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  • Don McGahn on Judicial Selection
    Last Aired

    Don McGahn on Judicial Selection

    Donald McGahn, former White House counsel who organized the Trump administration’s judicial selection process until he resigned in the fall of 2018, addressed the Federalist Society’s annual Western…

  • Jews and the Origins of International Human Rights
    Last Aired

    Jews and the Origins of International Human Rights

    Jewish history Professor James Loeffler talked about his book, Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century. In his talk, Professor Loeffler profiled two Jewish…

  • Americans and the Holocaust Exhibit Part 1
    Last Aired

    "Americans and the Holocaust" Exhibit, Part 1

    Curator Daniel Greene gave a tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibit which uses films, artifacts, and documents to explore how the U.S. public and government officials reacted…

  • Washington Journal James Antle Discusses President Trump  Campaign 2020
    Last Aired

    James Antle on President Trump and Campaign 2020

    James Antle, editor of The American Conservative Magazine, talked about the political fallout from President Trump’s battle to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall and its impact on on his…

  • House Panel Considers Bill Requiring Release of Presidential Tax Returns
    Last Aired

    Legislative Proposals Related to the President's and Vice President's Tax Returns

    The House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing to discuss legislative that would require the release of the president and vice president’s tax returns.

  • White House Says Andrew McCabe Is a Liar
    Last Aired

    Mercedes Schlapp Comments to Reporters

    In comments to reporters in the White House driveway, Mercedes Schlapp said former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe “is a liar” and that he has no credibility. Her comments come on the day Mr.…

  • Eleanor Roosevelt emMcCallems Interview
    Last Aired

    Eleanor Roosevelt McCall's Interview

    In this 1958 film, McCall’s Magazine interviewed Eleanor Roosevelt on the occasion of the former first lady’s 74th birthday. She looked through family photographs and told the stories behind them. This…

  • Eleanor Roosevelts Advice Column
    Last Aired

    Eleanor Roosevelt's Advice Column

    Mary Jo Binker talked about and read excerpts from Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice column written for more than 20 years for Ladies' Home Journal and McCall’s Magazine. Ms. Binker is editor of…

  • Thomas Jeffersons Image
    Last Aired

    Thomas Jefferson's Image

    Gaye Wilson talked about the clues in Thomas Jefferson’s dress and mannerisms that reveal how he wished to present himself and his politics in the new Republic. Ms. Wilson is a senior historian…

  • emIkes Mystery Manem
    Last Aired

    Ike's Mystery Man

    Journalist Peter Shinkle recalled the life of President Eisenhower’s National Security advisor Robert “Bobby” Cutler. The author, the great-nephew of Robert Cutler, mined the late government…

  • Creating the Lincoln Memorial
    Last Aired

    Creating the Lincoln Memorial

    The dedication of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., took place in 1922, almost 60 years after Abraham Lincoln’s death. Harold Holzer talked about his book, Monument Man: The Life and Art…

  • Washington Journal Douglas Brinkley Discusses the History of Presidential Relations With Congress
    Last Aired

    Douglas Brinkley on Presidential Relations With Congress

    Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley talked about the history of presidents and their relationships with Congress.

  • emBlack Fortunesem
    Last Aired

    Black Fortunes

    Shomari Wills recalled the lives of six black entrepreneurs who achieved their wealth during the 19th and 20th centuries. Self-taught chemist Annie Tumbo-Malone, creator of the first…

  • emA Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thingem
    Last Aired

    A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing

    University of Kentucky Professor DaMaris Hill chronicled the lives of African-American women in social and political movements, from Harriet Tubman to today.

  • Discussion on DDay
    Last Aired

    Discussion on D-Day

    Historians Antony Beevor, Rick Atkinson, Douglas Brinkley, and Susan Eisenhower discussed D-Day at the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival in California.

  • emThe War Before the Warem
    Last Aired

    The War Before the War

    Andrew Delbanco, American studies professor at Columbia University, recounted the political and moral divisions that separated the United States in the lead-up to the Civil War. He was…

  • Green Book Travel Guide for African Americans
    Last Aired

    Green Book Travel Guide for African Americans

    University of Delaware Professor Tiffany Gill talked about the Green Book, a travel guide for African Americans produced during the Jim Crow era. First published in the 1930s, the books…

  • Cold War Museum
    Last Aired

    Cold War Museum

    Founder Gary Powers, Jr. gave a tour of the Cold War Museum in Warrenton, Virginia, built on a former U.S. Army communication base that was used by the National Security Agency, CIA, and…

  • emLes Parisiennesem
    Last Aired

    Les Parisiennes

    Anne Sebba provided a history of women in Paris under Nazi occupation during World War II. She spoke at the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival in California.

  • Women During World War II
    Last Aired

    Women During World War II

    Texas Woman’s University Professor Katherine Landdeck taught a class about the ways American women contributed to the World War II effort. She detailed the expectations for women on the…

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