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  • Senate Panel Explores Broadband Challenges in Rural Areas
    Last Aired

    Rural Broadband

    The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee held a hearing on the challenges facing companies working to extend broadband access in rural areas of the U.S. Experts testified…

  • emChange Is Goodem
    Last Aired

    Change Is Good

    Wired magazine co-founder Louis Rossetto talked about his book, Change Is Good: A Story of the Heroic Era of the Internet.

  • Washington Journal Brent Skorup Discusses DOJ Lawsuit to Stop Californias Net Neutrality Law
    Last Aired

    Brent Skorup on Lawsuit to Stop California's Net Neutrality Law

    Brent Skorup talked about the Trump administration’s lawsuit to stop California’s new net neutrality law.

  • Michael Chertoff Discusses National Security and Information Privacy
    Last Aired

    Exploding Data

    Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff discussed safeguarding national security and information privacy in the digital age. He was joined in conversation by former…

  • Communicators with Louis Rossetto
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Louis Rossetto

    Louis Rossetto, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of WIRED Magazine, talked about founding the publication. Topics included the impact Wired as had, the early days of the internet, and his firing…

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Telephone lines and social media were open for viewer comments on the role of government in policing websites. Inside Politics' Leah Askarinam talked about the results of the previous…

  • Washington Journal Gideon Rose Discusses the Future of the Internet
    Last Aired

    Gideon Rose on the Future of the Internet

    Foreign Affairs editor Gideon Rose talked about his magazine’s latest package of stories on the future of the internet.

  • Washington Journal Matthew Hennessey Discusses emZero Hour for Gen Xem
    Last Aired

    Matthew Hennessey on Zero Hour for Gen X

    Matthew Hennessey talked about his book, Zero Hour for Gen X: How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials, detailing concerns over the “millennial” generation’s impact…

  • FCC Oversight Hearing
    Last Aired

    FCC Oversight Hearing

    FCC commissioners, including Chair Ajit Pai (R), appeared at a Senate oversight hearing to discuss a range of policy issues. Among them were the agency’s efforts to address unwanted robocalls.…

  • Communicators with Jonathan Adelstein
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Jonathan Adelstein

    Jonathan Adelstein, president of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), talked about 5G and small-cell technology. WIA builds the cell towers and other technologies needed for the…

  • National Governors Association Robots Education and the Workforce
    Last Aired

    National Governors Association, Robots, Education and the Workforce

    In this portion of the 2018 summer meeting of the National Governors Association, panelists talked about the transformation of the workforce by robotic innovations, artificial intelligence,…

  • Washington Journal Stephen Gutowski Discusses 3D Printed Guns
    Last Aired

    Stephen Gutowski on 3D Printed Guns

    Stephen Gutowski talked about the controversy over 3D-printed guns. The previous week, a federal judge stopped the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed…

  • Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff Testifies on International Internet Policies
    Last Aired

    International Internet Policies

    The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet held a hearing on global internet governance. Witnesses, including…

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Telephone lines and social media were open for viewer comments on the question “How should 3D guns be regulated?” The Washington Post's Meagan Flynn spoke by phone about an attempt by a…

  • FCC Officials Testify at Oversight Hearing
    Last Aired

    FCC Oversight

    The commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) testified at an oversight hearing on the operations of their regulatory agency. Issues addressed included network upgrades to accommodate 5G…

  • House Panel Examines Use of Digital Currency
    Last Aired

    Virtual Currencies

    The House Financial Services Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade held a hearing to consider the uses, benefits and security of virtual currencies. Witnesses answered questions about…

  • National Governors Association Meeting Workforce Skills and Innovation
    Last Aired

    National Governors Association Meeting, Workforce Skills and Innovation

    In the closing session of the National Governors Association 2018 summer meeting, Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV), the outgoing chair or the organization, made closing remarks before handing…

  • Panelists Discuss Future of Technology Culture Politics and Communication
    Last Aired

    Technology, Culture, Information and Politics

    Writers and authors discussed the changes in and future of technology, culture, politics and communication. They spoke at the Weekly Standard's annual political summit in Colorado Springs.…

  • Hearing Examines State of Artificial Intelligence
    Last Aired

    Artificial Intelligence

    Two subcommittees of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee held a joint hearing to consider the applications and implications of artificial intelligence technology, or “AI.”…

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Telephone lines were open for viewer calls and social media comments on the question, “Should law enforcement use facial recognition software?” Earlier in the week a man killed five…

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