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  • Nations Governors Hold Summer Meeting in Rhode Island
    Last Aired

    National Governors Association 2017 Summer Meeting, Cybersecurity Panel

    Three technology sector executives talked about cybersecurity challenges for state governments. Topics included the extent of the challenge to states, and the ways state governmental…

  • Communicators with Representative Will Hurd
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Representative Will Hurd

    Representative Will Hurd (R-TX) talked about his bill to upgrade technology at federal agencies, the Modernizing Government Technology Act. Representative Hurd also assessed U.S. cyber…

  • Orchard House and Louisa May Alcott
    Last Aired

    Orchard House and Louisa May Alcott

    Executive Director Jan Turnquist gave a tour of Orchard House, providing a glimpse into the Alcott family’s life in Concord, Massachusetts. Purchased by Amos Bronson Alcott in 1857, Orchard House became the home…

  • Thoreaus Walden Pond
    Last Aired

    Thoreau's Walden Pond

    Concord Museum curator David Wood visited Walden Pond to recount Henry David Thoreau’s time there and the lasting impact of his book. For two years, beginning in 1845, writer and transcendentalist Henry…

  • Old Manse and Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Last Aired

    Old Manse and Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Old Manse Senior Curator Christie Jackson talked about Ralph Waldo Emerson’s time in the home as well as other writers, such as Henry David Thoreau, Nathanial Hawthorne, and Margaret Fuller, who spent time…

  • Washington Journal Blake Sobczak Discusses Energy Grid Security
    Last Aired

    Blake Sobczak on Energy Grid Security

    Blake Sobczak talked about U.S. energy grid security and recent hacks to systems.

  • emTwitter and Tear Gasem
    Last Aired

    Twitter and Tear Gas

    Zeynep Tufekci talked about her book Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest, in which she examines the trajectories of modern protests. Ms. Tufekci is one of the…

  • After Words with Brian Merchant
    Last Aired

    After Words with Brian Merchant

    Brian Merchant talked about his book The One Device, in which he retraces the creation and development of the iPhone. He was interviewed by Steve Lohr.

  • Study of Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Last Aired

    Study of Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Curator David Wood described the original items located in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s study and Emerson’s life and career in Concord, Massachusetts. Writer and Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson died in 1882…

  • emErnest Hemingwayem
    Last Aired

    Ernest Hemingway

    Mary Dearborn talked about her book, Ernest Hemingway, A Biography, with Bill Kurtis, founder and executive producer of Kurtis Productions. This event was part of the Chicago Tribune…

  • Washington Journal Simon Montlake Discusses the Future of the Rust Belt
    Last Aired

    Simon Montlake on "Rust Belt" Cities

    Simon Montlake talked about his Christian Science Monitor article “Rust Belt” cities’s adjustment to a more high-tech world. This program was part of a “Washington Journal” series…

  • Journalist and Author Mollie Hemingway on the Trump Administration and the Media
    Last Aired

    Trump Administration and the Media

    Mollie Hemingway talked about the relationship between the Trump administration and the media. She explored issues such as media bias, journalists' use of anonymous sources, the loss of trust in…

  • Communicators with Meredith Attwell Baker
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Meredith Attwell Baker

    Meredith Attwell Baker talked about the future of wireless communications, net neutrality, and regulation of broadband. Topics included what a national 5G infrastructure will look like to…

  • QA with Brooke Gladstone
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Brooke Gladstone

    Brooke Gladstone, co-host and managing editor of WNYC’s “On the Media,” talked about her book, The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in our Time.

  • Washington Journal Jessica Pishko Discusses Resentencing of Juveniles Serving Life in Prison
    Last Aired

    Jessica Pishko on Juvenile Life Sentences Without Parole

    Jessica Pishko talked about her recent investigation and subsequent article in The Nation on the re-sentencing of juveniles serving life in prison. This program was part of a “Washington…

  • Jennifer Earl Discusses emDigitally Enabled Social Changeem
    Last Aired

    Digitally Enabled Social Change

    Professor Jennifer Earl talked about her book, Digitally Enabled Social Change: Activism in the Internet Age. This interview, recorded on the campus of the University of Arizona, is part of Book…

  • emPackingham v North Carolinaem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Packingham v. North Carolina Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Packingham v. North Carolina, a case questioning whether a North Carolina law banning registered sex offenders from using social media violates First Amendment…

  • emIf I Understood You Would I Have this Look on My Faceem
    Last Aired

    If I Understood You, Would I Have this Look on My Face?

    Actor Alan Alda talked about his book, If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?: My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating.

  • Communicators with Mignon Clyburn
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Mignon Clyburn

    Commissioner Mignon Clyburn talked about Federal Communications Commission rules and issues including net neutrality and privacy. She also discussed her experience being the sole Democrat…

  • Telecommunications Policy Conference Part 4
    Last Aired

    Telecommunications Policy Conference, Part 4

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) officials talked about recent FTC enforcement actions, anti-trust laws, and online data security. In addition, former Federal Communications Commission chief…

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