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  • emGoddess of Anarchyem
    Last Aired

    Goddess of Anarchy

    Historian Jacqueline Jones recounted the life of writer and advocate Lucy Parsons from slavery through the Great Depression.

  • Cowgirls of the American West
    Last Aired

    Cowgirls of the American West

    The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame honors women who helped shape the American West. Associate Executive Director Diana Vela talked about some of the women who led this effort, including Supreme Court…

  • Cowboy Culture in Fort Worth
    Last Aired

    Cowboy Culture in Fort Worth

    The Cowtown Coliseum, located in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, is a symbol of the of the city’s western culture. Built in 1907, it has hosted presidents, world class singers, and rodeo events. Joe Hub Baker…

  • Late19th Century Development of Skyscrapers
    Last Aired

    Late-19th Century Development of Skyscrapers

    Washington University in St. Louis professors Margaret Garb and Eric Mumford taught a class about the development of skyscrapers in the late-19th century. First, Professor Garb examined the…

  • emThey Came to Toilem
    Last Aired

    They Came to Toil

    Author Melita Garza examined how journalistic representation impacted Mexican immigration during the Great Depression in her book, They Came to Toil: Newspaper Representations of Mexicans and Immigrants in…

  • emGenerations Apart A Profile of Dissentem
    Last Aired

    Generations Apart, A Profile of Dissent

    This CBS broadcast from May 27,1969 focuses on youth and their parents in the Boulder, Colorado area and explores their opinions about the Vietnam War, the generation gap, racial tensions,…

  • America First and Foreign Policy 194568
    Last Aired

    "America First" and Foreign Policy, 1945-68

    During the 1916 presidential election, Woodrow Wilson ran on the slogans “He Kept Us Out of War” and “America First.” In this program, a panel of historians talked about how “America First”…

  • Clare Boothe Luces Life and Career
    Last Aired

    Clare Boothe Luce's Life and Career

    Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women president Michelle Easton talked about the life and career of congresswoman, ambassador and author Clare Boothe Luce at an event co-hosted by…

  • Washington Journal Jon Meacham Discusses emThe Soul of Americaem
    Last Aired

    Jon Meacham on The Soul of America

    Professor Jon Meacham talked about his book. The Soul of America on how the U.S. overcame periods of fear and strife throughout its history.

  • Author Discussion on US History
    Last Aired

    Author Discussion on U.S. History

    A discussion on U.S. history from the 23rd annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books that featured Howard Blum, In the Enemy’s House; Yunte Huang, Inseparable: The Original Siamese Twins…

  • Washington Journal Bill Schneider Discusses His Book Standoff
    Last Aired

    Bill Schneider on His Book Standoff

    Former CNN political analyst Bill Schneider talked about his book, Standoff: How America Became Ungovernable, on how U.S. politics have changed from the 1960s to the the presidency of…

  • Reconstruction Moonshine and NASCAR
    Last Aired

    Reconstruction, Moonshine, and NASCAR

    Tulane University professor Blake Gilpin taught a class about moonshine drivers and the origins of NASCAR. He described how after the Civil War, particularly in the South, moonshiners…

  • emThe Womans Hourem
    Last Aired

    The Woman's Hour

    Elaine Weiss recalled the women’s suffrage movement’s efforts to promote the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920, which would allow women the right to vote.

  • Western History Collections University of Oklahoma
    Last Aired

    Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma

    Lina Ortega, head of operations for the University of Oklahoma’s Western History Collections, highlighted artifacts from a collection that represents the development of the American West as well as Native…

  • emThe Class of 74em
    Last Aired

    The Class of '74

    John Lawrence, former chief of staff to Representative Nancy Pelosi, recalled the 1974 congressional elections, which followed the Watergate scandal, and ushered in many new office holders, dubbed the…

  • Early Ranching and Cattle Driving
    Last Aired

    Early Ranching and Cattle Driving

    Jim Gray, rancher and cowboy historian, talked about the development of cattle driving and ranching in the 19th century. Mr. Gray discussed the impact of the railroad and other historic…

  • The Bible in America Part 1
    Last Aired

    The Bible in America, Part 1

    Museum of the Bible president Cary Summers and education presentation manager Norm Conrad gave a tour of the exhibit “The Impact of the Bible in America.” In the first of a two-part program, they…

  • Impact of 1968
    Last Aired

    Impact of 1968

    Leonard Steinhorn talked about consequential events that happened in 1968, including the Tet Offensive in Vietnam and President Lyndon Johnson’s decision not to seek re-election. He also…

  • African American Ministers and Politics
    Last Aired

    African American Ministers and Politics

    Professor Randal Jelks talked about the role of African American ministers in politics. He described church boards and programs as ways community members gained experience running for…

  • Conversation With Richard Brookhiser
    Last Aired

    Conversation With Richard Brookhiser

    National Review senior editor Richard Brookhiser sits down for a conversation his career, his favorite Founding Fathers and the inspiration for his book, Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham…

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