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  • House Panel Considers Horse Racing AntiDoping Legislation
    Last Aired

    Horse Racing Anti-Doping Program

    A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee held a hearing to consider legislation requiring a uniform anti-doping and medication control program in horse racing. Representatives Andy Barr…

  • House Debate on Animal Fighting Amendment to Farm Bill
    Last Aired

    House Debate on Animal Fighting Amendment to Farm Bill

    House members debated a farm bill amendment from Representative Peter Roskam (R-IL) that would apply prohibitions to animal fighting across all U.S. territories.

  • Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary
    Last Aired

    Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary

    The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary cares for injured wild eagles. Manager Jennifer Randell, talked about the special relationship between the eagles and the Potawatomi people. C-SPAN’s Local…

  • emHow to Tame a Foxem
    Last Aired

    How to Tame a Fox

    Science writer Lee Dugatkin talked about his book How to Tame a Fox, in which he details a more than 60 year-old evolution experiment by Russian scientists to domesticate wild foxes into…

  • Washington Journal Wayne Pacelle Discusses Consumerism and Animal Welfare Issues
    Last Aired

    Wayne Pacelle on Consumerism and Animal Welfare Issues

    Wayne Pacelle talked about his book, The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals.

  • Military Service Animals
    Last Aired

    Military Service Animals

    Historian Chelsea Medlock talked about about the history of animals that worked in the military in the 20th century. This interview took place at the American Historical Association’s…

  • Animal Rights Activists Hold Conference in Los Angeles
    Last Aired

    Animal Rights 2016 National Conference

    Animal rights activists talked about the relationship between humans and animals, and the use of animals in testing. They also argued that school, hospital, military, and prison cafeterias should switch to…

  • House Committee Examines Pet Medication Industry
    Last Aired

    Pet Medication Industry

    Witnesses testified at a hearing on federal oversight of the pet medication industry. Tara Koslov talked about the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) report which found that prescription…

  • Beth Shapiro on emHow to Clone a Mammothem
    Last Aired

    How to Clone a Mammoth

    Professor Beth Shapiro talked about her book How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction, in which she reports that current scientific breakthroughs would allow for extinct species…

  • History of Monterey Fishing Industry
    Last Aired

    History of Monterey Fishing Industry

    Tim Thomas talked about the history of the Monterey Bay fishing industry, and how the industry helped to make Monterey, California, a diverse community. Before the collapse of the industry in 1950, the…

  • emDo Unto Animalsem and emLiving the Farm Sanctuary Lifeem
    Last Aired

    Do Unto Animals and Living the Farm Sanctuary Life

    Tracey Stewart, author of Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better, and Gene Baur, author of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The…

  • emFur Fortune and Empireem
    Last Aired

    Fur, Fortune, and Empire

    Eric Jay Dolin presents a history of the American fur trade. First documented by Henry Hudson during his journey to America in 1609, the abundance of what Hudson deemed “good furs” led to European…

  • Washington Journal Jeff Kerr on Endangered Species and Big Game Hunting
    Last Aired

    Endangered Species and Big Game Hunting

    Jeff Kerr talked about the big game hunting industry and its impact on wildlife populations following the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

  • Brooke Borel on emInfestedem
    Last Aired


    Brooke Borel talked about her book Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took Over the World , in which she provides a history of the bed bug, a species that may be more than…

  • Omaha Union Stockyard
    Last Aired

    Omaha Union Stockyard

    Carrie Meyer, curator of Exhibits and Collections at the Durham Museum, talked about the museum’s exhibit dedicated to Omaha’s livestock industry and shared historic photos of the Union Stockyards found in the…

  • Ponies at Chincoteague
    Last Aired

    Ponies at Chincoteague

    This July 30, 1959, newsreel contains archival footage of the round up of wild ponies at Chincoteague, Virginia.

  • Hearing on Avian Flu Response
    Last Aired

    Avian Influenza Response

    Federal and state-level agriculture researchers testified on their agencies' response to the 2014-15 avian influenza outbreak that killed an estimated 48 million edible fowl in the U.S.…

  • Keeneland and the Economics of Horse Country
    Last Aired

    Keeneland and the Economics of Horse Country

    Vice President Vince Gabbert talked about the role the Keeneland horse racing facility has played in the growth of Kentucky’s horse business. Keeneland is a Thoroughbred horse racing facility that also supports…

  • Hearing on Combating Avian Influenza
    Last Aired

    Avian Flu Threat

    Federal regulators, industry leaders, and researchers testified at a hearing on the economic and national security threats of avian flu to poultry farms and the general public. Avian influenza, or…

  • emHow Kentucky Became Southernem
    Last Aired

    How Kentucky Became Southern

    Maryjean Wall talked about her book How Kentucky Became Southern: A Tale of Outlaws, Horse Thieves, Gamblers, and Breeders, in which she highlights the post-Civil War world of Thoroughbred racing. Wall said…

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