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  • Washington Journal Patrick Riccards Discusses Poll on Civics and US History
    Last Aired

    Patrick Riccards on Civics and U.S. History

    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Chief Communications and Strategy Officer Patrick Riccards talked about a new poll on Americans' knowledge of civics and U.S. history.

  • emDark Tide  The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919em
    Last Aired

    Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

    Author Stephen Puleo talked about his book, Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, published by Beacon Press. On January 15, 1919, a huge steel tank filled with more than 2 million gallons…

  • Open Phones with Chris Stirewalt
    Last Aired

    Open Phones with Chris Stirewalt

    Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt provided a history of American populism and took national viewer phone calls.

  • National Frontier Trail Museum
    Last Aired

    National Frontier Trail Museum

    Independence, Missouri, was the origination point for travelers heading west during the period of western expansion in the United States. Leah Palmer, events and education manager at the National Frontier…

  • emMadame Speakerem
    Last Aired

    Madame Speaker

    Marc Sandalow spoke about his book Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi’s Life, Times, and Rise to Power, published by Modern Times. The book chronicles Nancy Pelosi’s life, from her childhood watching…

  • Impact of Infants on the 20th Century
    Last Aired

    Impact of Infants on the 20th Century

    Rutgers University history professor Janet Golden talked about the impact infants had on 20th century developments in medicine, social welfare and consumer culture. The Kansas City Public…

  • Abundance Wages and the Great Depression
    Last Aired

    Abundance, Wages, and the Great Depression

    Southern Methodist University professor Alexis McCrossen teaches a class on the abundance of the 1920s and the Great Depression. She argues that low wages and an unequal distribution of wealth hindered…

  • Inclusive Presidential History
    Last Aired

    Inclusive Presidential History

    The White House Historical Association convened a meeting in Washington, D.C. of those who work at presidential sites around the country -- and of descendants of presidents from James…

  • Populist Politics and Politicians in American History
    Last Aired

    Populist Politics and Politicians in American History

    A conservative scholar and a liberal historian explored the concept of populism and its role in the history of American politics. In an event titled, “The Promise and Perils of Populism,”…

  • emThese Truthsem
    Last Aired

    These Truths

    New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore talked about her one-volume history of the United States.

  • Abraham Lincoln Sarah Josepha Hale and Thanksgiving
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln, Sarah Josepha Hale, and Thanksgiving

    Author Melanie Kirkpatrick talked about the history of Thanksgiving in America, including President Lincoln’s proclamation in 1863 during the Civil War making it a national holiday. She also reflected…

  • Civil War and 19th Century Westward Expansion
    Last Aired

    Civil War and 19th Century Westward Expansion

    Historians discussed how the Civil War and 19th century westward expansion were interrelated and together transformed the country. They described a power shift from white citizens in the West to…

  • Reconstruction Moonshine and NASCAR
    Last Aired

    Reconstruction, Moonshine, and NASCAR

    Tulane University professor Blake Gilpin taught a class about moonshine drivers and the origins of NASCAR. He described how after the Civil War, particularly in the South, moonshiners…

  • Coroners in the 19th Century South
    Last Aired

    Coroners in the 19th Century South

    Professor Stephen Berry talked about coroners in the 19th century South. He discussed the role of a coroner as an agent of the state and talked about the records created from coroner…

  • Honor Dueling and Slavery in the Antebellum South
    Last Aired

    Honor, Dueling, and Slavery in the Antebellum South

    Suffolk University professor Kenneth S. Greenberg taught a class on the role of honor and dueling in the lives of slave masters in the antebellum South. He explained what actions would have…

  • emNation Withinem
    Last Aired

    Nation Within

    Tom Coffman talked about his book Nation Within: The History of the American Occupation of Hawai’i (Koa Books; 2 edition, June 15, 2009). In the book he talks about how the U.S. obtained Hawaii and the resistance to annexation by…

  • emUnfamiliar Fishesem
    Last Aired

    Unfamiliar Fishes

    Sarah Vowell examines the Americanization of Hawaii that began with the arrival of New England missionaries in 1820. The author recounts the coup, organized by the missionaries, that…

  • emSouthern Stormem
    Last Aired

    Southern Storm

    Civil War historian Noah Andre Trudeau discussed the military campaign of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman and his 60,000 troops from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia in 1864. General Sherman’s…

  • US From Reconstruction to the Progressive Era
    Last Aired

    U.S. From Reconstruction to the Progressive Era

    Professor Peter Kastor talked about how the United States changed from the post-Civil War Reconstruction period to the Progressive era in the early 20th century. He highlighted how the…

  • Historical Interpretations of Reconstruction
    Last Aired

    Historical Interpretations of Reconstruction

    University of Connecticut professor Manisha Sinha taught a class about the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War. She outlined the different ways historians have interpreted this period -…

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