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  • emHunger Blockadeem
    Last Aired

    Hunger Blockade

    The U.S. Office of Military Government for occupied West Germany produced this film to tell the story of the Berlin airlift from Germany’s perspective. Originally in German, this English…

  • Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary

    From June 26, 1948 to May 12, 1949, the Soviet Union blockaded West Berlin, Germany, preventing shipments of food, heating fuel, and other necessary goods. This program marked the 70th…

  • emOperation Vittlesem
    Last Aired

    Operation Vittles

    This U.S. Air Force film nominated for an Academy Award tells the story of the Berlin Airlift, one of the opening events of the Cold War.

  • emCold Warriorsem
    Last Aired

    Cold Warriors

    Harvard University history and literature professor Duncan White looked at how Cold War propaganda was disseminated through literature in the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union.

  • History of Ellsworth Air Force Base
    Last Aired

    History of Ellsworth Air Force Base

    John Mollison of the South Dakota Air and Space Museum and Kim Morey of the South Dakota Air and Space Foundation talked about Ellsworth Air Force Base. Established in 1941 as a training ground for B-17…

  • Cold War in American Photography
    Last Aired

    Cold War in American Photography

    Wake Forest University professor John Curley taught a class on how the Cold War both influenced and was influenced by photography. He talked about the perceived documentary nature of photography and…

  • Cold War Museum
    Last Aired

    Cold War Museum

    Founder Gary Powers, Jr. gave a tour of the Cold War Museum in Warrenton, Virginia, built on a former U.S. Army communication base that was used by the National Security Agency, CIA, and…

  • emSurprise Kill Vanishem
    Last Aired

    Surprise, Kill, Vanish

    Investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen talked about CIA covert operations from the Cold War to the present.

  • emThe Moscow Rulesem
    Last Aired

    The Moscow Rules

    Jonna Mendez, former chief of disguise at the CIA, recalled the many covert intelligence operations that she and her late husband and former CIA operative, Tony Mendez, conducted in Moscow…

  • QA with Jeffrey Engel
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Jeffrey Engel

    Southern Methodist University’s Jeffrey Engel discussed his book, When the World Seemed New: George H. W. Bush and the End of the Cold War.

  • Dtente and USSoviet Relations 19691985
    Last Aired

    Détente and U.S.-Soviet Relations, 1969-1985

    Author Stephan Kieninger discussed the thawing of Cold War relations between the United States and the Soviet Union from the late 1960s to the late 1970s, and the role played by key…

  • Apollo Program
    Last Aired

    Apollo Program

    Former NASA chief historian Roger Launius talked about the history of the Apollo program. He described how the Cold War influenced early space missions and the excitement over the moon landing in…

  • QA with Grace Kennan Warnecke
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Grace Kennan Warnecke

    Grace Kennan Warnecke, daughter of American diplomat George Kennan, talked about her memoir, Daughter of the Cold War.

  • Ronald Reagan and Cold War Politics
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan and Cold War Politics

    Speakers including two former National Security Council staff members who served under Ronald Reagan discussed the 40th president’s Cold War politics. The discussion was part of a conference titled…

  • emThe Spy and the Traitorem
    Last Aired

    The Spy and the Traitor

    Ben Macintyre reported on a high-ranking KGB spy, Oleg Gordievsky, who worked for British Intelligence during the height of the Cold War. According to the author, it was Gordievsky’s…

  • emDaughter of the Cold Warem
    Last Aired

    Daughter of the Cold War

    Grace Kennan Warnecke was interviewed at the National Press Club’s Book Fair. She talked about her book, Daughter of the Cold War, about her childhood as the daughter of diplomat and…

  • Washington Journal Elizabeth Cobbs and Mark Kramer discuss the Cold War in 1968
    Last Aired

    Elizabeth Cobbs and Mark Kramer on the Cold War in 1968

    Historian and documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Cobbs and Mark Kramer, program director of Harvard University’s Project on Cold War Studies, talked about the Cold War as part of C-SPAN’s “1968: America…

  • US Cold War Refugee Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Cold War Refugee Policy

    Historians Carl Bon Tempo and Maria Cristina Garcia outlined the evolution of refugee policy from the immediate post-war period through the Refugee Act of 1980, which amended several laws…

  • Cold War Considered
    Last Aired

    Cold War Considered

    A panel of speakers including Polish Senator Anna Maria Anders and former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus considered how the relationship between Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II…

  • Cold War Recollections
    Last Aired

    Cold War Recollections

    Former Czech Republic President Václav Klaus offered his thoughts about the Cold War politics and personalities of the Reagan era, and his assessment of their historical importance. This was from a…

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