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Iraq Occupation/Reconstruction (05/02/03-08/31/10)


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  • Washington Journal Michael OBrien on the Iraq War
    Last Aired

    America's Destruction of Iraq

    Michael O’Brien talked about his book, America’s Destruction of Iraq, which examines military and political failures in Iraq and the rise of radical Islamic terrorism in the Middle East as…

  • emWe Got Himem
    Last Aired

    We Got Him!

    Representative Steve Russell (R-OK) talked about his book, We Got Him!: A Memoir of the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein. He was the commander of the battalion that captured the deposed…

  • emFallujah Reduxem
    Last Aired

    Fallujah Redux

    Daniel Green and Marine Corps Brigadier General William Mullen, two Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans who participated in taking Fallujah back from insurgents in 2007, talked about their…

  • Media Coverage of the Iraq War
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of the Iraq War

    New York Times photojournalist Michael Kamber recently released a new book Photojournalists on War: the Untold Stories From Iraq. He and a group of journalists spoke about lessons learned…

  • Stuart Bowen Describes Lessons Learned from Iraq
    Last Aired

    Iraq Reconstruction

    Stuart Bowen, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), talked about lessons learned from the effort to rebuild Iraq and how to apply them to future U.S. endeavors.…

  • emJoker Oneem
    Last Aired

    Joker One

    Donovan Campbell talked about his book, Joker One: A Marine Platoon’s Story of Courage, Leadership, and Brotherhood, in which he chronicles his time leading a platoon of Marines in Ramadi,…

  • Cost of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
    Last Aired

    Cost of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

    Linda Bilmes talked about her report on the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In the report she concluded that both conflicts would be the most expensive wars in U.S. history, totaling somewhere between $4 - $6…

  • Special Operations and Iraq
    Last Aired

    Special Operations and Iraq

    General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.) talked about the evolution of the Joint Special Operations Command and the pursuit of al-Qaeda in Iraq, in particular the terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Bruce Riedel,…

  • emThe Lonely Soldierem
    Last Aired

    The Lonely Soldier

    Helen Benedict talked about her book, The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq. The interview, part of Book TV’s college series, was recorded in the King’s College Room in…

  • QA with Chuck Hagel
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Chuck Hagel

    Senator Chuck Hagel was interviewed about his future political plans and U.S. domestic and foreign policies. He spoke his personal life experiences including his military service in…

  • emThe Long Walkem
    Last Aired

    The Long Walk

    Brian Castner, a Bronze Star recipient who completed two tours in Iraq as a commander of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, talked about his experiences during the war and the lasting…

  • emThe Yellow Birds A Novelem
    Last Aired

    The Yellow Birds: A Novel

    Kevin Powers talked about his book The Yellow Birds: A Novel, which was inspired by his Army tours in Iraq. He was interviewed while at the annual book publishing trade show, Book Expo…

  • Phil Donahue on US Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Phil Donahue on U.S. Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Phil Donahue talked about his documentary, Body of War, and answered viewer calls and electronic communications. The film focuses on Tomas Young, an Iraq War veteran who was paralyzed from…

  • Dinner for Iraq War Veterans
    Last Aired

    Dinner for Iraq War Veterans

    President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Defense Secretary Panetta spoke at a White House dinner for Iraq War veterans.

  • Open Phones
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for comments on holding a national parade for Iraq War veterans.

  • White House Dinner for Iraq Veterans
    Last Aired

    White House Dinner for Iraq Veterans

    David Jackson was interviewed by phone about the dinner at the White House honoring veterans of the Iraq War.

  • emNight Draws Nearem
    Last Aired

    Night Draws Near

    Anthony Shadid talked about Lebanon and described his visits to Southern Lebanon and his ancestral village. He also talked about his coverage of the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon and Lebanon’s…

  • emA Soldiers Dreamem
    Last Aired

    A Soldier's Dream

    William Doyle tells the story of Captain Travis Patriquin, who was instrumental in gaining U.S. support for the 2006 “Sunni Awakening” which greatly reduced the influence of al-Qaeda in…

  • QA with Martha Raddatz
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Martha Raddatz

    Martha Raddatz discussed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on political, strategic, and personal levels. She talked about her desire to tell stories of the soldiers serving there. Several of…

  • End of Military Operations in Iraq
    Last Aired

    End of Military Operations in Iraq

    Gopal Ratnam spoke about the end of U.S. military operations in Iraq and the withdrawal of the last combat troops from the country. He also talked about the logistics of the military draw…

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