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  • Buffalo Ranching
    Last Aired

    Buffalo Ranching

    Wildlife biologist, rancher, and author Dan O’Brien talked about the approach and importance of creating a natural and sustainable environment for buffalo ranching. Mr. O’Brien is the owner of the Cheyenne…

  • emTexas Tribuneem Festival Agriculture Panel
    Last Aired

    Texas Tribune Festival, Agriculture Panel

    During the 2019 Texas Tribune Festival, Politico held a conversation with current and former state and federal officials about the U.S. agriculture industry. Joining Politico’s Helena…

  • PostCivil War Cattle Trade
    Last Aired

    Post-Civil War Cattle Trade

    Kansas State University History Professor James Sherow talked about his book, The Chisholm Trail: Joseph McCoy’s Great Gamble. Mr. Sherow chronicled entrepreneur Joseph McCoy’s success in…

  • Agriculture Undersecretary Bill Northey Testifies on Federal Farm and Disaster Programs
    Last Aired

    Federal Farm and Disaster Programs

    Bill Northey, Department of Agriculture undersecretary for farm and conservation programs, testified at a joint House subcommittee hearing on federal farm and disaster programs. Several of…

  • Process of Horseshoeing
    Last Aired

    Process of Horseshoeing

    Horseshoes are designed to protect a horse’s hoof from wear, and the fitting of horseshoes is a professional occupation. Colter Manley, owner of Manley Farrier Services, talked about the role of a horse…

  • 2018 Farm Bill Implementation
    Last Aired

    2018 Farm Bill Implementation

    Scott Hutchins, the deputy agriculture undersecretary for research, education, and economics, testified at a Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee hearing on agricultural…

  • Washington Journal Jonathan Wood  Jason Rylander Discuss Endangered Species Act Changes
    Last Aired

    Jonathan Wood and Jason Rylander on Endangered Species Act Changes

    Pacific Legal Foundation senior attorney Jonathan Wood and Defenders of Wildlife senior staff attorney Jason Rylander discussed changes to the Endangered Species Act.

  • Washington Journal Mario Parker Discusses Impact of Tariffs on US Farmers
    Last Aired

    Mario Parker on Impact of Tariffs on U.S. Farmers

    Bloomberg’s Mario Parker discussed the impact the trade war and tariffs are having on farmers across the U.S.

  • President Trump Announces New Beef Trade Agreement with EU
    Last Aired

    President Trump Remarks on EU Beef Trade Agreement

    President Trump made an announcement regarding a U.S.-European Union agreement which allows for the import of hormone-free beef from the United States to the E.U. markets. Joining the…

  • Trade and Agriculture Industry
    Last Aired

    Trade and Agriculture Industry

    Administration officials testified at a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on President Trump’s agriculture trade policy agenda. They were asked about the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA),…

  • State of the Farm Economy
    Last Aired

    State of the Farm Economy

    The House Agriculture Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management held a hearing to review the state of the farm economy. Four farmers talked about the financial and trade…

  • Endangered Species Act and Pesticide Rules
    Last Aired

    Endangered Species Act and Pesticide Rules

    The Environmental Protection Agency hosted an Endangered Species Act interagency working group meeting at its Washington, D.C., headquarters. The inter-agency working group, established in…

  • Washington Journal Tom Vilsack Discusses US Trade Policys Impact on the Agricultural Sector
    Last Aired

    Tom Vilsack on U.S. Trade Policy

    Tom Vilsack, the president and CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council and former Obama administration secretary of agriculture, talked about U.S. trade policy and its impact on the U.S.…

  • President Trump Announces 16 Billion Aid Package for Farmers and Ranchers
    Last Aired

    President Trump Remarks on Helping Farmers and Ranchers

    President Trump announced a $16 billion aid package for farmers impacted by the trade dispute with China. In addition, he took questions from reporters on a number of topics, including his recent…

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Telephone lines and social media were open for viewer reactions to the Senate’s passing of a $19 billion disaster aid package and President Trump’s announcement of a $16 billion farm aid…

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Telephone lines and social media were open to take viewer calls and comments from farmers to the question, “What are your top public policy concerns?”

  • Washington Journal Rep Bryan Steil RWI Discusses Trump Administration Trade Policy
    Last Aired

    Representative Steil on Trump Administration Trade Policy

    Representative Bryan Steil (R-WI) talked about Trump administration trade and agriculture policy.

  • emThe Land is Richem
    Last Aired

    The Land is Rich

    This documentary used by the United Farm Workers union chronicles the history of California’s migrant agricultural workers and their protests for higher wages, union recognition, and safer…

  • Agriculture Secretary Perdue Testifies on Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Request
    Last Aired

    Agriculture Department Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Request

    Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue testified at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing on his department’s fiscal year 2020 budget request. Secretary Perdue also discussed the impact of…

  • Washington Journal Roger Johnson Discusses Agriculture Policy
    Last Aired

    Roger Johnson on Agriculture Policy

    National Farmers Union president Roger Johnson discussed agriculture policy, including trade, tariffs, and climate change.

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