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  • Supreme Court Landmark Case emGregg v Georgiaem
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Landmark Case Gregg v. Georgia

    Carol Steiker and Kent Scheidegger talked about the Supreme Court’s 1976 decision in Gregg v. Georgia, the landmark case concerning Troy Leon Gregg, a convicted armed robber and murderer who challenged his…

  • emClass v United Statesem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Class v. United States Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Class v. United States. The case concerns whether a person who pleads guilty to a crime as part of a plea deal waives the right to challenge the…

  • Supreme Court Landmark Case emMiranda v Arizonaem
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Landmark Case Miranda v. Arizona

    Jeff Rosen and Paul Cassel talked about the 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona, in which the court ruled 5-4 that criminal suspects must be informed of their right against…

  • emMurr v Wisconsinem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Murr v. Wisconsin Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Murr v. Wisconsin, a case that concerns when the government must compensate private property owners for land-use regulations that prohibit how a person’s property can be used or sold.…

  • emZiglar v Abbasiem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Ziglar v. Abbasi Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in the consolidated cases Ziglar v. Abbasi, Ashcroft v. Abbasi and Hasty v. Abbasi, which concern whether Arabs and Muslims detained for immigration…

  • emSessions v MoralesSantanaem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Sessions v. Morales-Santana Oral Argument

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in Lynch v. Morales-Santana, a case testing the constitutionality of an immigration law from 1952 that made it easier for unmarried American mothers to pass…

  • emNelson v Coloradoem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Nelson v. Colorado Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Nelson v. Colorado, a case questioning Colorado’s practice of not refunding court and other fees to people whose convictions of crimes were later reversed…

  • Hearing Focuses on emKelo v City of New Londonem Decision
    Last Aired

    Eminent Domain and Property Rights

    Legal experts testified at a hearing on H.R. 1689, the Private Property Rights Protection Act. The bill would preserve constitutional protections for property owners following a Supreme…

  • emJennings v Rodriguezem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Jennings v. Rodriguez Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Jennings v. Rodriguez, which concerns whether detained immigrants facing deportation can be held for longer than six months without a bail hearing.…

  • Washington Journal Ilya Somin on Eminent Domain
    Last Aired

    Ilya Somin on Eminent Domain

    Ilya Somin talked about The Grasping Hand: “Kelo v. City of New London and the Limits of Eminent Domain.” The book is about the 2005 Supreme Court ruling that allowed the government to…

  • emHorne v Department of Agricultureem Oral Argument Audio
    Last Aired

    Horne v. Agriculture Department Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Horne v. Department of Agriculture, docket number 14-275. The case concerns a federal government program that requires growers to turn over large…

  • Discussion on Fair Disclosure in Criminal Trials
    Last Aired

    Evidence Disclosure in Criminal Cases

    Panelists talked about a just-released National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers report outlining ways the judiciary obstructs fair evidence disclosure in criminal cases. “Fair…

  • Judicial Independence and Politics
    Last Aired

    Judicial Independence and Politics

    Senior judges talked about the challenge of maintaining their independence when judges are increasingly subjected to partisan election campaigns. Speakers included one of the Florida judges…

  • emWagner v FECem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Wagner v. FEC Oral Argument

    The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument in Wagner v. FEC. The case concerns three independent contractors with various federal agencies who argued that the ban…

  • Senator Rand Paul on Barron Judicial Nomination
    Last Aired

    Senator Rand Paul on Barron Judicial Nomination

    Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke on the Senate floor against the nomination of David Barron to be a judge for the First Circuit Court. Senator Paul talked about his concerns with Mr. Barron’s…

  • Social Security Disability Fraud Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Social Security Disability Fraud, Panel 2

    Witnesses testified at a hearing on fraudulent Social Security disability benefits claims. Attorney Eric Conn was accused of hiring doctors to submit false health assessments and colluding…

  • EPA Investigation of John Beale
    Last Aired

    EPA Investigation of John Beale

    Witnesses testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) investigation of John Beale, the former high-ranking official who has plead guilty…

  • Internal Revenue Service Scrutiny of NonProfit Groups Part 1
    Last Aired

    Internal Revenue Service Scrutiny of Non-Profit Groups, Part 1

    Top Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Treasury Department officials testified about practices and culture within the IRS, as well as revelations that the IRS had inappropriately…

  • Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Pharmaceutical Panel
    Last Aired

    Fungal Meningitis Outbreak, Pharmaceutical Panel

    Barry Cadden invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and would not testify at a hearing on the meningitis outbreak earlier in 2012 that was linked to 32 deaths in 19 states, and sickened 440…

  • emThe Constitution and the Campsem
    Last Aired

    The Constitution and the Camps

    Matthew Shimura’s video, The Constitution and the Camps: Due Process and the Japanese-American Internment, was the grand prize winner in C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam documentary contest. He is a…

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