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  • George Washington and Architectural Trends
    Last Aired

    George Washington and Architectural Trends

    Thomas Reinhart talked about the architectural trends that influenced the design of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. Mr. Reinhart is director of architecture at Washington’s…

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln

    The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia hosted three authors who discussed various aspects of Abraham Lincoln’s life and career. Featured were David Kent, Elizabeth Smith Brownstein,…

  • George Washingtons Cambridge Headquarters
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Cambridge Headquarters

    Revolutionary War historian J.L. Bell described George Washington’s first months as Continental Army commander-in-chief. Washington arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in July 1775 and made the…

  • Presidential War Powers
    Last Aired

    Presidential War Powers

    Professors Philip Bobbitt and Matthew Waxman talked about presidential war powers and how they’ve evolved over time.

  • George Washington in Barbados
    Last Aired

    George Washington in Barbados

    Karl Watson, on the board of directors for the George Washington House in Barbados, spoke about George Washington’s diary from a trip to Barbados in 1751, which gives a detailed account of his…

  • George Washingtons Beds
    Last Aired

    George Washington's Beds

    Textile historian Natalie Larson described how various beds owned by George Washington, at his Mount Vernon home or on the battlefieldm reflected his social standing and wealth. In the 18th…

  • Andrew Jackson and the Bank War
    Last Aired

    Andrew Jackson and the Bank War

    Historian Daniel Feller revisited Andrew Jackson’s bank war of the 1830s, a political struggle to challenge and even cripple the powerful Bank of the United States, the young country’s only…

  • Washington and the Fight for Philadelphia
    Last Aired

    Washington and the Fight for Philadelphia

    Richard Brookhiser addressed the question before George Washington in 1777: Could the British subdue the American rebels by capturing their capital, Philadelphia? It was Washington’s…

  • Dwight D Eisenhower and the West
    Last Aired

    Dwight D. Eisenhower and the West

    Timothy Rives explained how Dwight D. Eisenhower’s western upbringing influenced his personal code of behavior and his actions as a military and political leader. The 34th president was…

  • JFKs Legacy on Centennial of His Birth
    Last Aired

    JFK's Legacy on Centennial of His Birth

    Edward Widmer and Fredrik Logevall reflected on President Kennedy’s legacy as the nation marked the centennial of his 1917 birth. John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Executive Director…

  • Alexandra Zapruder Discusses JFK Assassination
    Last Aired

    Abraham Zapruder and JFK Assassination

    Alexandra Zapruder talked about her book, Twenty-Six Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder Film. Abraham Zapruder filmed President Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade and assassination in 1963…

  • Joe Wiegand Portrays Theodore Roosevelt
    Last Aired

    Theodore Roosevelt's Life and Times

    Joe Wiegand portrayed Theodore Roosevelt in an appearance before the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia. He recounted the 26th president’s life and times, including his unexpected…

  • White House Stonemasons
    Last Aired

    White House Stonemasons

    William Seale talked about the stonemasons who built the mansion’s 18th century outer walls and who were the craftsmen behind its decorative stone carvings. The stonemasons included Scottish…

  • Herbert Hoover and Woodrow Wilson
    Last Aired

    Herbert Hoover and Woodrow Wilson

    Ross Kennedy talked about Herbert Hoover’s relationship with Woodrow Wilson and his role in the Wilson administration until their falling out in 1920. Mr. Kennedy is an Illinois State University…

  • Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower
    Last Aired

    Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower

    Timothy Walch talked about the uneasy relationship between Herbert Hoover and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Mr. Walch is a former director of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum. This event was…

  • Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman
    Last Aired

    Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman

    Professor Lisa Ossian used photographs and diary entries to describe the enduring friendship between Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Harry Truman. This event was part of the Herbert Hoover…

  • Herbert Hoover and Calvin Coolidge
    Last Aired

    Herbert Hoover and Calvin Coolidge

    Herbert Hoover scholar George Nash talked about the defining relationship between the 31st president and his Oval Office predecessor, Calvin Coolidge. This event was part of the Herbert Hoover Presidential…

  • Nixons Cold War Detente Strategy
    Last Aired

    Nixon's Cold War Detente Strategy

    Former National Security Council member Sven Kraemer talked about President Richard Nixon’s Cold War détente strategy. Mr. Kraemer is the author of Inside the Cold War From Marx to Reagan:…

  • President Johnson on the Vietnam War
    Last Aired

    President Johnson on the Vietnam War

    President Lyndon B. Johnson explained and defended his Vietnam War policies in a November 17, 1967, White House press conference in the East Room, which was carried live by radio and…

  • Eleanor Roosevelts Relationship With Her Father
    Last Aired

    Eleanor Roosevelt's Relationship With Her Father

    Eric Burns talked about his book, Someone to Watch Over Me: A Portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt and the Tortured Father Who Shaped Her Life. The future first lady’s father was Elliott, Theodore…

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