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  • Digital Age and Disinformation
    Last Aired

    Digital Age and Disinformation

    Facebook Global Policy Management Head Monika Bickert and other technology experts testified at a hearing on the spread of disinformation on social media and other internet platforms. Facebook recently…

  • Communicators with Adrian Shahbaz
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Adrian Shahbaz

    Freedom House’s Adrian Shahbaz talked about the results of a survey of internet freedom in 65 countries, which was conducted by Mr. Shahbaz’s democracy and human rights organization.…

  • Washington Journal Jennifer Kavanagh Discusses News Source Credibility
    Last Aired

    Jennifer Kavanagh on News Source Credibility

    RAND Corporation senior political scientist Jennifer Kavanagh discussed a new report on where Americans are getting their news and what they consider to be credible sources.

  • Washington Journal Patrick Hedger Discusses Efforts to Regulate Big Tech
    Last Aired

    Patrick Hedger on Efforts to Regulate "Big Tech"

    Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Patrick Hedger discussed efforts to regulate “big tech” companies.

  • Congressional Mailing Standards
    Last Aired

    Congressional Mailing Standards

    The House Modernization Committee held a hearing on congressional mailing rules and heard from experts on how social media and technology will impact the way members of Congress communicate…

  • emKnowItAll Societyem
    Last Aired

    Know-It-All Society

    University of Connecticut philosophy professor Michael Lynch examined how the internet has changed people’s attitudes toward the truth.

  • Communicators with Sinan Aral
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Sinan Aral

    MIT Professor Sinan Aral talked about proposals to measure disinformation on social media in order to safeguard elections and democracy.

  • Google and Reddit Officials Testify on Internet and Consumer Protection
    Last Aired

    Internet and Consumer Protection

    Google and Reddit officials testified before two House Energy and Commerce subcommittees about internet privacy and consumer protection. The hearing focused on Section 230 of the…

  • Disinformation and Technology
    Last Aired

    Disinformation and Technology

    Representative Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) joined policy experts in a discussion on how to combat digital disinformation. This forum was part of a symposium hosted by the Office of the Federal…

  • Facebook CEO Testimony Before House Financial Services Committee
    Last Aired

    Facebook CEO Testimony Before House Financial Services Committee

    Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the House Financial Services Committee on his company’s plan to create a cryptocurrency called Libra and its possible impact on…

  • Washington Journal Charity Wright Discusses Cybersecurity  Campaign 2020
    Last Aired

    Charity Wright on Cybersecurity and Campaign 2020

    Cyber threat intelligence analyst Charity Wright discussed cyber threats and disinformation campaigns targeting the 2020 elections.

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Viewers commented on the question, “Do you trust Facebook?” The previous day, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified for more than five hours before the House Financial Services…

  • Attorney General Barr on Encryption Technology and Law Enforcement
    Last Aired

    Attorney General Barr on Encryption Technology and Law Enforcement

    Attorney General William Barr spoke about social media and technology companies using end-to-end encryption and the threat it poses to the public. “It’s well past time for some in the tech community to…

  • Development Bank of Latin America Conference Day 2 Part 2
    Last Aired

    Development Bank of Latin America Conference, Day 2, Part 2

    The Inter-American Dialogue (IAD) held the 23rd annual Development Bank of Latin America Conference to discuss the most immediate issues and concerns impacting the Americas. In this portion,…

  • Social Media and the First Amendment
    Last Aired

    Social Media and the First Amendment

    Georgetown University hosted a discussion on the intersection of social media and the First Amendment, including whether the amendment bars Congress from regulating digital platforms. A…

  • DOJ Holds Summit on Data Encryptions Impact on Child Exploitation
    Last Aired

    Justice Department Summit on Child Exploitation

    The Department of Justice held a summit with panel discussions on data encryption and its impact on child exploitation. FBI Director Christopher Wray delivered opening remarks and Attorney…

  • Online Platforms and Entrepreneurship
    Last Aired

    Online Platforms and Entrepreneurship

    A House Judiciary subcommittee held a hearing on online platforms and their impact on entrepreneurs in the U.S. In the first panel, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon representatives…

  • Violence and Extremism Online
    Last Aired

    Violence and Extremism Online

    The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee held a hearing on digital platforms' efforts to identify and remove violent and extremist content. Representatives from Google,…

  • emIt Came From Something Awfulem
    Last Aired

    It Came From Something Awful

    Dale Beran talked about his book, It Came from Something Awful: How a Toxic Troll Army Accidentally Memed Donald Trump into Office, in which he profiled the counterculture online hub 4chan.…

  • Policing User Content on Social Media
    Last Aired

    Policing User Content on Social Media

    Policy experts debated what legal responsibility social media companies should have under the 1996 Communications Decency Act regarding the content users post on their platforms. The…

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