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  • Voting Rights
    Last Aired

    Voting Rights

    Historians explored whether history impacts contemporary views on voting rights. They also answered audience questions on how to keep citizens engaged in the voting process. This discussion was a part…

  • Black Women and the Suffrage Movement
    Last Aired

    Black Women and the Suffrage Movement

    Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall talked about the struggle of black women to obtain voting rights and compared this with the experiences of white suffragists and black men. This program was part of a…

  • 1940s Black Voter Suppression
    Last Aired

    1940s Black Voter Suppression

    Professor Tracy Campbell talked about the 1942 Soldier Voting Act which provided absentee voting for soldiers fighting in World War II. Professor Campbell looked at states that opposed the…

  • Race Suffrage and the 15th Amendment
    Last Aired

    Race, Suffrage, and the 15th Amendment

    Professor Michael Klarman talked about what he sees as the flaws of the 15th Amendment and the exploitation and suppression of African American voters by both the Republican and Democratic Parties.…

  • emGilded Suffragistsem
    Last Aired

    Gilded Suffragists

    Johanna Neuman talked about her book, Gilded Suffragists, about the women of New York’s social elite who joined the suffrage movement in the early 20th century. She spoke with Judy…

  • Suffrage and American Women in Politics
    Last Aired

    Suffrage and American Women in Politics

    Historian Elisabeth Griffith examined the legacy of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote and pondered the question: did suffrage matter? With women currently making up only twenty…

  • Washington Journal Douglas Lute Discusses Vulnerabilities of US Voting Machines
    Last Aired

    Douglas Lute on U.S. Voting Machine Vulnerability

    Douglas Lute, former U.S. ambassador to NATO, talked about the findings of a report by DEF CON looking at the vulnerabilities of U.S. voting machines.

  • Electoral Reform
    Last Aired

    Electoral Reform

    Trevor Potter, Bob Shrum, Leslee Sherrill, and others talked about potential electoral reform, including the Electoral College, redistricting, and voting rights.

  • Senate Democrats Hold Hearing on Voting Rights
    Last Aired

    Voting Rights

    Senate Democrats heard testimony from a number of policy experts on the state of voting rights in the U.S. following the establishment of the Trump administration’s Presidential Advisory…

  • Washington Journal Greg Stohr Discusses Gerrymandering Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Greg Stohr on Gerrymandering

    Greg Stohr spoke by phone about the Supreme Court’s hearing on Gill v. Whitford, an oral argument dealing with partisan gerrymandering in redistricting.

  • Congressional Black Caucus Holds Town Hall on Civil Rights
    Last Aired

    Congressional Black Caucus Town Hall on Civil Rights

    The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation hosted a civil rights town hall as part of its 47th annual legislative conference. Several Congressional Black Caucus members spoke, including…

  • emRemember the Ladiesem
    Last Aired

    Remember the Ladies

    Angela Dodson talked about her book Remember the Ladies: Celebrating Those Who Fought for Freedom at the Ballot Box, in which hse recounts the national suffrage movement and profiles many…

  • Washington Journal Bob Bauer Discusses President Trumps Voter Fraud Commission
    Last Aired

    Bob Bauer on President Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

    Bob Bauer, former co-chair of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration, talked about President Trump’s voter fraud commission and efforts to improve the integrity of federal…

  • May Arkwright Hutton Collection
    Last Aired

    May Arkwright Hutton Collection

    Nancy Engles talked about May Arkwright Hutton, who played an important role in the woman’s suffrage movement in the Pacific Northwest. Ms. Engles showed items from the May Arkwright Hutton special collection that…

  • Challenges After Womens Suffrage
    Last Aired

    Challenges After Women's Suffrage

    Professor Robyn Muncy talked about women’s voting rights following ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920. She focused on African Americans in the South as well as Native Americans and…

  • Suffragist Emma Smith DeVoe
    Last Aired

    Suffragist Emma Smith DeVoe

    Susan Roher spoke about Emma Smith Devoe and her efforts to help women secure voting rights in Washington in 1910. C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) made a stop in their “2017 LCV Cities…

  • Eric Holder Addresses NAACP Convention
    Last Aired

    Eric Holder Remarks at NAACP Luncheon

    Former Attorney General Eric Holder delivered keynote remarks at the NAACP’s annual convention. He talked about voting rights. He also shared his thoughts on Trump administration recent…

  • DNC Voting Rights Commission Holds News Conference
    Last Aired

    DNC Voting Rights Commission News Conference

    Members of the DNC’s voting rights commission held a news conference in response to the first public hearing of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The chair of the DNC commission,…

  • Washington Journal Hans von Spakovsky Discusses Voter Fraud Commission
    Last Aired

    Hans von Spakovsky on the Voter Fraud Commission

    Hans von Spakovsky, a member of the Trump administration’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, talked about the goals for the commission.

  • Washington Journal Jonathan Brater Discusses Voter Fraud Commission
    Last Aired

    Jonathan Brater on Voter Fraud Commission

    Jonathan Brater talked about Trump administration efforts to obtain voter data from states through its Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

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