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  • Washington Journal Reverend Kelly Brown Douglas Discusses Evangelicalism  Race
    Last Aired

    Reverend Kelly Brown Douglas on Evangelicalism and Race

    Episcopal Divinity School at Union’s Reverend Kelly Brown Douglas discussed her recent piece in Sojourners magazine about the evolution of evangelicalism and white evangelical support of President…

  • Student Journalists from Parkland Discuss Shooting
    Last Aired

    Student Journalists on Gun Violence and Protests

    One day before the student-led “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington, D.C, student journalists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, talked about their experiences…

  • Journalists Discuss Covering Trump Presidency
    Last Aired

    Press and the Trump Presidency

    Journalists talked about the challenges they have encountered during a Donald Trump presidency that labels news organizations as “fake news.” The panelists also discussed surveys showing…

  • Consumer Federation of America Hosts Food Policy Conference
    Last Aired

    Consumer Federation of America National Food Policy Conference, Morning Session

    Acting Deputy Agriculture Under Secretary for Food Safety Carmen Rottenberg delivered the keynote address at the Consumer Federation of America’s annual food policy conference. Following…

  • emThe PRESSure for the Freedom of the Pressem
    Last Aired

    The PRESSure for the Freedom of the Press

    The PRESSure for the Freedom of the Press was one of the second-prize high school east winners in C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam documentary contest. Andres Leon and Claire Prudhomme, students at Winter Park…

  • Attorney Gives Keynote Address at First Amendment Conference
    Last Aired

    First Amendment in the Digital Age, Floyd Abrams Remarks

    Constitutional law attorney Floyd Abrams was a keynote speaker at a symposium on First Amendment issues. He criticized President Trump’s attacks on the press and accused him of having an…

  • Washington Journal Robert Atkinson Discusses the Role of Big Business
    Last Aired

    Robert Atkinson on the Role of Big Business

    Robert Atkinson discussed his recent piece in The Atlantic on whether big business is really a bad thing for America.

  • Washington Journal Armstrong Williams Discusses Journalism and Fake News
    Last Aired

    Armstrong Williams on Journalism and "Fake News"

    Armstrong Williams talked about journalism today and trust in the news media.

  • Washington Journal Steve Brill Discusses Journalism and Fake News
    Last Aired

    Steve Brill on Journalism and "Fake News"

    NewsGuard Co-CEO Steve Brill talked about his group’s effort to distinguish between journalism and “fake news.” He spoke via video link from New York City.

  • Washington Journal Brendan Bordelon Discusses Social Media and Data Privacy
    Last Aired

    Brendan Bordelon on Social Media and Data Privacy

    Brendan Bordelon talked about his National Journal article, “Wrong byline? Why Now? Facebook’s ‘Perfect Storm’ Reinvigorates Old Privacy Fears,” on the privacy concerns that have resurfaced following…

  • Photojournalists Share Experiences of Documenting ISIS
    Last Aired

    Photojournalists and the Fight for Mosul

    Victor Blue and Mitch Utterback spoke at a University of Colorado in Boulder event titled, “Embedded in Iraq: Journalists Encounter the Islamic State,” on the documentation of conflict and…

  • Washington Journal Matt Ford Discusses the Department of Homeland Security
    Last Aired

    Matt Ford on the Department of Homeland Security

    Matt Ford talked about his recent New Republic piece on the need to dismantle the Department of Homeland Security. This program was part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting recent…

  • Washington Press Club Foundation Annual Congressional Dinner
    Last Aired

    Washington Press Club Foundation Annual Congressional Dinner

    At the 74th annual Washington Press Club Foundation dinner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), and Representative Ileana…

  • Washington Journal Alice Lloyd Discusses the MeToo Movements Impact on Modern Feminism
    Last Aired

    Alice Lloyd on the MeToo Movement and Modern Feminism

    Alice Lloyd discussed her recent Weekly Standard article, “The Catastrophic Success of #MeToo,” on the success of the “#MeToo” movement and its broader impact on the modern feminist movement. The…

  • Washington Journal Mary Beth Griggs Discusses the Future of Nuclear Energy
    Last Aired

    Mary Beth Griggs on Nuclear Energy

    Popular Science assistant editor Mary Beth Griggs discussed her recent piece on the debate over nuclear energy in the U.S. This program was part of a “Washington Journal” series…

  • Liljenquist Civil War Photographs
    Last Aired

    Liljenquist Civil War Photographs

    Tom Liljenquist and his sons, Jason, Brandon, and Christian began collecting Civil War ambrotype and tintype photographs of ordinary soldiers in the mid-1990s. In 2010, the family donated more than 700…

  • Washington Journal Nancy Scola Discusses the Rise of Artificial Intelligence
    Last Aired

    Nancy Scola on the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

    Nancy Scola talked about her article in the January/February 2018 issue of Poliico Magazine., “Look Out, D.C.: The Robots are Coming for the Swamp.” The piece examines whether politics in Washington would be…

  • George Polk Awards Forum Discusses Russia Investigation
    Last Aired

    69th Annual George Polk Awards

    Long Island University hosted its annual news conference announcing the winners of the George Polk Awards in journalism. Prior to the announcement, New York Times Washington, D.C.,…

  • Washington Journal Doug Henwood Discusses the US Pension Crisis
    Last Aired

    Doug Henwood on the Pension Crisis

    Doug Henwood talked about his article in the February issue of In These Times on the ongoing pension crisis and how the system’s reliance on Wall Street is adding to the shortfall. This program was…

  • Washington Journal Zachary Mider Discusses Influence of Hedge Funds on Washington
    Last Aired

    Zachary Mider on Influence of Hedge Funds on Washington

    Zachary Mider discussed his recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, “Good for the U.S., Bad for the World,” on the influence of hedge funds on policy-making.

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