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  • emReport from the Aleutiansem
    Last Aired

    Report from the Aleutians

    This documentary tells the story of the early stages of the Aleutian Islands Campaign during World War II and depicts the harsh weather and living conditions faced by U.S. forces.

  • Battle of Attu
    Last Aired

    Battle of Attu

    Journalist Mark Obmascik talked about his book, The Storm on Our Shores: One Island, Two Soldiers, and the Forgotten Battle of World War II. On May 11, 1943, 12,500 U.S. soldiers landed on…

  • emHunger Blockadeem
    Last Aired

    Hunger Blockade

    The U.S. Office of Military Government for occupied West Germany produced this film to tell the story of the Berlin airlift from Germany’s perspective. Originally in German, this English…

  • emLearning from the Germansem
    Last Aired

    Learning from the Germans

    Susan Neiman talked about her book, Learning from the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil, in which she examined lessons Germany and the U.S. have learned from violence and hate in the…

  • Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary

    From June 26, 1948 to May 12, 1949, the Soviet Union blockaded West Berlin, Germany, preventing shipments of food, heating fuel, and other necessary goods. This program marked the 70th…

  • emOperation Vittlesem
    Last Aired

    Operation Vittles

    This U.S. Air Force film nominated for an Academy Award tells the story of the Berlin Airlift, one of the opening events of the Cold War.

  • Battle of Hrtgen Forest 75th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Battle of Hürtgen Forest 75th Anniversary

    The National World War II Museum hosted a conversation with author Chris Hartley about his book, The Lost Soldier: The Ordeal of a World War II GI from the Home Front to the Hürtgen…

  • Invention of Rum
    Last Aired

    Invention of Rum

    Widener University History Professor Jordan Smith talked about the invention of rum and its impact on the Atlantic world during the 17th and 18th centuries. This interview was recorded at…

  • emThe Whole World is Watchingem
    Last Aired

    The Whole World is Watching

    This film by the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department documents a series of anti-Vietnam War actions by about 45,000 protesters in 1971. Blocking access to government buildings and disrupting traffic,…

  • Nixon Kissinger and US Withdrawal From Vietnam
    Last Aired

    Nixon, Kissinger and U.S. Withdrawal From Vietnam

    U.S. Air Force Academy Professor Stephen Randolph taught a class about President Richard Nixon, his National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, and their strategy for the U.S. withdrawal…

  • 1864 Atlanta Campaign
    Last Aired

    1864 Atlanta Campaign

    Lincoln Memorial University Professor Earl Hess talked about the tactics, terrain, and trenches in the 1864 Atlanta campaign. This talk was part of the annual summer conference hosted by…

  • emShores Beyond Shoresem
    Last Aired

    Shores Beyond Shores

    Holocaust survivor Irene Butter reflected on her childhood, being imprisoned in two concentration camps during World War II, and her arrival to the United States in 1945.

  • 1861 Battle of Philippi
    Last Aired

    1861 Battle of Philippi

    Jon-Erik Gilot examined the Battle of Philippi, fought in West Virginia in June 1861. He argued that although the action was brief, it was significant because it was the first organized land engagement of the war…

  • Bryan Burrough on emDays of Rageem
    Last Aired

    Days of Rage

    Bryan Burrough talked about his book, Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence. He spoke with Rick Perlstein, author of The Invisible…

  • Slave Refugee Camps
    Last Aired

    Slave Refugee Camps

    Professor and author Amy Murrell Taylor discussed slave refugee camps and her book, Embattled Freedom. The talk was part of the Gettysburg College Civil War Institute’s annual summer…

  • Battle of Wilsons Creek
    Last Aired

    Battle of Wilson's Creek

    Kristen Pawlak talked about the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, fought between Union and Confederate forces in southwest Missouri in August 1861. She explained that the conflict, while not widely known, is significant…

  • Nathaniel Philbrick Discusses emValiant Ambitionem
    Last Aired

    Valiant Ambition

    Nathaniel Philbrick talked about his book Valiant Ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution, in which he examines the relationship between…

  • emNo Surrenderem
    Last Aired

    No Surrender

    Chris Edmonds, author of No Surrender: The Story of an Ordinary Soldier’s Extraordinary Courage in the Face of Evil, talked about his book in which he retraced his father’s journey as an…

  • emA Fools Errandem
    Last Aired

    A Fool's Errand

    Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution Lonnie Bunch, author of A Fool’s Errand: Creating the National Museum of African American History and Culture During the Age of Bush, Obama, and…

  • Confederate Veterans in Mississippi
    Last Aired

    Confederate Veterans in Mississippi

    University of Southern Mississippi Professor Susannah Ural described the treatment of Confederate veterans after the Civil War and challenges preconceptions about the Mississippi state…

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