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  • North Korea Nuclear Program
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    North Korea Nuclear Program

    The Center for the National Interest hosted a panel discussion on U.S. policy toward North Korea. Speakers included Joseph DeTrani, the former U.S. envoy to the six-party talks with North…

  • Washington Journal John Yoo Discusses the Threat Posed by North Koreas Nuclear Weapons Program
    Last Aired

    John Yoo on North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program

    John Yoo talked about the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Mr. Yoo is co-author of Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules for War.

  • emLosing the Enemyem
    Last Aired

    Losing the Enemy

    Trita Parsi talked about her book Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy, in which she looks at the 2015 agreement between the U.S. and Iran. Mr. Parsi served as an…

  • Nikki Haley More Sanctions Wont Necessarily Work Against North Korea
    Last Aired

    Ambassador Nikki Haley on U.S. Policy Toward Iran

    U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley talked about Iran’s nuclear program and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Ambassador Haley called the deal “flawed and limited” and warned that Iran could…

  • UN Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting on North Korea
    Last Aired

    U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea

    The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting on North Korea’s most recent nuclear test. North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb over the previous…

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer calls and social media comments on options for U.S. response to North Korea’s latest nuclear test.

  • Defense Secretary Mattis Makes Statement on North Koreas Latest Nuclear Test
    Last Aired

    Defense Secretary Mattis on North Korea Nuclear Test

    Defense Secretary Mattis made a brief statement to reporters regarding North Korea’s latest nuclear test. He warned of a “massive military response” to any major threat to the U.S. or its…

  • Irans Nuclear Program
    Last Aired

    Iran's Nuclear Program

    The Heritage Foundation hosted a discussion on Iran’s nuclear program and their influence in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Panelists expressed concerns over the Iran nuclear deal and that nation’s…

  • US Policy on North Korea
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy on North Korea

    George Washington University hosted a panel discussion on U.S. policy toward North Korea and its recent nuclear threats. Speakers included several George Washington international affairs…

  • North Korea Claims Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test
    Last Aired

    Jonathan Cheng on North Korea Hydrogen Bomb Test

    Jonathan Cheng, speaking by phone, talking about North Korea’s claim of a successful hydrogen bomb test.

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer calls and social media comments on the question, “How should the U.S. respond to North Korea?” Jonathan Cheng, Wall Street Journal Seoul bureau chief, spoke…

  • UN Security Council Condemns Latest North Korea Missile Launch
    Last Aired

    U.N. Security Council Condemnation of North Korean Missile Launch

    The U.N. Security Council met to issue an official condemnation of North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that crossed over Japanese territory. The council’s president delivered the…

  • Policy Experts Discuss the North Korean Nuclear Threat
    Last Aired

    North Korean Nuclear Threats

    Former government officials and policy experts talked about the current status of North Korea’s ambitions to become a nuclear power and where the world stands, including the U.S., on trying…

  • Washington Journal Michael Dobbs Discusses the Cuban Missile Crisis
    Last Aired

    Michael Dobbs on One Minute to Midnight

    Michael Dobbs, author of One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Krushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War, talked about the historical parallels between the nuclear standoff with North…

  • Washington Journal Daryl Kimball Discusses North Koreas Nuclear Capability
    Last Aired

    Daryl Kimball on North Korea's Nuclear Capability

    Daryl Kimball talked about the recent advances in North Korea’s nuclear capability.

  • Washington Journal John Delury and Patrick Cronin Discuss Tensions with North Korea
    Last Aired

    John Delury and Patrick Cronin on Tensions with North Korea

    John Delury and Patrick Cronin talked about response to North Korea’s nuclear threat from other countries in the region.

  • North Koreas Threat Against Guam
    Last Aired

    North Korea's Threat Against Guam

    Dana Williams, speaking by phone from Guam, talked about the mood in that territory following North Korea’s announcement earlier in the week that it was preparing plans to fire four…

  • emMilitary Effects Studies of Operation Castleem
    Last Aired

    Military Effects Studies of Operation Castle

    This film is a report detailing the aftermath of six powerful nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands. The film shows the effects of radiation on civilians and American military personnel.…

  • emOperation Castleem
    Last Aired

    Operation Castle

    This U.S. Air Force film documents a series of six nuclear tests at the Atomic Energy Commission’s Pacific Proving Grounds in 1954. One of the tests was 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb…

  • Washington Journal Aaron Mehta Discusses US Nuclear Capabilities
    Last Aired

    Aaron Mehta on U.S. Nuclear Capabilities

    Aaron Mehta talked about the nuclear capabilities of the U.S. and the cost of modernizing the current system.

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