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  • Mary Ball Washington and Jane Spurgin
    Last Aired

    Mary Ball Washington and Jane Spurgin

    George Washington’s Mount Vernon hosted the annual Martha Washington Lecture, which highlights new thinking about her life and times. This year, the focus was on two 18th century women. Amherst College…

  • Mount Vernon President Interview
    Last Aired

    Mount Vernon President Interview

    Mount Vernon President and CEO Doug Bradburn, on the eve of a White House state dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron, provided historical insight into the private dinner and the special…

  • Archaeology at George Washingtons Alexandria Property
    Last Aired

    Archaeology at George Washington's Alexandria Property

    In addition to his Mount Vernon estate along the Potomac river, George Washington owned a townhouse in the heart of nearby Alexandria, Virginia. The current owner, Rick Garcia, talked about his…

  • George Washingtons Faith
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Faith

    Historian Peter Lillback talked about his book, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. He argued that while many historians consider Washington to be a deist or only a nominal Christian, he was,…

  • George Washington and Native Americans
    Last Aired

    George Washington and Native Americans

    Colin Calloway - author of The Indian World of George Washington: The First President, the First Americans, and the Birth of the Nation - talked about Washington and his relationship with…

  • George Washingtons Literary Life
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Literary Life

    Author Kevin Hayes discussed George Washington’s love of reading and how it influenced his thinking on everything from military matters to gardening and religion. Washington was considered by many of…

  • George Washington and the Early Presidency
    Last Aired

    George Washington and the Early Presidency

    Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith discussed how George Washington’s vision for the American Republic shaped the role of president. Mr. Smith then talked about Founding Fathers…

  • Senator Peters Reading Washingtons Farewell Address
    Last Aired

    Senator Peters Reading Washington's Farewell Address

    Senator Gary Peters (D-MII) delivered the reading of George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address. The annual event began on the former president’s birthday in 1896, with the two political…

  • Washington and the Fight for Philadelphia
    Last Aired

    Washington and the Fight for Philadelphia

    Richard Brookhiser addressed the question before George Washington in 1777: Could the British subdue the American rebels by capturing their capital, Philadelphia? It was Washington’s…

  • George Washingtons Cambridge Headquarters
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Cambridge Headquarters

    Revolutionary War historian J.L. Bell described George Washington’s first months as Continental Army commander-in-chief. Washington arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in July 1775 and made the…

  • George Washington and Architectural Trends
    Last Aired

    George Washington and Architectural Trends

    Thomas Reinhart talked about the architectural trends that influenced the design of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. Mr. Reinhart is director of architecture at Washington’s…

  • emNever Caughtem
    Last Aired

    Never Caught

    Professor Erica Armstrong Dunbar talked about her book Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge, in which she recounts the life of Ona Judge, a…

  • George Washington in Barbados
    Last Aired

    George Washington in Barbados

    Karl Watson, on the board of directors for the George Washington House in Barbados, spoke about George Washington’s diary from a trip to Barbados in 1751, which gives a detailed account of his…

  • George Washingtons Beds
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Beds

    Textile historian Natalie Larson described how various beds owned by George Washington, at his Mount Vernon home or on the battlefieldm reflected his social standing and wealth. In the 18th…

  • George Washington and Sportsmanship
    Last Aired

    George Washington and Sportsmanship

    Philip Smucker, a fifth great-grandnephew of George Washington, talked about his book, Riding with George: Sportsmanship and Chivalry in the Making of America’s First President. Mr. Smucker…

  • emWashingtonem
    Last Aired


    Ron Chernow talked about his biography, Washington: A Life, published in October 2010 by Penguin Press. He responded to questions from members of the audience. This event of the 27th Miami…

  • Piscataway Park
    Last Aired

    Piscataway Park

    Lisa Hayes talked about the history of Piscataway Park, the Native American Piscataway tribal lands, and the visitors' experience. Piscataway Park in Accokeek, Maryland, sits directly across the…

  • George Washingtons Distillery
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Distillery

    An authentic working replica of George Washington’s distillery and gristmill were reconstructed on the original foundations at Mount Vernon. Whiskey and other spirits are made there as it was…

  • President George Washingtons Farewell Address
    Last Aired

    President George Washington's Farewell Address

    John Avlon talked about his book, Washington’s Farewell: The Founding Father’s Warning to Future Generations. Mr. Avlon argued that Washington warned future generations about the dangers of…

  • Reassessing George Washingtons Birthplace
    Last Aired

    Reassessing George Washington's Birthplace

    Professor Philip Levy talked about archaeological research at the National Park Service site of George Washington’s Virginia birthplace. The research is designed to determine if Washington actually was born…

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