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  • George HW Bush Interview in New Hampshire
    Last Aired

    George H.W. Bush Interview in New Hampshire

    An interview with Republican candidate George H.W. Bush from the 1980 presidential campaign. Taped by Salem High School students in New Hampshire, the interview played on cable access in…

  • George HW Bush Campaign Appearance
    Last Aired

    George H.W. Bush Campaign Appearance

    Vice President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara marched in a parade in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

  • Florida Republican Convention and Straw Poll
    Last Aired

    Florida Republican Convention and Straw Poll

    The 1987 Florida Republican convention was held in Orlando. Delegates were recognized and voted on candidates for the party’s presidential nominee. Vice President George H.W. Bush (R) spoke…

  • CSPAN Presidential Interview
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Presidential Interview

    President George Bush discussed the events of the past year and current issues in Washington in a one on one interview in the Map Room of the White House. He discussed his work as…

  • Health Care Proposals
    Last Aired

    Health Care Proposals

    Senator Hillary Clinton spoke about rising costs of health care and access to health insurance for all Americans. In her remarks she introduced a seven point plan for health care reform…

  • Bush Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Bush Campaign Speech

    President Bush addressed a group of business leaders and California Republican congressmen at a fund-raising luncheon as part of a campaign tour through the western U.S. In his prepared…

  • Yale and Public Service
    Last Aired

    Yale and Public Service

    Former President Bush spoke to students and faculty about his time in the Oval Office, lessons he learned while a student at Yale, and the value of public service.

  • Former President Health Problems
    Last Aired

    Former President Health Problems

    President Bush talked with reporters about his overnight hospital stay. The former president was under observation following an episode of heart fibrillation and left the hospital today.

  • Fmr President George Bush
    Last Aired

    Senate Leader Lecture

    Former President Bush spoke about a rising lack of civility in public debate. He also said that tabloid journalism and intrusions into private lives provided “sensationalism at best, smut at…

  • Bush Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Bush Campaign Speech

    President Bush announced his candidacy for the 1992 Republican presidential nomination in the Mariott Hotel in downtown Washington, DC. Standing before a large flag and facing a crowded…

  • Bush The Early Years
    Last Aired

    Bush: The Early Years

    Friends and business associates of President George Bush recalled their impressions of George Bush during their personal experiences with him prior to his political career.

  • Bush Arrival Rally
    Last Aired

    Bush Arrival Rally

    President Bush spoke to a boisterously supportive crowd in AstroHall, Houston, Texas, at a rally marking his arrival at the Republican National Convention. In his remarks, President Bush lauded the performance of Vice…

  • Bush Campaign and Republican Natl Convention
    Last Aired

    Bush Campaign and Republican Natl. Convention

    White House Chief of Staff Samuel Skinner discussed his work at the Republican National Convention and the progress of the reelection campaign of President Bush and Vice President Dan…

  • Marilyn Quayle Campaign Interview
    Last Aired

    Marilyn Quayle Campaign Interview

    Marilyn Quayle, wife of Vice President Dan Quayle, spoke in an interview from the vice presidential residence in Washington, DC, on her impressions of the 1992 presidential race, her work during the…

  • Bush Agenda Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Bush Agenda: Foreign Policy

    Mr. Abrams and Rep. Torricelli, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, debated the Bush administration’s record on foreign policy matters and speculated on U.S. foreign policy…

  • Bush Agenda Foreign Policy Initiatives
    Last Aired

    Bush Agenda: Foreign Policy Initiatives

    Deputy Secretary of State Eagleburger responded to questions on the foreign policy of the Bush administration and the recent changes in the global political scene that have occurred during the…

  • The Bush Agenda Economic Policy
    Last Aired

    The Bush Agenda: Economic Policy

    Rep. Upton and Mr. Faux discussed the Bush Economic Policy and how it may affect his campaign. Both Rep. Upton and Mr. Faux were critical of the president’s past economic record.

  • Bush Convention Preparation
    Last Aired

    Bush Convention Preparation

    Craig Fuller, campaign manager for Bush/Quayle '92, held a news conference at the Astrodome. He talked about the Republican National Convention and its role in President Bush’s re-election…

  • White House Personnel Changes
    Last Aired

    White House Personnel Changes

    James Baker announced that he will move from the Secretary of State position to the White House Chief of Staff. Mr. Baker highlighted the landmark international events that took place…

  • Special Briefing on Personnel Changes
    Last Aired

    Special Briefing on Personnel Changes

    Mr. Fitzwater briefed reporters in the White House Briefing Room shortly after President Bush announced the reorganization of his White House staff. Mr. Fitzwater detailed the move of…

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