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  • Margaret Creighton Discusses emThe Electrifying Fall of Rainbow Cityem
    Last Aired

    The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City

    Professor Margaret Creighton talked about her book The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City: Spectacle and Assassination at the 1901 World’s Fair, in which she recalls the assassination of President…

  • emPresident McKinleyem
    Last Aired

    President McKinley

    Robert Merry, former CEO of Congressional Quarterly, recalled the presidency of William McKinley.

  • QA with Robert Merry
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Robert Merry

    Robert Merry talked about his book, President McKinley: Architect of the American Century, on the 25th president who oversaw the United States' expansion into the Pacific and Caribbean.…

  • Ohio Statehouse Tour
    Last Aired

    Ohio Statehouse Tour

    Gregg Dodd gave a tour of the Ohio Statehouse. He pointed out art, architecture, and historical artifacts. Mr. Dodd talked about President Abraham Lincoln’s multiple visits to the building as well as the…

  • After Words with Karl Rove
    Last Aired

    After Words with Karl Rove

    Karl Rove talked about his book, The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters, about William McKinley’s 1896 campaign. Mr. Rove was interviewed by Richard…

  • Book Party for Karl Roves emThe Triumph of William McKinleyem
    Last Aired

    Book Party for Karl Rove's The Triumph of William McKinley

    Karl Rove delivered remarks and mingled with guests at a book party for his book, The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters, about the election of President…

  • Assassination of President McKinley
    Last Aired

    Assassination of President McKinley

    Melissa Brown gave a tour of the Assassination of President McKinley exhibit at the Buffalo History Museum and shared items connected to the events surrounding his death, such as the gun used in the…

  • First Lady Ida McKinley
    Last Aired

    First Lady Ida McKinley

    Carl Sferrazza Anthony and Richard Norton Smith talked about the life and influence of first lady Ida McKinley and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Among the topics they addressed were…

  • Discussion on the Assassination of President William McKinley
    Last Aired

    Assassination of President McKinley

    Professor Ralph Nurnberger talked about President William McKinley’s foreign policy while in office and the events leading up to his assassination. Professor Nurnberger described McKinley’s…

  • Life Portrait of William McKinley
    Last Aired

    Life Portrait of William McKinley

    In the twenty-fourth in a series on American presidents, historians and scholars discussed the life and career of William McKinley. Among the issues discussed were his family life, his…

  • emStolen Gloryem
    Last Aired

    Stolen Glory

    Dr. Fisher discussed his new book, Stolen Glory: The McKinley Assassination, published by Alamar Books. In the book, the author chronicles the events leading up to the assassination of former…

  • QA with Scott Miller
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Scott Miller

    Scott Miller is the author of the new book on the assassination of President William McKinley on September 6, 1901. In the book Mr. Miller examines President McKinley and his assassin, Leon Czolgosz,…

  • The Modern Presidency Part 1
    Last Aired

    The Modern Presidency, Part 1

    Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith lectured a class on what he termed the beginning of the "modern presidency". The first portion of the class focused on President William McKinley.

  • William McKinley and the Civil War
    Last Aired

    William McKinley and the Civil War

    Ms. Reardon talked about President McKinley’s participation in the Battle of Antietam in which he had been a supply sergeant. She also talked about the battle itself and about the monument…

  • Papers of William McKinley
    Last Aired

    Papers of William McKinley

    John Sellers talked about the personal and public papers of President McKinley. He focused on papers regarding the war with Spain, his inaugural address, and the lack of personal written…

  • President McKinley Profile
    Last Aired

    President McKinley Profile

    In the first of an eight part series on the Ohio presidents, the life of William McKinley, the 25th president who served from 1897 to 1901, was profiled. Historians and scholars discussed the…

  • President McKinley Portrayal
    Last Aired

    President McKinley Portrayal

    Mr. Wilson, as President McKinley, delivered a speech on the problems of the nation.

  • emMurdering McKinleyem
    Last Aired

    Murdering McKinley

    Eric Rauchway talked about his book, Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America published by Hill and Wang, which recounts how assassin Leon Czolgosz, the late President…

  • Presidential Biographers
    Last Aired

    Presidential Biographers

    Members of a President’s Day panel talked about the presidential biographies they wrote for Times Books' American Presidents series. Mr. Schlesinger, the general editor of the series,…

  • American Presidents Panel
    Last Aired

    American Presidents Panel

    The panel discussion featured four historians, all of whom contributed biographies to the American Presidents Series, published by Times Books. Panelists talked about their writing experiences,…

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