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  • Hearing Focuses on Taxpayer Dispute Resolution
    Last Aired

    Taxpayer Disputes

    The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight held a hearing on resolving taxpayer disputes. A former IRS commissioner and several career taxpayer advocates presented their thoughts…

  • Washington Journal Andrew Roth Discusses Tax Reform Efforts
    Last Aired

    Andrew Roth on Tax Reform Efforts

    Andrew Roth talked about Republican efforts to reform the tax code.

  • President Says Rich May Pay Higher Taxes
    Last Aired

    President Trump Holds Bipartisan Meeting

    President Trump thanked a group of Republican and Democratic lawmakers for meeting with him at the White House to discuss some of his legislative goals. The president went on to say that…

  • Sarah Sanders Briefs Reporters at the White House
    Last Aired

    White House Daily Briefing

    Sarah Sanders briefed reporters and responded to questions on a range of issues, including on President Trump’s recent lawmaking deals with congressional Democratic leaders and the future…

  • Senator Schumer on Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    Senator Schumer on Tax Policy

    Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (R-KY) spoke about the President’s tax policy proposals.

  • White House No Conversation About Jared Kushner Resigning
    Last Aired

    White House Daily Briefing

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held a daily briefing with the press corps to discuss a variety of policy topics, including tax reform, immigration, and North Korea.

  • Newsmakers with Representative Mark Walker
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Representative Mark Walker

    Representative Mark Walker (R-NC), chair of the Republican Study Committee, talked about federal spending bills, the debt ceiling, and tax issues following a deal between President Trump…

  • President Pushes Tax Reform Proposal in North Dakota Visit
    Last Aired

    President Trump Remarks on Tax Reform

    President Trump travelled to North Dakota where he spoke to workers at an oil refinery about his plan to reform the tax code. He said high corporate taxes and regulations are reasons for slow…

  • Sidebar Podcast with Henry Olsen on ReaganEra Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Sidebar Podcast with Henry Olsen on Reagan-Era Tax Reform

    Henry Olsen, author of The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism, talked about efforts to reform the tax code during the 1980s. This program is…

  • Weekly Presidential Address
    Last Aired

    Weekly Presidential Address

    President Trump delivered his weekly address. He spoke about the expected landfall of Hurricane Irma in Florida and about tax reform.

  • US Chamber Presidents Backing of Tax Cuts Helpful to Passage
    Last Aired

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Labor Day Briefing

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce held its annual Labor Day briefing to discuss issues impacting businesses, the labor force and the overall economy. Some of the topics included tax reform…

  • Speaker Ryan Says President Wanted Bipartisan Deal in Wake of Harvey
    Last Aired

    House Speaker Weekly Briefing

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) briefed reporters on his party’s legislative agenda. He told reporters that President Trump struck a deal with Democrats on the debt and Hurricane relief…

  • President Trump Begins Push for Tax Reform Praises Harvey Storm Response
    Last Aired

    President Trump Remarks on Tax Reform

    President Trump spoke about federal tax reform efforts. He called the current tax code “self-destructive,” and said Congress needed to work to simplify it and lower taxes for businesses and…

  • White House Decision on DREAMers Expected Tuesday
    Last Aired

    White House Daily Briefing

    During a briefing with reporters, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders talked about the timing of President Trump’s decision on children brought to the United States by…

  • Congressional Agenda Preview
    Last Aired

    Congressional Agenda

    C-SPAN presented an in-depth look at the main issues facing Congress when it returned September 5 from its August recess: the federal budget, tax reform, the debt ceiling and health care.

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer comments on their experiences paying taxes.

  • Newsmakers with Neil Bradley
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Neil Bradley

    Neil Bradley talked about tax reform and how to pay for it, congressional efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act, the debt limit, trade, and other issues the U.S. Chamber of Commerce…

  • Ways and Means Subcommittee Considers Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Tax Reform

    A House Ways and Means subcommittee heard from a panel on their recommendations for simplifying the tax code. Witnesses included Bill Archer, a former U.S. representative (R-TX) who once chaired…

  • Representative Kevin Brady Discusses Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Representative Kevin Brady on Tax Reform

    Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX), chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, and a few of his colleagues held a news conference on Republican efforts to reform the tax code.…

  • Newsmakers with Representative Richard Neal
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Representative Richard Neal

    Representative Richard Neal (D-MA) talked about tax reform efforts in Congress. Representative Neal is ranking member of the house Ways and Means Committee.

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