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  • Education Secretary Lady Justice is Not Blind on Campuses Today
    Last Aired

    Education Secretary DeVos on Title IX

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos delivered an address at George Mason University’s campus in Alexandria, Virginia, on enforcement of Title IX, which promotes gender equality and provides protections…

  • Washington Journal Eleanor Smeal on Trump Administration Campus Sexual Assault Policy
    Last Aired

    Eleanor Smeal on Trump Administration Campus Sexual Assault Policy

    Feminist Majority Foundation president Eleanor Smeal talked about the Trump administration’s decision to review Obama-era rules on sexual assault policy on college campuses.

  • emBe Fierceem
    Last Aired

    Be Fierce

    Gretchen Carlson talked about her book, Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back.

  • emThe New Jim Crowem
    Last Aired

    The New Jim Crow

    Michelle Alexander talked about her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, in which she argues that the “get tough on crime” policies that began in the early…

  • emBrown v Board of Educationem and the Monroe School
    Last Aired

    Brown v. Board of Education and the Monroe School

    Justin Sochacki gave a tour of Monroe Elementary School, one of the four formerly segregated schools for African Americans in Topeka, Kansas, and talked about the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court…

  • Supreme Court Landmark Case emKorematsu v United Statesem
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Landmark Case Korematsu v. United States

    Peter Irons and Karen Korematsu talked about the 1944 U.S. Supreme Court case Korematsu V. United States, in which the court ruled 6-3 that Japanese internment camps were necessary for the…

  • Education Secretary Speaks About Title IX Sexual Assault Guidance
    Last Aired

    Secretary DeVos Remarks on Title IX Sexual Assault Guidance

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos met with sexual assault survivors, men’s rights advocates and education officials as part of an evaluation of Obama administration policies regarding sexual…

  • Democrats Criticize Secretary DeVos Approach to Campus Sexual Assault
    Last Aired

    Campus Sexual Assault

    Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other members of the Democratic Women’s Working Group held a press conference expressing their disapproval of an Education Department official’s remarks regarding…

  • emWells Fargo v Miamiem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Wells Fargo v. Miami Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Wells Fargo v. Miami, which was consolidated with Bank of America v. Miami. The cases concern whether the city of Miami can sue the banks under the Fair Housing Act…

  • Attorney General Speaks at Hate Crimes Summit
    Last Aired

    Hate Crimes Summit

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to prosecute federal hate crimes including those against transgender people at the Justice Department’s hate crimes summit. According to a new report from the Bureau of…

  • After Words with Stuart Taylor
    Last Aired

    After Words with Stuart Taylor

    Stuart Taylor, co-author of The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities, examines campus sexual assault policies. In his book, Mr. Taylor argues that federal…

  • Defense Officials Report a Decrease in Military Sexual Assaults
    Last Aired

    Defense Briefing on Sexual Assault

    Defense officials briefed reporters on military sexual assault, including what the Pentagon was doing to prevent assaults, investigate incidents, and support victims. Sexual assaults in the…

  • emThe Blood of Emmett Tillem
    Last Aired

    The Blood of Emmett Till

    Timothy Tyson talked about his book The Blood of Emmett Till, in which he recalls the life and death of Emmett Till, a fourteen-year old African-American, who was tortured and killed in…

  • Panel Discussion on Civil Rights and the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Civil Rights and the Supreme Court

    Panelists talked about civil rights and the Supreme Court. Panelists included Adam Cohen, author of Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck,…

  • emSomething Must Be Done About Prince Edward Countyem
    Last Aired

    Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County

    Kristen Green talked about her book, Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County: A Family, a Virginia Town, a Civil Rights Battle. In the 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, the Court…

  • Federal Officials Discuss Criminal Justice and Civil Rights
    Last Aired

    Criminal Justice and Civil Rights

    Criminal justice and civil rights officials reflected on their eight years of work in the Obama administration. They addressed work they believe still needs to be done, and the changes they hope…

  • George Takei Khizr Khan and Van Jones Deliver Remarks at Muslim Public Affairs Council Banquet
    Last Aired

    Muslim Public Affairs Council Banquet, Part 2

    Actor George Takei, CNN Commentator Van Jones, and Khizr Khan, father of Purple Heart recipient Army Captain Humayun Khan, delivered keynote remarks at the banquet of the Muslim Public Affairs…

  • Cato Institute Hosts Discussion on Government Surveillance and Violent Extremism
    Last Aired

    Privacy and Government Surveillance, Part 4

    Panelist talked about ways to counter violent extremism (CVE) efforts across the U.S. without further stigmatizing Muslims and other marginalized groups. The panelists gave presentations on the use of body…

  • Kelly Oliver Discusses emHunting Girlsem
    Last Aired

    Hunting Girls

    Professor Kelly Oliver talked about her book, Hunting Girls: Sexual Violence from The Hunger Games to Campus Rape. She spoke at the 28th annual Southern Festival of Books in Nashville.…

  • Discussion Focuses on President Obamas Civil Rights Legacy
    Last Aired

    President Obama's Legacy on Race and Justice

    A Republican presidential campaign adviser,a former faith adviser to President Obama, historian Mary Frances Berry and others talked about President Obama’s legacy during his time in office. “Obama’s Legacy:…

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