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  • Watergate Judicial and Prosecutorial Conduct
    Last Aired

    Watergate Judicial and Prosecutorial Conduct

    Geoff Shepard was principal deputy to President Nixon’s lead defense lawyer. He made the case for what he says was judicial and prosecutorial abuse in the Watergate scandal that ended Mr. Nixon’s presidency.…

  • President Nixon Address on Vietnam War
    Last Aired

    President Nixon Address on Vietnam War

    In his first address to the nation on Vietnam, President Richard Nixon proposed the withdrawal of U.S. forces from South Vietnam as long as the North Vietnamese removed their forces as…

  • Johnson and Nixon Supreme Court Nominations
    Last Aired

    Johnson and Nixon Supreme Court Nominations

    Brooklyn College Professor KC Johnson taught a class on Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon’s Supreme Court nominations. He described Johnson’s plan to fill the bench with liberal…

  • 1968 Election and Richard Nixons First Term
    Last Aired

    1968 Election and Richard Nixon's First Term

    University of Chicago Professor Jane Dailey taught a class about the 1968 presidential election as well as protests over the Vietnam War and other issues during Richard Nixon’s first term.…

  • Inauguration of Richard Nixon CBS News Broadcast
    Last Aired

    Inauguration of Richard Nixon CBS News Broadcast

    This CBS News broadcast of the January 20, 1969, Richard Nixon inauguration includes the swearing-in ceremony and president’s inaugural address, a prayer by Reverend Billy Graham, several…

  • emThey Said No to Nixonem
    Last Aired

    They Said No to Nixon

    Michael Koncewicz looked at members of the Nixon administration who challenged the 37th president.

  • emRecklessem
    Last Aired


    Vassar College history and international relations Professor Robert Brigham provided a critical look at Henry Kissinger’s foreign policy initiatives during the Vietnam War.

  • Tet Offensive to Vietnam Wars End
    Last Aired

    Tet Offensive to Vietnam War's End

    U.S. Army Command and General Staff College professor Richard Faulkner taught a class on the Vietnam War, focusing on the Tet Offensive in 1968 though the U.S. withdrawal in the early 1970s. He…

  • emThe Nixon Answer in Michiganem
    Last Aired

    The Nixon Answer in Michigan

    The Nixon Answer in Michigan is a September 30, 1968, live campaign broadcast from Detroit. In the hour-long program, the Republican presidential nominee answers questions from seven Michigan citizens…

  • Richard Nixons 1968 Victory
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon's 1968 Victory

    Fifty years after Richard Nixon’s victorious 1968 presidential election, senior campaign aides gathered at the National Archives and recounted behind-the-scenes stories. The National…

  • emThe Nixon Answer Southern Town Hallem
    Last Aired

    The Nixon Answer, Southern Town Hall

    Republican 1968 presidential nominee Richard Nixon answered questions from Georgia citizens in a live television broadcast. Paid for by the Nixon campaign, the program was one in a series…

  • 1960 Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    1960 Presidential Election

    University of Washington history professor William Rorabaugh talked about the 1960 presidential election. He discussed the candidates, and how Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice…

  • Richard Nixon and the Media
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon and the Media

    Purdue University professor Kathryn Brownell explained how Richard Nixon’s media strategy changed from his 1960 presidential campaign loss, through his election in 1968 and during his…

  • Richard Nixon Campaign Film
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon Campaign Film

    A Time to Begin is a 1968 film created for Republican Richard Nixon’s campaign, showing the former Vice President visiting New Hampshire and Wisconsin and speaking with voters. Richard…

  • Margaret OMara Discusses 1968 Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    1968 Presidential Election

    Professor Margaret O’Mara talked about the 1968 presidential election and the events that affected the outcome. She spoke about how the Vietnam War eroded political support for President…

  • emWashington Journalem
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal

    Elizabeth Drew talked about a new edition of her book, Washington Journal: Reporting Watergate and Richard Nixon’s Downfall. The book, originally published in 1975, covers the dissolution…

  • President Nixons Drug Abuse Initiatives
    Last Aired

    President Nixon's Drug Abuse Initiatives

    Nixon-era officials revisited the administration’s drug abuse initiatives in the early 1970s. They discussed treatment approaches, law enforcement strategies, and President Nixon’s famous…

  • Richard Nixon and the Democratic Congress
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon and the Democratic Congress

    Veterans of Richard Nixon’s White House gathered to talk about the president’s relationship with Congress. As he began his first term in 1969 he faced the opposition party in control of…

  • Henry Kissingers Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Henry Kissinger's Foreign Policy

    Henry Kissinger was secretary of state under Presidents Nixon and Ford. American History TV was at the Organization of American Historians' annual meeting in Sacramento, California, where we…

  • Author Discussion on Presidents and DARPA
    Last Aired

    Author Discussion on Presidents and DARPA

    John Farrell, Richard Nixon, Will Hitchcock, The Age of Eisenhower, and Sharon Weinberger, The Imagineers of War, talked about the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower. This…

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