrimination law violated a baker’s First Amendment…

  • Coeur dAlene Tribe
    Last Aired

    Coeur d'Alene Tribe

    Cultural Director Quanah Matheson talked about the origins of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and how they came to embrace the Catholic religion as he gave a tour of the “Sacred Encounters: Father De Smet & the Indians of the Rocky Mountain…

  • Mormon Settlement of San Bernardino
    Last Aired

    Mormon Settlement of San Bernardino

    Jennifer Dickerson and Nick Cataldo talked about the Mormon pioneers who helped settle the town of San Bernardino, California, and showed items from the pioneer’s exhibit at the San Bernardino County Museum.…

  • Americas First Shaker Settlement
    Last Aired

    America's First Shaker Settlement

    Starlyn D’Angelo, director of the Albany Shaker Heritage Society and historic site, talked about the history of Shakers in Albany. The site was home to the very first Shaker settlement in the U.S. The…

  • Native American Effigy Mounds
    Last Aired

    Native American Effigy Mounds

    Amy Rosebrough visited Madison, Wisconsin’s, Native American Effigy Mounds and talked about what they reveal about the early cultures that lived in the area thousands of years ago. She visited two of the…

  • Life and Beliefs of Brigham Young
    Last Aired

    Life and Beliefs of Brigham Young

    Jennifer Lund talked about Brigham Young and his role in bringing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Salt Lake City Utah. She explained Young’s relationship with founder Joseph Smith, Young’s…

  • Moundville Archaeological Park
    Last Aired

    Moundville Archaeological Park

    Betsy Irwin talked about the Moundville Archaeological Park, one of the largest Middle Mississippian culture sites in America, and explained how the Native American tribe lived at this site from about…

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