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  • Alaskan Oil Spill News Conference
    Last Aired

    Alaskan Oil Spill News Conference

    President George H. W. Bush talked to reporters about the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. Topics included the ecological and economic damage caused by the oil spill, federal assistance in both…

  • Alaskan Oil Spill
    Last Aired

    Alaskan Oil Spill

    Committee held hearings to review the environmental and maritime implications of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Viewers responded to the question, “Do you support state and local bans on plastic?” States such as Oregon, California, New York and Hawaii have enacted laws that ban single-use plastic…

  • Ted Danson Testifies at Hearing on Plastic Pollution
    Last Aired

    Environmental Impacts of Plastic Pollution

    Actor and environmental advocate Ted Danson testified on the environmental impacts of plastic pollution at a House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing. At the time of the hearing Mr.…

  • Bird Eggs and DDT Legislation
    Last Aired

    Bird Eggs and DDT Legislation

    Aiko Martin and Eugene Cardiff talked about San Bernardino County Museum’s bird egg collection, the fifth largest in the world, and how it was used to study the effects of the insecticide DDT. Researchers…

  • emBaptized in PCBsem
    Last Aired

    Baptized in PCBs

    Ellen Spears talked about her book, Baptized in PCBs: Race, Pollution, and Justice in an All-American Town, about the health issues and legal challenges residents of Anniston, Alabama, have faced in their…

  • Washington Journal Manuel Quinones on Environmental Politics and the New York Primary
    Last Aired

    Fracking and Environmental Politics

    Manuel Quinones talked about hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” which has become a storyline of the Democratic presidential race ahead of the April 19, 2016 primary election in…

  • Washington Journal Roundtable on Power Plant Emissions Rule
    Last Aired

    Power Plant Emissions Rule

    Myron Ebell and Jeremy Symons gave their perspectives on the Obama administration’s announcement of new standards for greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

  • Washington Journal Jason Plautz on Power Plant Emissions Regulations
    Last Aired

    Power Plant Emissions Regulations

    Jason Plautz explained President Obama’s announcement of new rules limiting power plant carbon emissions. Topics included reactions from states, Congress, and industry, and when the rules…

  • Timothy Cama on Coal Ash Disposal Regulations
    Last Aired

    Coal Ash Disposal Regulations

    Timothy Cama talked by video from Capitol Hill about House debate on H.R. 1734, the Improving Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act of 2015, which deals with coal ash disposal.

  • Discussion on EPAs Clean Water Rule
    Last Aired

    Clean Water Rule

    Government officials and legal advisers talked about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) newly-released rule to protect streams and wetlands that provide clean drinking water. The…

  • Book Discussion on emToms Riverem
    Last Aired

    Book discussion on Toms River

    Dan Fagin talked about his book, Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation, about a small town in New Jersey that was negatively impacted by industrial waste pollution. This interview,…

  • emThe End of Nightem
    Last Aired

    The End of Night

    Paul Bogard talked about his book, The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light. He spoke in the Science Pavilion of the 2014 National Book Festival, which…

  • Washington Journal Air Quality Act of 1967
    Last Aired

    Air Quality Act of 1967

    Jeff Holmstead and Robin Juni talked about the Air Quality Act of 1967 and the current state of the law. This program was part of a week-long series on the “Great Society,” which was a series of…

  • Washington Journal West Virginia Chemical Spill
    Last Aired

    West Virginia Chemical Spill

    Marin Cogan talked about her National Journal article, "Is the Water Safe Yet?". The piece details the January 2014 West Virginia chemical spill that contaminated the water supply for a week and…

  • West Virginia Chemical Spill
    Last Aired

    West Virginia Chemical Spill

    Angela Logomasini and Rena Steinzor talked about options for federal action in response to the January 2014 West Virginia chemical spill that contaminated the water of the Elk River. They…

  • Premier Redford on USAlberta Energy Relations
    Last Aired

    Premier Redford on U.S.-Alberta Energy Relations

    Alison Redford, the premier of Alberta Province, talked about the Keystone XL pipeline, which would run from Alberta to the Texas coast, the U.S. State Department’s recent Supplement…

  • emFishable Swimmable Drinkableem
    Last Aired

    Fishable, Swimmable, Drinkable

    Lauren Frost and Camille Torfs-Leibman’s video, Fishable, Swimmable, Drinkable, was one of the middle school section third prize-winning videos in C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam video documentary…

  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions Tax
    Last Aired

    Carbon Dioxide Emissions Tax

    Charles Komanoff discussed both Republican and Democratic Party proposals for taxing carbon dioxide emissions as a way to raise revenue, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic…

  • US Response to Japanese Tsunami Debris
    Last Aired

    U.S. Response to Japanese Tsunami Debris

    Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials testified on tsunami debris along U.S. coastlines from Japan’s March 2011 tsumani triggered by an 8.9 magnitude…

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