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  • Communication and Challenges to Democracy
    Last Aired

    Communication and Challenges to Democracy

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice moderated a discussion on the evolution of communication and its effect on democracy. She was joined by British historian Niall Ferguson and…

  • Cato Institute 2018 Surveillence Conference Part 3
    Last Aired

    Cato Institute 2018 Surveillence Conference, Part 3

    The Cato Institute held their 2018 Surveillance Conference in Washington, DC. This portion featured a series of presentations and discussions about topics including network-enabled devices…

  • Social Media Politics and War
    Last Aired

    Social Media, Politics and War

    The Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy held a discussion on weaponizing social media in politics and war. Peter Singer and Emerson Brooking discussed their book,…

  • Communicators with Tarleton Gillespie
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Tarleton Gillespie

    Tarleton Gillespie, author of Custodians of the Internet: Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media, talked about his book that explores content…

  • Security Law Conference Ethics
    Last Aired

    Security Law Conference, Ethics

    Attorneys from the Director of National Intelligence’s office, Justice Department, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency participated in an an ethics and social media…

  • Communicators with Scott Galloway
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Scott Galloway

    New York University Professor Scott Galloway talks about his book The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. He discussed what he calls the four most powerful…

  • Reducing Hate Online
    Last Aired

    Reducing Hate Online

    The Center for American Progress hosted a discussion on how hate is promulgated online and how it can be stopped. Panelists discussed a series of recommendations for internet companies to…

  • Cyberbullying Prevention Summit Research Presentation
    Last Aired

    Cyberbullying Prevention Summit, Research Presentation

    Academic scholars presented their latest research findings in teens' response to cyber aggression and tracking negative social media messages. Parts of this event contained language some…

  • Ev Williams at emThe Atlanticem Festival
    Last Aired

    Ev Williams at The Atlantic Festival

    In this portion of The Atlantic Festival, Ev Williams, founder of both Twitter and Medium, talked about the growing and evolving role of social media in American society and about the ways…

  • Social Media and Content Monitoring
    Last Aired

    Social Media and Content Monitoring

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified before the House Energy & Commerce Committee about how his company uses artificial intelligence and humans to manage content on its platform. Members of Congress…

  • Washington Journal Nancy Scola Discusses Foreign Influence on Social Media Platforms
    Last Aired

    Nancy Scola on Foreign Influence on Social Media Platforms

    Nancy Scola talked about Wednesday’s hearings intended to determine how well social media companies were dealing with foreign influence on their platforms.

  • Communicators on Social Media Regulation
    Last Aired

    Communicators on Social Media Regulation

    Berin Szoka, Tech Freedom president, and Harold Feld, Public Knowledge senior vice president, talked about whether social media needs regulation and, if so, what type of regulation. They…

  • Senate Intelligence Committee Holds Hearing on Social Media and Foreign Influence
    Last Aired

    Foreign Influence on Social Media

    The Senate Intelligence Committee held a hearing on the use of social media misinformation campaigns by foreign actors. Members asked witnesses particularly about what they had observed and…

  • Foreign Influence and Social Media
    Last Aired

    Foreign Influence and Social Media

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Senators focused on Russian interference in U.S. elections…

  • Washington Journal Laura Rosenberger  Jamie Fly Discuss Social Media and Foreign Interference
    Last Aired

    Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly on Social Media and Foreign Interference

    Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly discussed efforts to prevent foreign influence on social media platforms. Topics included the September 5, 2018 Senate Intelligence Committee with testimony…

  • Ashley Gold on Social Media Executives Testimony
    Last Aired

    Ashley Gold on Social Media Executives' Testimony

    Ashley Gold spoke by phone about the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that day featuring executives from Twitter, Facebook, and Alphabet Inc.

  • Cyberbullying Prevention Summit Law Enforcement and Education Officials
    Last Aired

    Cyberbullying Prevention Summit, Law Enforcement and Education Officials

    Law enforcement and education officials participated in a series of panel discussions on cyberbullying prevention efforts. Speakers included Acting Assistant Attorney General for Justice…

  • Social Media Congress and Democracy
    Last Aired

    Social Media, Congress and Democracy

    The U.S. Capitol Historical Society hosted an event in which speakers addressed the impact of social media on Congress and the democratic process between members and their constituents. They talked…

  • Resurgent Gathering Texas Google and Freedom Caucus
    Last Aired

    Resurgent Gathering, Texas, Google and Freedom Caucus

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) were among the speakers during this portion of the Resurgent Gathering, a group of conservatives who met in Austin, Texas.…

  • Cyberbulling Prevention Summit Social Media Officials
    Last Aired

    Cyberbulling Prevention Summit, Social Media Officials

    Social media executives from Twitter, Facebook, and Google participated in a panel discussion on cyberbullying prevention. They discussed ways to highlight the voices of young people…

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