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  • Salena Zito on Trump Voters at Resurgent Gathering
    Last Aired

    Salena Zito on Trump Voters at Resurgent Gathering

    Washington Examiner reporter Salena Zito talked about the populist movement in the United States at a meeting of conservatives in Austin, Texas ,called the Resurgent Gathering. Her recent…

  • After Words with Derek Hunter
    Last Aired

    After Words with Derek Hunter

    Political writer Derek Hunter offered his thoughts on how progressives influence academia, the media, and pop culture to advance their agenda. He was interviewed by Brent Bozell, founder…

  • FCC Chair Ajit Pai at the Resurgent Gathering
    Last Aired

    FCC Chair Ajit Pai at the Resurgent Gathering

    Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai spoke with Jesse Blumenthal of the Koch Institute about innovation, technology, and government regulation. The event was part of the…

  • Interview with Tim Huelskamp
    Last Aired

    Interview with Tim Huelskamp

    Former U.S. Representative Tim Huelskamp, CEO of the Heartland Institute, talked about the institute’s book, The Patriot’s Toolbox.

  • Resurgent Gathering Facebook Ballot Measures and Energy
    Last Aired

    Resurgent Gathering: Facebook, Ballot Measures, and Energy

    Speakers during this portion of the “Resugent Gathering” talked about enacting conservative policies, perceived bias against conservatives on social media, and the Trump administration’s…

  • Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference
    Last Aired

    Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference

    Discussion at the Steamboat Institute’s 10th Annual Freedom Conference focused on reforming the FBI, school safety, and the next generation of conservative leaders.

  • Resurgent Gathering Government Accountability
    Last Aired

    Resurgent Gathering, Government Accountability

    This portion of the Resurgent Gathering of conservatives in Austin, Texas, focused on citizen empowerment organizations around the country that support self-governance. Conservative blogger…

  • Health  Human Services Secretary Azar Discusses Free Market Principles
    Last Aired

    Secretary Azar on Free Market Principles in Health Care

    Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar delivered remarks on free market principles in health care. He outlined why he believes the Affordable Care Act is not working for patients and…

  • Resurgent Gathering Texas Google and Freedom Caucus
    Last Aired

    Resurgent Gathering, Texas, Google and Freedom Caucus

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) were among the speakers during this portion of the Resurgent Gathering, a group of conservatives who met in Austin, Texas.…

  • emPassing on the Rightem
    Last Aired

    Passing on the Right

    University of Colorado professor Joshua Dunn discussed his book, Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University.

  • Resurgent Gathering Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination
    Last Aired

    Resurgent Gathering, Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination

    Gary Marx, one of the founders of the Judicial Crisis Network that helped compose President Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees, participated in a panel discussion on Supreme Court…

  • Dinesh DSouza Gives Remarks at National Conservative Student Conference
    Last Aired

    National Conservative Student Conference, Dinesh D'Souza

    Dinesh D’Souza was one of many speakers on day three of the Young America’s Foundation conference. He spoke about a number of conservative issues. He also promoted his new book and film,…

  • Washington Journal Matthew Dallek and Robert Merry Discuss Conservative Politics in 1968
    Last Aired

    Matthew Dallek and Robert Merry on Conservative Politics in 1968

    Robert Merry and Matthew Dallek talked about conservative politics in 1968 as part of C-SPAN’s “1968: America in Turmoil” series. Perceived liberal excesses and disenchantment with the size of…

  • Discussion on Conservatism with Bruce Herschensohn Sam Sorbo and Joel Pollak
    Last Aired

    Discussion on Conservatism with Bruce Herschensohn, Sam Sorbo, and Joel Pollak

    Conservative authors Bruce Herschensohn, Sam Sorbo, and Joel Pollak talk about conservatism in the age of Donald Trump.

  • Libertarianism v Conservatism Debate
    Last Aired

    Libertarianism v. Conservatism Debate

    Summer interns for the Washington D.,C., think tanks the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation participated in a debate on libertarianism versus conservatism. The students debated a…

  • Paolucci Book Award for emThe Benedict Optionem
    Last Aired

    Paolucci Book Award for The Benedict Option

    Rod Dreher received the Paolucci Book Award, given each year to “recognize the best book that advances conservative principles.”

  • Newsmakers with Alex Smith
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Alex Smith

    Alex Smith talked about the role of her conservative political action committee (PAC), America Rising, in the midterm elections, opposition research, the August 2018 campaign push, and President…

  • emAmerican Politics in the Postwar Sunbeltem
    Last Aired

    American Politics in the Postwar Sunbelt

    Sean Cunningham talked about his book, American Politics in the Postwar Sunbelt: Conservative Growth in a Battleground Region, in which he examines the emergence of the American Sunbelt as the center of…

  • National Conservative Student Conference Ben Shapiro
    Last Aired

    National Conservative Student Conference, Ben Shapiro

    This portion of The Young America’s Foundation annual National Conservative Student Conference included keynote remarks by Ben Shapiro. He talked about capitalism, socialism, and the future…

  • 1970s Conservative Movement and Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    1970s Conservative Movement and Foreign Policy

    Princeton University professor Julian Zelizer taught a class on the growth of conservative influence over U.S. foreign policy in the 1970s. Following the Vietnam War, American presidents from Richard…

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