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  • emThe Womans Hourem
    Last Aired

    The Woman's Hour

    Elaine Weiss recalled the women’s suffrage movement’s efforts to promote the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920, which would allow women the right to vote.

  • Author Discussion on US History
    Last Aired

    Author Discussion on U.S. History

    A discussion on U.S. history from the 23rd annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books that featured Howard Blum, In the Enemy’s House; Yunte Huang, Inseparable: The Original Siamese Twins…

  • emThe Class of 74em
    Last Aired

    The Class of '74

    John Lawrence, former chief of staff to Representative Nancy Pelosi, recalled the 1974 congressional elections, which followed the Watergate scandal, and ushered in many new office holders, dubbed the…

  • Early Ranching and Cattle Driving
    Last Aired

    Early Ranching and Cattle Driving

    Jim Gray, rancher and cowboy historian, talked about the development of cattle driving and ranching in the 19th century. Mr. Gray discussed the impact of the railroad and other historic…

  • Reconstruction Moonshine and NASCAR
    Last Aired

    Reconstruction, Moonshine, and NASCAR

    Tulane University professor Blake Gilpin taught a class about moonshine drivers and the origins of NASCAR. He described how after the Civil War, particularly in the South, moonshiners…

  • Western History Collections University of Oklahoma
    Last Aired

    Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma

    Lina Ortega, head of operations for the University of Oklahoma’s Western History Collections, highlighted artifacts from a collection that represents the development of the American West as well as Native…

  • The Bible in America Part 1
    Last Aired

    The Bible in America, Part 1

    Museum of the Bible president Cary Summers and education presentation manager Norm Conrad gave a tour of the exhibit “The Impact of the Bible in America.” In the first of a two-part program, they…

  • Impact of 1968
    Last Aired

    Impact of 1968

    Leonard Steinhorn talked about consequential events that happened in 1968, including the Tet Offensive in Vietnam and President Lyndon Johnson’s decision not to seek re-election. He also…

  • African American Ministers and Politics
    Last Aired

    African American Ministers and Politics

    Professor Randal Jelks talked about the role of African American ministers in politics. He described church boards and programs as ways community members gained experience running for…

  • Conversation With Richard Brookhiser
    Last Aired

    Conversation With Richard Brookhiser

    National Review senior editor Richard Brookhiser sits down for a conversation his career, his favorite Founding Fathers and the inspiration for his book, Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham…

  • emDavid Crockett The Lion of the Westem
    Last Aired

    David Crockett: The Lion of the West

    In his book Michael Wallis recalls the life of frontiersmen and politician David ‘Davy’ Crockett (1786-1836). Mr. Wallis reports on Davy Crockett’s childhood in eastern Tennessee and his…

  • Author Discussion on US History
    Last Aired

    Author Discussion on U.S. History

    Authors and historians Jon Meacham, Margaret MacMillan, and Douglas Brinkley discussed their favorite historical figures at the 2018 Rancho Mirage Writers Festival in California.

  • Abundance Wages and the Great Depression
    Last Aired

    Abundance, Wages, and the Great Depression

    Southern Methodist University professor Alexis McCrossen teaches a class on the abundance of the 1920s and the Great Depression. She argues that low wages and an unequal distribution of wealth hindered…

  • emGeorge Kennan A Study of Characterem
    Last Aired

    George Kennan: A Study of Character

    John Lukacs talked about his biography, George Kennan: A Study of Character, published by Yale University Press. Lukacs recounted the life of diplomat and historian George Kennan (1904-2005) who…

  • emRamp Hollowem
    Last Aired

    Ramp Hollow

    Steven Stoll, history professor at Fordham University, provided a history of the Appalachia region, from its pioneering roots to the introduction of the coal industry and its current…

  • emThe Gifted Generationem
    Last Aired

    The Gifted Generation

    Professor David Goldfield talked about his book The Gifted Generation, in which he reports on how federal legislation following World War II affected the lives of Americans, from housing…

  • History of the Ozarks
    Last Aired

    History of the Ozarks

    Author Brooks Blevins talked about his book, History of the Ozarks, Vol. 1: The Old Ozarks. He explores the history of the Ozark region and the people that inhabit it. C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles…

  • Events and Legacy of 1967 in America
    Last Aired

    Events and Legacy of 1967 in America

    Author Victor Brooks talked about his book, 1967: The Year of Fire and Ice. Mr. Brooks focused on rapid changes in popular culture, the problems of the generation gap, and the growing…

  • emForsaking All Othersem
    Last Aired

    Forsaking All Others

    Charles Robinson talked about his book Forsaking All Others: A True Story of Interracial Sex and Revenge in the 1880's South, the story of Missouri Bradford, an African American woman and her marriage to…

  • Abraham Lincoln Sarah Josepha Hale and Thanksgiving
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln, Sarah Josepha Hale, and Thanksgiving

    Author Melanie Kirkpatrick talked about the history of Thanksgiving in America, including President Lincoln’s proclamation in 1863 during the Civil War making it a national holiday. She also reflected…

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