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  • QA with Mark Bowden
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Mark Bowden

    Mark Bowden talked about his book, Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam, about one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War.

  • emEnduring Vietnamem
    Last Aired

    Enduring Vietnam

    James Wright talked about the experiences of those who fought in Vietnam and the impact of the war on the United States. Mr. Wright, who served with the U.S. Marine Corps in the late 1950s,…

  • US Diplomacy and Counterinsurgency Policy in Vietnam
    Last Aired

    U.S. Diplomacy and Counterinsurgency Policy in Vietnam

    Steve Young, a former adviser who helped coordinate civilian and military programs during the Vietnam War, talked about how the conflict in Southeast Asia evolved over time and the role that…

  • emHue 1968em
    Last Aired

    Hue 1968

    Mark Bowden talked about his book, Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam. This event was part of the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest, held annually in the city.…

  • Ronald Reagan and Robert F Kennedy Discuss the Vietnam War 1967
    Last Aired

    Town Meeting of the World

    Senator Robert Kennedy (D-NY) and Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA) respond to questions via satellite from a group of international students in London at the BBC. The topic is “The Image of America…

  • Interview with Paul Kengor Part 1
    Last Aired

    Interview with Paul Kengor, Part 1

    Professor Paul Kengor, author of the National Review article “The Great Forgotten Debate,” previews the May 15, 1967 CBS program “Town Meeting of the World.” The CBS program included Governor Ronald…

  • Interview with Paul Kengor Part 2
    Last Aired

    Interview with Paul Kengor, Part 2

    Professor Paul Kengor, author of the National Review article “The Great Forgotten Debate,” followed the May 15, 1967, CBS program Town Meeting of the World with concluding remarks. The CBS program…

  • emFear Was My Only Weaponem
    Last Aired

    Fear Was My Only Weapon

    Dennis Papp talked about his book Fear Was My Only Weapon: Can a personnel clerk maintain his sanity and survive Vietnam when he’s forbidden to have any bullets for his M16?, in which he recounts the time he…

  • emThe Life We Were Givenem
    Last Aired

    The Life We Were Given

    Dana Sachs talked about her book, The Life We Were Givern: Operation Babylift, International Adoption, and the Children of the War in Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon in 1975, there were over 800,000…

  • Display of US Flag on National Vietnam War Veterans Day
    Last Aired

    Display of U.S. Flag on National Vietnam War Veterans Day

    The committee marked up the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act, legislation intended to amend title four of the United States Code to encourage the display of the flag of the United…

  • emA Day in Vietnamem
    Last Aired

    A Day in Vietnam

    This 1967 U.S. Navy film is narrated by actor Jack Webb. The film argues that anti-war protesters don’t understand what’s happening in Southeast Asia and sets out to promote the…

  • Viet Thanh Nguyen Discusses emNothing Ever Diesem and emThe Sympathizerem
    Last Aired

    Nothing Ever Dies and The Sympathizer

    Viet than Nguyen talked about his two books Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War and The Sympathizer: A Novel. He spoke at the 2016 Wisconsin Book Festival, held at the Central…

  • Silver Star Medal Recipients
    Last Aired

    Silver Star Medal Recipients

    Two Silver Star recipients spoke about their experiences in the Vietnam War and Korean War. The Silver Star is the third-highest military combat decoration that can be awarded to a member…

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection
    Last Aired

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection

    Janet Donlin presented a selection of objects left at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, including letters, photographs, artwork, and medals. The collection includes about 400,000 items, all stored…

  • emA Nation Builds Under Fireem
    Last Aired

    A Nation Builds Under Fire

    A 1966 U.S. Army film from the “Big Picture” series that features efforts in Vietnam to build a civil society in the midst of war. The program is introduced by Vice President Hubert…

  • Discussion Focuses on Agent Orange in Vietnam and Laos
    Last Aired

    Impact of Agent Orange

    Susan Hammond and Jaquelyn Chagnon talked about the continuing impact of the U.S. military’s widespread use of Agent Orange as a defoliant during the Vietnam War. They used slides as they shared their…

  • emLast Stand at Khe Sanhem
    Last Aired

    Last Stand at Khe Sanh

    Gregg Jones talked about his book Last Stand at Khe Sanh: The U.S. Marines' Finest Hour in Vietnam, in which he explores the U.S. Marines' battle at Khe Sanh, Vietnam. On January 21, 1968, 6,000 U.S. troops…

  • emBeyond Combatem
    Last Aired

    Beyond Combat

    Heather Marie Stur talked about her book, Beyond Combat: Women and Gender in the Vietnam War Era, about the different roles played by both American and Vietnamese women during the Vietnam War. C-SPAN’s…

  • Howard Means Discusses em67 Shotsem
    Last Aired

    67 Shots

    Howard Means talked about his book 67 Shots: Kent State and the End of American Innocence, in which he recalls the National Guard’s shooting of students at Kent State University on May 4,…

  • Vietnam War and Photography
    Last Aired

    Vietnam War and Photography

    Photographers Nick Ut and David Hume Kennerly spoke about their wartime work in Vietnam. Photographs were shown as the photographers recalled the stories behind the images and their impact on American views of the…

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