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  • emTuesday in Novemberem
    Last Aired

    Tuesday in November

    Tuesday in November is a 1945 United States Office of War Information - Overseas Division film detailing the process of voting during the 1944 election, in which President Franklin…

  • emUnworthy Republicem
    Last Aired

    Unworthy Republic

    University of Georgia American History professor Claudio Saunt discussed the federal government’s forced migration of Native Americans to territories west of the Mississippi in the mid-19th…

  • Presidential Candidates Debate
    Last Aired

    Presidential Candidates Debate

    President George H.W. Bush, Governor Bill Clinton (D-AR), and H. Ross Perot met at the University of Richmond for the second of three presidential debates prior to the 1992 presidential…

  • The Contenders Ross Perot 1992 and 1996
    Last Aired

    Ross Perot, Presidential Contender

    Douglas Brinkley and Carolyn Barta talked about independent presidential candidate H. Ross Perot (b. 1930). Professor Barta participated from her home in Dallas as they talked about his campaigns and…

  • Richard Nixon 1972 Acceptance Speech
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon 1972 Acceptance Speech

    President Nixon accepted the nomination to be the 1972 Republican candidate for president of the United States. In his remarks he outlined domestic and foreign policy agendas for the…

  • The Contenders George McGovern 1972
    Last Aired

    George McGovern, Presidential Contender

    Authors Scott Farris and Jules Witcover talked about 1972 Democratic presidential nominee and anti-Vietnam war candidate Senator George S. McGovern (b. 1922) and responded to telephone calls and…

  • emPlaying with Fireem
    Last Aired

    Playing with Fire

    Lawrence O’Donnell talked about his book Playing with Fire, in which he recalls the turmoil of the 1968 presidential election.

  • The Contenders George Wallace 1968
    Last Aired

    George Wallace, Presidential Contender

    Dan Carter and Joe Reed talked about the life and career of George C. Wallace, Jr. (1919-1998) and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications from in front of the Alabama Governor’s Mansion. Peggy…

  • The Contenders Hubert Humphrey 1968
    Last Aired

    Hubert Humphrey, Presidential Contender

    Juan Williams and Mick Caouette talked about the life and career of 1968 Democratic presidential nominee Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey (1911-1978). They responded to telephone calls and electronic…

  • The Contenders Barry Goldwater 1964
    Last Aired

    Barry Goldwater, Presidential Contender

    Rick Perlstein, Bill McCune, and Darcy Olsen talked about the life and career of 1964 Republican presidential nominee Barry M. Goldwater (1909-1998). They responded to telephone calls and electronic communications and to questions from members of…

  • emBreak It Upem
    Last Aired

    Break It Up

    Nation Magazine contributing writer Richard Kreitner provided a history of secession movements in the United States. This was a virtual event hosted by the Strand Bookstore.

  • Arlington National Cemetery 1915 Memorabilia Box
    Last Aired

    Arlington National Cemetery 1915 Memorabilia Box

    In 1915, President Woodrow Wilson placed a memorabilia box in the cornerstone of the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery. In April 2020, 105 years later, it was opened to…

  • The Contenders Adlai E Stevenson II 1952 and 1956
    Last Aired

    Adlai E. Stevenson II, Presidential Contender

    Historian Richard Norton Smith, former Senator Adlai Stevenson III, and Newton Minow, who had worked for him, talked about the life and career of 1952 and 1956 Democratic presidential nominee Adlai E.…

  • The Contenders Thomas E Dewey 1944 and 1948
    Last Aired

    Thomas E. Dewey, Presidential Contender

    Richard Norton Smith and Thomas E. Dewey, III, talked about the life and career of 1944 and 1948 Republican presidential nominee Thomas E. Dewey (1902-1971). They responded to telephone calls and electronic…

  • emThe Woman Behind the New Dealem
    Last Aired

    The Woman Behind the New Deal

    Kirstin Downey talked about her book The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life of Frances Perkins, FDR’S Secretary of Labor and His Moral Conscience (Nan A. Talese; March 3, 2009). She…

  • Wendell Willkie Presidential Contender
    Last Aired

    Wendell Willkie, Presidential Contender

    Amity Shlaes, James Madison, and David Willkie talked about the life and career of 1940 Republican presidential nominee Wendell Willkie (1882-1944) from the Rush County Historical Society. Wendell…

  • Al Smith Presidential Contender
    Last Aired

    Al Smith, Presidential Contender

    Historians Beverly Gage and John Evers talked about the life and career of 1928 Democratic presidential nominee Alfred E. Smith, Jr. (1873-1944). Nicknamed the “Happy Warrior,” Al Smith never went to high…

  • Charles Evans Hughes Presidential Contender
    Last Aired

    Charles Evans Hughes, Presidential Contender

    Historians Bernadette Meyler and David Pietrusza and former Solicitor General Paul Clement talked about the life and career of 1916 Republican presidential nominee Charles Evans Hughes (1862-1948) and…

  • emThe Fires of 1910em
    Last Aired

    The Fires of 1910

    This National Interagency Fire Center film tells the story of a seminal series of wildfires in August, 1910, that burned three million acres in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Montana,…

  • Discussion on Socialism in Early 20th Century America
    Last Aired

    Socialism in Early 20th Century America

    Columbia University history professor Eric Foner examines the rise of socialism in America in the early 20th century. He talks about the Socialist Party in New York City and Milwaukee, and…

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