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  • emOur Germansem
    Last Aired

    Our Germans

    In his book, Our Germans: Project Paperclip and the National Security State, Brian Crim explained the secret government operation used to smuggle Nazi scientists into the U.S. and the reaction of the…

  • emFields of Battleem
    Last Aired

    Fields of Battle

    Sports reporter Brian Curtis retraced the lives of the 1942 Rose Bowl players and their entry into World War II.

  • Former Senator Bob Dole Awarded Congressional Gold Medal
    Last Aired

    Bob Dole Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

    Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-KS) received the Congressional Gold Medal from House and Senate leaders in recognition of the former presidential candidate’s service as a soldier,…

  • Ernest Hemingway John Dos Passos and World War I
    Last Aired

    Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, and World War I

    Steve Paul and James McGrath Morris discussed the deeds of authors Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos during World War I, and how the War effected their writing. Both writers served in…

  • Robert Harris Discusses 1938 ChamberlainHitler Munich Summit
    Last Aired


    Novelist Robert Harris explored the 1938 meeting between British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin and Adolf Hitler that granted territory in Czechoslovakia and many of its resources to…

  • emThe Second World Warsem
    Last Aired

    The Second World Wars

    Victor Davis Hanson talked about his book The Second World Wars, in which he recounts the key battles of World War II. He spoke with Rich Lowry.

  • Recollections of a Tuskegee Airman
    Last Aired

    Recollections of a Tuskegee Airman

    Jeremy Paul Amick, author of Together As One: Legacy of James Shipley, World War II Tuskegee Airman, joined the subject of his book, now a 94-year-old veteran, to talk about his wartime…

  • emThe Last Fighter Pilotem
    Last Aired

    The Last Fighter Pilot

    World War II veteran Jerry Yellin talked about his book The Last Fighter Pilot, in which he recalls his bombing missions over Japan from April to August of 1945.

  • US World War II Strategy
    Last Aired

    U.S. World War II Strategy

    Professor David Kennedy talked about U.S. World War II strategy. The Friends of the National World War II Memorial hosted this event.

  • Battle for North Africa During World War II
    Last Aired

    Battle for North Africa During World War II

    Meredith Hindley talked about her book, Destination Casablanca: Exile, Espionage, and the Battle for North Africa in World War II, in which she recalls the events leading to Operation…

  • JapaneseAmericans in San Jose California
    Last Aired

    Japanese-Americans in San Jose, California

    Jimi Yamaichi gave a tour of the Japanese-American Museum of San Jose, which has a full scale recreation of a barracks room where displaced Japanese Americans were forced to live during World War II. On…

  • Japanese American 9066 Exhibition
    Last Aired

    Japanese American "9066" Exhibition

    Tammy Lau gave a tour of the “9066: Japanese American Voices from the Inside” exhibition and showed items from the Japanese American special collections at California State University, Fresno’s Henry Madden…

  • Segregated Soldiers in World War II
    Last Aired

    Segregated Soldiers in World War II

    A member of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first unit of African American fighter pilots, and a veteran who served with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, comprised of Japanese American soldiers,…

  • Roosevelt and Churchill New Years 1942 Church Service
    Last Aired

    Roosevelt and Churchill New Year's 1942 Church Service

    John Lawson and Reverend Noelle York-Simmons talked about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s proclamation of a National Day of Prayer for January 1, 1942, following the Japanese attack on Pearl…

  • Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary Recollections
    Last Aired

    Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary Recollections

    Four World War II Navy veterans who participated in the Battle of the Midway in June of 1942 recounted their experiences. The United States sank four Japanese aircraft carriers at the…

  • Design and History of the M4 Sherman Tank During World War II
    Last Aired

    Design and History of the M4 Sherman Tank During World War II

    Iraq and Afghanistan tank veteran Nicholas Moran talked about the design and history of the M4 Sherman tank. Mr. Moran argued that the M4 Sherman tank was the best U.S. tank during World War II because…

  • Discussion on Allied Strategy in World War II
    Last Aired

    World War II and the Allied Air War

    Professor Eric Rauchway talked about the role played by the British Royal Air Force in the Allied strategy during World War II. He described how proponents of air power had to compete with…

  • Holocaust Survivor Emanuel Mandel
    Last Aired

    Holocaust Survivor Emanuel Mandel

    Holocaust survivor Emanuel “Manny” Mandel recalled his experiences as a young boy after the Nazi’s occupied his hometown of Budapest, Hungary, in March of 1944. Mr. Mandel and his family…

  • Recollections of World War II Air and Sea Attacks
    Last Aired

    Recollections of World War II Air and Sea Attacks

    Three World War II veterans talked about their wartime experiences. The panel included a Pearl Harbor survivor, a member of the famed Doolittle Raiders, and a U.S. Navy ace pilot. The…

  • emHitler in Los Angelesem
    Last Aired

    Hitler in Los Angeles

    Professor Steven Ross talked about his book Hitler in Los Angeles, in which he recalls when American veterans infiltrated Nazi and fascist groups in Los Angeles during the lead-up to World…

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