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  • 1968 Election and Richard Nixons First Term
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    1968 Election and Richard Nixon's First Term

    University of Chicago Professor Jane Dailey taught a class about the 1968 presidential election as well as protests over the Vietnam War and other issues during Richard Nixon’s first term.…

  • emThe Silent Majorityem
    Last Aired

    The Silent Majority

    This U.S. Information Agency report examines the meaning of the term “silent majority” as used by President Nixon in his November 3, 1969, address on Vietnam War policy. Anchored by…

  • Richard Nixon 1968 Acceptance Speech
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon 1968 Acceptance Speech

    On “Road to the White House Rewind,” Richard Nixon accepted his party’s presidential nomination at the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. In his speech, the former vice president…

  • Johnson and Nixon Supreme Court Nominations
    Last Aired

    Johnson and Nixon Supreme Court Nominations

    Brooklyn College Professor KC Johnson taught a class on Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon’s Supreme Court nominations. He described Johnson’s plan to fill the bench with liberal…

  • 1960 Presidential Candidates Fourth Debate
    Last Aired

    Presidential Candidates Debate

    Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) and Vice President Richard Nixon met in New York City for the last of four presidential debates prior to the 1960 presidential election. The debate focused on…

  • John Dean on Watergate and the White House Tapes
    Last Aired

    Watergate and the White House Tapes

    John Dean taught a class about Watergate and the discovery of the Nixon White House taping system. In June 1973, during testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee, Mr. Dean implicated…

  • emThats Rufusem
    Last Aired

    That's Rufus

    Attorney Rufus Edmisten served as the deputy chief counsel on the Senate Watergate Committee, which was chaired by North Carolina Senator Sam Ervin. In his book, That’s Rufus: A Memoir of Tar Hell Politics,…

  • Roberts Diaries
    Last Aired

    Roberts Diaries

    Audio Stream Only

    Noting the anniversary of the pardon of former President Richard Nixon, with the audio diary recordings of President Gerald Ford’s Deputy Press Secretary Bill Roberts.

  • QA with Margaret MacMillan
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Margaret MacMillan

    Margaret MacMillan was interviewed about her book Nixon and Mao: The Week That Changed the World, published by Random House. She described then President Nixon’s 1972 trip to China, details…

  • Hillary Clinton on Nixon Impeachment Inquiry
    Last Aired

    Hillary Clinton on Nixon Impeachment Inquiry

    Hillary Rodham Clinton discussed her time as a lawyer on the staff of the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment inquiry of President Richard Nixon in 1974. The interview is from…

  • First Lady Pat Nixon
    Last Aired

    First Lady Pat Nixon

    Timothy Naftali and Mary Brennan talked about the life and influence of first lady Pat Nixon and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. They discussed how her public image was…

  • First Lady Pat Nixon
    Last Aired

    First Lady Pat Nixon

    Pat Nixon entered the White House as first lady 50 years ago in January 1969. A panel discussed her work, interests and contributions to the Nixon administration. The White House Historical…

  • Richard Nixon and the American Indian
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon and the American Indian

    This was a look back at President Nixon’s reforms of Native American government policies that led to the restoration of Indian lands and inaugurated a new era of self-government. His…

  • Nixon Ford and the Constitution
    Last Aired

    Nixon, Ford and the Constitution

    Duquesne University president Ken Gormley taught a class looking at constitutional issues that arose during the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He gave particular focus to the Watergate…

  • Jill WineBanks Discusses emThe Watergate Girlem
    Last Aired

    The Watergate Girl

    Jill Wine-Banks reflected on her legal career that included her role in the Watergate case as one of the three assistant special prosecutors.

  • President Richard Nixon Address on the Situation in Southeast Asia
    Last Aired

    President Richard Nixon Address on the Situation in Southeast Asia

    In a televised address to the nation from the White House, President Nixon announced that U.S. and South Vietnamese forces would attack North Vietnamese military bases in Cambodia along the…

  • Secret Presidential Recordings
    Last Aired

    Secret Presidential Recordings

    Historians analyzed the secret White House tapes of Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon. This was an inside look into how presidents conducted their day-to-day…

  • Presidential Oral Histories
    Last Aired

    Presidential Oral Histories

    Audio Stream Only

    Presidents Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, on the two-party system, the Middlle East, and the relationship between the White House and Congress.

  • emPat A Tribute to the First Ladyem
    Last Aired

    Pat, A Tribute to the First Lady

    This short film is a 1972 Republican National Committee tribute to First Lady Pat Nixon.

  • Watergate Judicial and Prosecutorial Conduct
    Last Aired

    Watergate Judicial and Prosecutorial Conduct

    Geoff Shepard was principal deputy to President Nixon’s lead defense lawyer. He made the case for what he says was judicial and prosecutorial abuse in the Watergate scandal that ended Mr. Nixon’s presidency.…

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