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  • Bess and Harry Truman
    Last Aired

    Bess and Harry Truman

    Harry S. Truman Presidential Library archivist Tammy Williams talked about Harry and Bess Truman, and their life together from childhood in Independence, Missouri, to the White House. She…

  • Remembering President James Garfield
    Last Aired

    Remembering President James Garfield

    Matthew Gilmore, who edits a Washington, D.C., history blog, talked about the complicated and controversial building of a memorial to President James Garfield on the U.S. Capitol grounds.…

  • Gerald R Fords Political Career
    Last Aired

    Gerald R. Ford's Political Career

    Scott Kaufman talked about his book, Ambition, Pragmatism, and Party: A Political Biography of Gerald R. Ford. He discussed Mr. Ford’s life before and after his presidency, detailing how his…

  • Woodrow Wilsons Life and Politics
    Last Aired

    Woodrow Wilson's Life and Politics

    Historians Douglas Brinkley, Patricia O’Toole, and Sean Wilentz talked about Woodrow Wilson, including the 28th president’s time at Princeton University, as well as his family, intellectual…

  • President Nixons Drug Abuse Initiatives
    Last Aired

    President Nixon's Drug Abuse Initiatives

    Nixon-era officials revisited the administration’s drug abuse initiatives in the early 1970s. They discussed treatment approaches, law enforcement strategies, and President Nixon’s famous…

  • White House History and Design
    Last Aired

    White House History and Design

    Experts talked about the design history of the White House and what changes, if any, the future may hold. Panelists included architecture professors from the United Kingdom and Ireland as…

  • Decorative Arts and Design in the White House
    Last Aired

    Decorative Arts and Design in the White House

    This program looked at the evolution of decorative arts and design in the White House, and its British roots. Speakers were Rufus Bird, who is the Surveyor of The Queen’s Works of Art for…

  • White House Stonemasons
    Last Aired

    White House Stonemasons

    White House historian William Seale discussed the Scottish stonemasons who helped build the White House and the exterior carvings that are visible to this day. Mr. Seale is the author of A White…

  • President Truman and White House Restoration
    Last Aired

    President Truman and White House Restoration

    Clifton Truman Daniel, President Harry Truman’s eldest grandson, returned to the White House neighborhood to deliver a historical talk about why President Truman found it necessary to move…

  • White House Architect James Hoban
    Last Aired

    White House Architect James Hoban

    Two Dublin architects talked about the Irish-born James Hoban, who worked with George Washington to design the president’s house. They discussed Hoban’s architectural influences and how…

  • 200 Years of British and Irish White House Relations
    Last Aired

    200 Years of British and Irish White House Relations

    This program is the opening session of a day-long symposium focused on the history of British and Irish connections with the White House. The British and Irish ambassadors to the United…

  • First Ladies and Womens History
    Last Aired

    First Ladies and Women's History

    Jill Abraham Hummer talked about her book, First Ladies and American Women: In Politics and at Home. She focused on the historical eras that produced individual first ladies and considered…

  • Dolley Madisons Political Talents
    Last Aired

    Dolley Madison's Political Talents

    This program featured Dolley Madison’s political talents and the working partnership she forged with her husband, James, to create a sense of personal and political excitement during their White House…

  • Richard Nixon and the Democratic Congress
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon and the Democratic Congress

    Veterans of Richard Nixon’s White House gathered to talk about the president’s relationship with Congress. As he began his first term in 1969 he faced the opposition party in control of…

  • George Washingtons Faith
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Faith

    Historian Peter Lillback talked about his book, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. He argued that while many historians consider Washington to be a deist or only a nominal Christian, he was,…

  • Betty Ford Centennial
    Last Aired

    Betty Ford Centennial

    Former First Lady Betty Ford is remembered on the centennial of her birth. Hillary Clinton joined Lynda Johnson Robb, the daughter of President Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson, to talk about Mrs.…

  • Mary Ball Washington and Jane Spurgin
    Last Aired

    Mary Ball Washington and Jane Spurgin

    George Washington’s Mount Vernon hosted the annual Martha Washington Lecture, which highlights new thinking about her life and times. This year, the focus was on two 18th century women. Amherst College…

  • John F Kennedys Legacy
    Last Aired

    John F. Kennedy's Legacy

    The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation marked the centennial of the 35th president’s birth with a discussion of his life, work and legacy.

  • Truman and Pendergast Political Machine
    Last Aired

    Truman and Pendergast Political Machine

    Historian Jon Taylor discussed the political alliance between Harry Truman and Kansas City political kingpin Tom Pendergast in the early 1930s. Pendergast became a significant figure…

  • African Americans Remember Lincoln
    Last Aired

    African Americans Remember Lincoln

    Historian Kate Masur discussed They Knew Lincoln, a book written by John Washington and first published in 1942. It tells the stories of African Americans who knew and worked for President…

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