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  • President Trump Honors Native American Code Talkers
    Last Aired

    Native American Code Talkers

    Peter MacDonald, who served in World War II as a Navajo code talker, made introductory remarks at a White House Oval Office event honoring the Native American who were recruited into the U.S. Marine…

  • California Native Americans and Early 1800s Capitalism
    Last Aired

    California Native Americans and Early 1800s Capitalism

    Professor Ashley Riley Sousa talked about Native Americans and capitalism in early 19th century California. She focused on local tribes' commercial interactions with Spanish missions and…

  • Fort Dakota
    Last Aired

    Fort Dakota

    Bill Hoskins talked about Fort Dakota and what life was like for soldiers at this distant military outpost. Fort Dakota was established by the U.S. Military in 1865 as tensions between American Indians and…

  • emReal Native Geniusem
    Last Aired

    Real Native Genius

    Angela Hudson talked about her book, Real Native Genius: How an Ex-Slave and a White Mormon Became Famous Indians.

  • Voices of the Northern Plains Exhibit
    Last Aired

    "Voices of the Northern Plains" Exhibit

    Harry Thompson gave a tour of the “Voices of the Northern Plains” exhibit at the Center for Western Studies. The exhibit tells the stories of both American Indians and white immigrants who have called the…

  • emLittle Business on the Prairieem
    Last Aired

    Little Business on the Prairie

    Bob Wright talked about his book, Little Business on the Prairie, about Native American counties in South Dakota. South Dakota was recently ranked a top state for business in America, yet many Native…

  • emBroken Landscapeem
    Last Aired

    Broken Landscape

    Native American citizenship in the United States has a long problematic history that continues today. Frank Pommersheim talked about his book Broken Landscape, in which he examines past cases and legislation…

  • emWielding Words Like Weaponsem
    Last Aired

    Wielding Words Like Weapons

    Ward Churchill talked about Wielding Words Like Weapons, his book of essays on Native American history and activism.

  • emThe Earth Is Weepingem
    Last Aired

    The Earth Is Weeping

    Peter Cozzens talked about his book, The Earth Is Weeping: The Epic Story of the Indian Wars for the American West. He spoke at the 17th annual National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.…

  • emKillers of the Flower Moonem
    Last Aired

    Killers of the Flower Moon

    David Grann talked about his book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI, in which he recalls the murders of members of the Osage Indian nation in the 1920s.…

  • emColumbus in the Americasem
    Last Aired

    Columbus in the Americas

    William Least Heat-Moon discussed his latest book, Columbus in the Americas, published by John Wiley and Sons. In it, the author makes the case that Columbus' interaction with the indigenous…

  • Lakota Indian Performers in Wild West Shows
    Last Aired

    Lakota Indian Performers in Wild West Shows

    Artist Arthur Amiotte talked about his great-grandfather, Standing Bear, a Lakota Indian who performed in the Buffalo Bill Wild West shows. Mr. Amiotte shared family photos and his…

  • emAn American Genocideem
    Last Aired

    An American Genocide

    Professor Benjamin Madley talked about his book, An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873. This interview, part of Book TV’s College Series,…

  • Chief Leschi and Medicine Creek Treaty
    Last Aired

    Chief Leschi and Medicine Creek Treaty

    Cynthia Iyall talked about Chief Leschi of the Nisqually tribe and the efforts taken to exonerate him 150 years after his death. Chief Leschi was chosen to represent the Nisqually and Puyallup tribes at the…

  • emNative New Yorkersem
    Last Aired

    Native New Yorkers

    Evan Pritchard talked about his book, Native New Yorkers: The Legacy of the Algonquin People of New York. In his book, Mr. Pritchard describes the history of the native peoples of the Hudson River Valley.…

  • Daniel Sharfstein Discusses emThunder in the Mountainsem
    Last Aired

    Thunder in the Mountains

    Professor Daniel Sharfstein talked about his book Thunder in the Mountains: Chief Joseph, Oliver Otis Howard, and the Nez Perce War, in which he recalls the Nez Perce Wars of the late 19th…

  • Washington Journal Jacqueline Pata Discusses the Management of Native American Land
    Last Aired

    Jacqueline Pata on Native American Land Management

    Jacqueline Pata talked about the Interior Department’s management of Native American land under Secretary Ryan Zinke.

  • Shasta County Library Indian Collection
    Last Aired

    Shasta County Library Indian Collection

    Elizabeth Kelley highlighted rare cultural materials from the California Indian Library Collections and shared the history of California’s Native Americans. The collections feature Indian tribal history from…

  • Nome Cult Trail
    Last Aired

    Nome Cult Trail

    Professor Jesse Dizard told the story behind the Nome Cult Trail. In 1863, 461 Native Americans from several tribes across Northern California were rounded up and forced to march over 100 miles from Chico to…

  • Authors Discuss Slavery
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Slavery

    Sharla Fett, author of Recaptured Africans: Surviving Slave Ships, Detention, and Dislocation in the Final Years of the Slave Trade; Benjamin Madley, author of An American Genocide: The…

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