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  • QA with Jeffrey Engel
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Jeffrey Engel

    Southern Methodist University’s Jeffrey Engel discussed his book, When the World Seemed New: George H. W. Bush and the End of the Cold War.

  • President Truman and Cold War Espionage
    Last Aired

    President Truman and Cold War Espionage

    U.S. Army Command and General Staff College professor Lee Lacy and Truman Presidential Library and Museum archivist Sam Rushay discussed Cold War espionage and counterintelligence during the Truman…

  • U2 CIA Spy Plane Pilot in Soviet Prison
    Last Aired

    U-2 CIA Spy Plane Pilot in Soviet Prison

    Francis Gary Powers, Jr. talked about his father, CIA pilot Gary Powers, and his experiences being held in prison for 22 months after his U-2 spy plane was shot down over the former Soviet Union on May 1,…

  • Washington Journal Liza Mundy Discusses the History of Code Breakers During World War II the Cold War
    Last Aired

    Liza Mundy on History of Code Breakers During World War II and Cold War

    Liza Mundy discussed her Smithsonian article looking at the women code breakers and their impact on World War II and the Cold War. This program is part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting…

  • Washington Journal Elizabeth Cobbs and Mark Kramer discuss the Cold War in 1968
    Last Aired

    Elizabeth Cobbs and Mark Kramer on the Cold War in 1968

    Historian and documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Cobbs and Mark Kramer, program director of Harvard University’s Project on Cold War Studies, talked about the Cold War as part of C-SPAN’s “1968: America…

  • emNATO Background to Berlinem
    Last Aired

    NATO, Background to Berlin

    This 1962 film documents the city of Berlin from the end of World War II to the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. Produced by the NATO Information Service, the film details the Soviet…

  • President Reagans Cold War Strategy
    Last Aired

    President Reagan's Cold War Strategy

    The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel discussion on President Ronald Reagan’s Cold War strategy, with a focus on how his “peace through strength” philosophy helped reduce strategic nuclear…

  • Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev New Years Day Messages
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev New Year's Day Messages

    President Ronald Reagan addressed the citizens of the Soviet Union about the nature of the American holiday season, the treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union and the…

  • President Reagans Visit to West Berlin
    Last Aired

    President Reagan's Visit to West Berlin

    American Forces Network (AFN-TV) presented coverage of President Reagan’s 1987 trip to West Berlin to mark the 750th birthday of the city. The broadcast begins by summarizing the Post-World War II…

  • QA with Grace Kennan Warnecke
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Grace Kennan Warnecke

    Grace Kennan Warnecke, daughter of American diplomat George Kennan, talked about her memoir, Daughter of the Cold War.

  • Memoir by Diplomat George Kennans Daughter
    Last Aired

    Memoir by Diplomat George Kennan's Daughter

    Grace Kennan Warnecke, daughter of diplomat George Kennan, discussed her memoir, Daughter of the Cold War. During the talk, Warnecke outlined her time growing up overseas before, during,…

  • Grove Park Inn and the Cold War
    Last Aired

    Grove Park Inn and the Cold War

    The federal government selected Asheville’s Grove Park Inn to house the nine Supreme Court Justices and the Judiciary Branch during the Cold War. Tracey Johnston-Crum, Grove Park Inn’s director of public…

  • emThe Pueblo Incidentem
    Last Aired

    The Pueblo Incident

    Professor Lerner discussed his book, The Pueblo Incident: A Spy Ship and the Failure of American Foreign Policy, published by the University Press of Kansas. The USS Pueblo was an aging cargo ship refurbished to serve…

  • emThe Taking of K129em
    Last Aired

    The Taking of K-129

    Josh Dean talked about his book The Taking of K-129, in which he recalls the CIA’s Project Azorian, an approximately $800 million covert operation to recover a sunken Soviet submarine. The Soviet…

  • emGorbachevem and emThe House of Governmentem
    Last Aired

    Gorbachev and The House of Government

    William Taubman talked about his book Gorbachev: His Life and Times, about the life of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. He was joined by Yuri Slezkine, history professor at the University…

  • emThe Air Force Missile Missionem
    Last Aired

    The Air Force Missile Mission

    Appearing in his Beverly Hills home library, Academy Award-winning actor and World War II bomber pilot James Stewart uses models, animation and archival film to describe how the U.S. Air…

  • emLet Us Liveem
    Last Aired

    Let Us Live!

    This U.S. Army film tells the story of refugees fleeing Soviet-occupied East Germany through Berlin to West Germany at a time when an estimated 20,000 Germans were crossing the border each…

  • Special Forces in Cold War Berlin
    Last Aired

    Special Forces in Cold War Berlin

    James Stejskal talked about the classified U.S. Army Special Forces detachments that were stationed in Berlin, Germany, for over 30 years. He is author of Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold…

  • Nixons Cold War Detente Strategy
    Last Aired

    Nixon's Cold War Detente Strategy

    Former National Security Council member Sven Kraemer talked about President Richard Nixon’s Cold War détente strategy. Mr. Kraemer is the author of Inside the Cold War From Marx to Reagan:…

  • emThe Cold Warem
    Last Aired

    The Cold War

    Odd Arne Westad talked about his book The Cold War: A World History, in which he looks at the global ramifications of the Cold War.

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