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  • emBefore the Falloutem
    Last Aired

    Before the Fallout

    Diana Preston talked about her book Before The Fallout: From Marie Curie to Hiroshima, published by Walker and Company. On December 26, 1898, Marie Curie announced the discovery of radium and observed that…

  • Anne Spencer House and Garden
    Last Aired

    Anne Spencer House and Garden

    Anne Spencer was a poet during the Harlem Renaissance period. Her granddaughter, Shaun Spencer-Hester, gave a tour of her grandmother’s home and told the story of how Anne Spencer brought the Harlem…

  • Women and the Founding Era
    Last Aired

    Women and the Founding Era

    George Mason University Professor Rosemarie Zagarri looked at the role of women during America’s founding era. She talked about how prior to the Revolution women had either no or very…

  • Mourning During the Victorian Era
    Last Aired

    Mourning During the Victorian Era

    Author Bernadette Loeffel-Atkins talked about mourning during the Victorian era. She described the different rituals for men, women, and children when a family member died and how the Civil…

  • emThe Flightem
    Last Aired

    The Flight

    Dan Hampton talked about his book The Flight: Charles Lindbergh’s Daring and Immortal 1927 Transatlantic Crossing, in which he reports on Charles Lindbergh’s trans-Atlantic flight from New York to…

  • Civilian John Burns at the Battle of Gettysburg
    Last Aired

    Civilian John Burns at the Battle of Gettysburg

    Author Timothy Smith discussed his book, John Burns: "The Hero of Gettysburg", about a local civilian who, despite not being part of either army, decided to fight on the side of the Union…

  • Green Berets at Vietnams A Shau Valley
    Last Aired

    Green Berets at Vietnam's A Shau Valley

    Medal of Honor recipient Bennie Adkins was interviewed by the co-author of his book, A Tiger among Us: A Story of Valor in Vietnam’s A Shau Valley. Sergeant Adkins described how he and sixteen…

  • Jim Wright Special Collections
    Last Aired

    Jim Wright Special Collections

    Jim Wright represented Texas' 12th District for thirty-four years, rising to the speakership in 1987 and eventually resigning because of an ethics investigation. Mary Saffell, senior archivist at Texas Christian…

  • emHugh Hefner Good or Bad for Americaem
    Last Aired

    Hugh Hefner, Good or Bad for America?

    New York Times columnist Ross Douthat and University of Missouri Professor Steven Watts debated whether Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was good or bad for America.

  • emWhy We Fight Prelude to Warem
    Last Aired

    Why We Fight, Prelude to War

    This is the first of seven films in the “Why We Fight” series, covering the outbreak of World War II to the attack on Pearl Harbor. The documentary explores the rise of authoritarianism in Germany, Italy, and…

  • World War I Soldiers and Art in the Trenches
    Last Aired

    World War I Soldiers and Art in the Trenches

    American History TV visited the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum to learn about stone carvings left behind in bunkers and trenches by World War I soldiers and only recently rediscovered. Our…

  • World War I Combat Artists
    Last Aired

    World War I Combat Artists

    American History TV visited the National Air & Space Museum to learn about U.S. Army combat artists who were recruited to be part of the American Expeditionary Force in World War I. Our guide was the…

  • French World War I Soldiers
    Last Aired

    French World War I Soldiers

    Two U.S. Army veterans portrayed French World War I soldiers in a mock trench. Wearing uniforms and gear from the last two years of the conflict, the soldiers discussed the French…

  • German World War I Soldiers
    Last Aired

    German World War I Soldiers

    Three reenactors portraying German World War I soldiers discussed their uniforms, equipment, and the difficulties the common soldier faced. They were participants in a living history event…

  • Washington Journal Author Edward Lengel Discusses World War I
    Last Aired

    Author Edward Lengel on U.S. Military in France, 1918

    Historian Edward Lengel, author of Thunder and Flames: Americans in the Crucible of Combat, 1917-1918, talked about the battles, monuments, and cemeteries associated with the battles of…

  • World War I Naval Warfare
    Last Aired

    World War I Naval Warfare

    Naval War College professor Stanley Carpenter talked about World War I naval warfare. He described the fleets of the Allies and Central Powers, their artillery and the battle strategies…

  • African Americans and Eugenics
    Last Aired

    African Americans and Eugenics

    Johns Hopkins Ph.D. candidate Ayah Nurridin talked about the history of history African Americans and eugenics in this interview recorded at the American Historical Association annual…

  • PostWorld War II US Auto Industry Mavericks
    Last Aired

    Post-World War II U.S. Auto Industry Mavericks

    University of Central Florida professor Yanek Mieczkowski taught a class about some of the people who challenged the status quo of the U.S. auto industry from the post-World War II era to…

  • Cars in America
    Last Aired

    Cars in America

    American History TV toured the “Driving America” exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Transportation curator Matt Anderson showed early vehicles made by Henry Ford,…

  • emLighting the Fires of Freedomem
    Last Aired

    Lighting the Fires of Freedom

    Janet Dewart Bell provided a history of African American women in the Civil Rights Movement.

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