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  • Patent and Trademark Policy Protest
    Last Aired

    Patent and Trademark Policy Protest

    Patent-holding inventors talked about their displeasure with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), a three-judge panel they said was weakening U.S.…

  • Netroots Nation Forum Focuses on Lobbying Congress
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Annual Conference, Day 2, Part 1

    A group of activists discussed strategies for lobbying members of Congress, including building alliances and coalitions and using social media. Joining them were U.S. Representatives Mark…

  • William Browder Overturning Magnitsky Act is Putins Top Priority
    Last Aired

    Foreign Agents Registration Act

    Financier and former Russia investor William Browder testified at a hearing on the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). This law requires those representing the political interests of foreign powers to disclose…

  • Washington Journal Dan Pickard Discusses the Foreign Agents Registration Act
    Last Aired

    Dan Pickard on the Foreign Agents Registration Act

    Dan Pickard, an attorney who specializes in the Foreign Agents Registration Act, talked about the origins of the law and its relevance in the Russia investigation.

  • Justice Department Officials Testify on Foreign Agent Registration Requirements
    Last Aired

    Foreign Agents Registration Act

    Justice Department officials, including the agency’s inspector general, testified at a hearing on foreign agent registration requirements. Inspector General Michael Horowitz detailed a review his office conducted of the…

  • Washington Journal Eric Lipton Discusses Lobbying and the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Last Aired

    Eric Lipton on Pharmaceutical Industry and Lobbying

    Eric Lipton talked about his New York Times story, “Drug Lobbyists' Battle Cry Over Prices: Blame the Others,” on the pharmaceutical industry’s response to increasing calls by Congress and the White…

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren Addresses Center for American Progress Ideas Conference
    Last Aired

    Ideas Conference, Senator Elizabeth Warren

    Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) delivers the luncheon keynote address at the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference. She encouraged attendees to resist special interests in…

  • Trump Administration and Lobbyist Access
    Last Aired

    Trump Administration and Lobbyist Access

    Republican lawyers talked about President Trump’s push to restrict lobbyist access to the White House and executive branch agencies. The discussion was part of the Republican National…

  • QA with Brody Mullins
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Brody Mullins

    Brody Mullins talked about his Wall Street Journal front-page story, “The Rise and Fall of a K Street Renegade,” about the career and downfall of former drug industry lobbyist Evan Morris.…

  • emThe Ethical Lobbyistem
    Last Aired

    The Ethical Lobbyist

    Tom Holyoke talked about his book The Ethical Lobbyist: Reforming Washington’s Influence Industry, in which he discusses the ethics involved in lobbying and argues for stronger lobbying regulations.…

  • Presidential Transitions Panel 3
    Last Aired

    Presidential Transitions, Panel 3

    Panelists from the Center for Responsive Politics talked about the revolving door between public and private sectors, lobbying rules and restrictions, and how journalists can cover the issue. They talked about…

  • Washington Journal Catherine Ho on Donald Trump and the Lobbying Industry
    Last Aired

    Donald Trump and the Lobbying Industry

    Catherine Ho discussed what Donald Trump’s victory could mean for lobbying firms. She also examined to so-called “revolving door” between Capitol Hill and K Street.

  • Washington Journal Political Conventions and Lobbyist Donations
    Last Aired

    Political Conventions and Lobbyist Donations

    Craig Holman talked about how political parties' conventions are funded, including the role of lobbyists and corporations.

  • Washington Journal Omri Ceren on the Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal
    Last Aired

    Iran Nuclear Agreement

    Omri Ceren talked by video from New York City and about the Iran nuclear deal, his opposition to the deal, and the lobbying effects of other groups who were supporting the deal. He…

  • Daniel Kalik on Lobbying Efforts and the Iran Nuclear Deal
    Last Aired

    Lobbying Efforts and the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Daniel Kalik talked about the Iran nuclear agreement and lobbying efforts on behalf of Jewish-American groups that oppose it. His group has said that it is a pro-Israel group that supports…

  • Washington Journal Anna Palmer on ProIsrael Lobbyists and the Iran Nuclear Deal
    Last Aired

    Iran Nuclear Deal and Lobbyists

    Anna Palmer talked about reactions to the Iran nuclear deal from various lobbyist groups. Among other issues she discussed which members of Congress are expected to receive the most money,…

  • Discussion on Capitol Hill Ethics
    Last Aired

    Lobbying and Ethics Laws

    James Thurber talked about lobby reform and ethical issues regarding members of Congress. He spoke about previous efforts to change lobbying practices on Capitol Hill and discussed potential change in…

  • Federal Lobbying Laws
    Last Aired

    Federal Lobbying Laws

    Attorney Joseph Sandler talked about the strengths and weaknesses in the laws governing lobbying practices, gift rules, and foreign agents. Mr. Sandler is a former general counsel of the Democratic…

  • Discussion on Lobbying Restrictions
    Last Aired

    Lobbying and the Regulatory Process

    Neil Kerwin talked about federal regulation of lobbying, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the current system of rules and restrictions. This talk was part of American University’s biannual…

  • Washington Journal Kathy Kiely on Lobbying Restrictions
    Last Aired

    Effectiveness of Lobbying Restrictions

    Kathy Kiely talked about the effectiveness of existing lobbying restrictions on former members of Congress. Topics included how some have been able to get around these restrictions, and efforts to slow…

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