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  • Cars in America From World War II to the 1980s
    Last Aired

    Cars in America From World War II to the 1980s

    In the second of a two-part program, we toured the “Driving America” exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Transportation curator Matt Anderson showed us a 1931 Bugatti…

  • Cars in America
    Last Aired

    Cars in America

    We toured the “Driving America” exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Transportation curator Matt Anderson showed us early vehicles made by Henry Ford, including the…

  • AdoptAHighway Program
    Last Aired

    Adopt-A-Highway Program

    In 1984, the original Adopt-a-Highway program was started in Tyler, Texas, to keep highways free from litter. James “Bobby” Evans, Adopt-a-Highway’s creator, talked about how the program originated and his…

  • Transportation Officials Testify on Infrastructure Funding and Modernization
    Last Aired

    Transportation Infrastructure

    State and local transportation officials testified at a hearing on transportation infrastructure needs and modernization efforts. The witnesses addressed urban and rural infrastructure needs,…

  • Autonomous Vehicles
    Last Aired

    Autonomous Vehicles

    Federal and state transportation officials about autonomous vehicles and potential federal legislation that would affect their use. Panelists gave an update on their areas of expertise…

  • Senate Infrastructure Panel Holds Hearing on Freight Movement
    Last Aired

    Freight Movement

    Transportation experts testified at a hearing on the nation’s freight movement and its impact on the economy. The witnesses stressed the importance of their industry and also spoke about…

  • Birth of Route 66
    Last Aired

    Birth of Route 66

    Springfield, Missouri, is the known as the birthplace of Route 66. John Sellars, executive director of the History Museum on the Square, shared the story of how this historic highway received its name.…

  • Hearing Examines Benefits of SelfDriving Trucks
    Last Aired

    Self-Driving Trucks

    The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee held a hearing on the future of self-driving trucks and how federal regulators can promote innovation, competition, and safety in…

  • emLong Haulem
    Last Aired

    Long Haul

    Finn Murphy talked about his book The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road, in which he discusses his job and the America one sees by traveling the country via its roadways. Mr.…

  • emFreedom of the American Roadem
    Last Aired

    Freedom of the American Road

    Henry Ford II introduces this film designed to encourage private citizens and communities to support road improvements and safety. Part of the lobbying campaign that culminated in legislation…

  • emGive Yourself the Green Lightem
    Last Aired

    Give Yourself the Green Light

    This 1954 General Motors film encourages citizens to support programs to improve roads and highways. The film begins by depicting traffic jams, unsafe roads, and city congestion, then…

  • Teen Road Safety Assessment Results Released
    Last Aired

    Teen Road Safety

    The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) announced the results of their Teen Road Safety Assessment initiative at the National Press Club. Roadway safety experts,…

  • The National Road
    Last Aired

    The National Road

    Historian Hilary Miller talked about about the National Road, the first federally-funded highway in the U.S., and how it united the east coast and the frontier. She was interviewed at the…

  • Washington Journal Eugene Mulero Discusses the Trucking Industry
    Last Aired

    Eugene Mulero on the Trucking Industry

    Eugene Mulero talked about the impact of Trump administration policies on the trucking industry.

  • emAlaska Highwayem
    Last Aired

    Alaska Highway

    This U.S. Army Signal Corps film documents the difficult task of building a 1,500 mile highway through the Canadian wilderness as a World War II supply route from the lower 48 states to…

  • Lawmakers Discuss Highway Infrastructure
    Last Aired

    Highway Infrastructure

    Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), the ranking member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, and Representative Bill Shuster (R-PA), chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure…

  • Cato Institute Hosts Discussion on Infrastructure Spending
    Last Aired

    Infrastructure Spending

    Speakers that included transportation and public policy experts talked about transportation infrastructure priorities and funding challenges.. They focused on President Trump’s $1 trillion…

  • Autonomous Vehicles
    Last Aired

    Autonomous Vehicles

    Driverless vehicle technology experts and government consultants talked about driverless, shared and electric vehicles-- and the future of transportation. The discussion took place shortly…

  • emThe 66 Kidem
    Last Aired

    The 66 Kid

    Bob Boze Bell talked about his book The 66 Kid: Raised on the Mother Road: Growing Up on Route 66, the World’s Most Famous Two-Lane Blacktop, in which he recalls his life in Kingman, Arizona, located on…

  • Development of Parkways and Freeways
    Last Aired

    Development of Parkways and Freeways

    Professor Heidi Hohmann talked about the rise of automobiles and the creation of roads leading to and through parks, which became known as parkways, and how innovations made for those were later…

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