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  • Washington Journal Adam Harris Discusses the FreeCollege Movement
    Last Aired

    Adam Harris on the Free-College Movement

    Adam Harris of The Atlantic discussed his recent article on the state of the free-college movement. This program is part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting recent magazine…

  • Washington Journal Liza Mundy Discusses the History of Code Breakers During World War II the Cold War
    Last Aired

    Liza Mundy on History of Code Breakers During World War II and Cold War

    Liza Mundy discussed her Smithsonian article looking at the women code breakers and their impact on World War II and the Cold War. This program is part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting…

  • Washington Journal R Shep Melnick Discusses the Evolution of Title IX
    Last Aired

    R. Shep Melnick on the Evolution of Title IX

    R. Shep Melnick talked about his recent National Affairs piece, “The Strange Evolution of Title IX,” on the evolution of the 1972 federal civil rights law that banned exclusion on the basis of sex…

  • Washington Journal Lara Sorokanich Discusses School Safety
    Last Aired

    Lara Sorokanich on School Safety

    Popular Mechanics' Lara Sorokanich discussed her article, “Guide to Safer Schools” which looks at measures schools can take to help keep students safe in the upcoming year. This program is part of a…

  • Washington Journal Yuval Levin Discusses the Failure of Congress
    Last Aired

    Yuval Levin on the Weakness of Congress

    Commentary Magazine Contributor Yuval Levin discussed his article, "Congress Is Weak Because Its Members Want It to Be Weak", which is about the failure of Congress in 2018, and Mr. Levin argued the cause of its…

  • Washington Journal Maryn McKenna Discusses Efforts to Control Fungal Superbugs
    Last Aired

    Maryn McKenna on Efforts to Control Fungal Superbugs

    Maryn McKenna talked about her Wired article, “The Strange and Curious Case of the Deadly Superbug Yeast,” on the emergence of a “superbug” fungus, Candida auris, and how experts were working to combat the…

  • Washington Journal Bob Roper Discusses Wildfire Season
    Last Aired

    Bob Roper on Wildfire Season

    Wildfire Magazine writer and former firefighter Bob Roper discussed the recent wildfires in the western United States. This program is part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting…

  • Washington Journal Ben Austen Discusses Community Policing Strategies
    Last Aired

    Ben Austen on Community Policing Strategies

    Ben Austen, a contributor for The New Republic, discussed his recent piece, "Good Cops: How to Reinvent Policing in America, on innovative approaches to community policing. This program is part of a…

  • Washington Journal Robert VerBruggen Discusses the Need to Redefine Disability
    Last Aired

    Robert VerBruggen on Redefining Disability

    Robert VerBruggen talked about his recent National Review article, “Redefining Disability,” on the need to redefine the disability program. This program is part of a “Washington Journal”…

  • Washington Journal Angie Schmitt Discusses the Future of Driverless Cars
    Last Aired

    Angie Schmitt on Driverless Cars

    Angie Schmitt talked about her In These Times article on driverless cars and the ways they will affect society. This program is part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting recent…

  • Washington Journal Andrew Soergel Discusses the Construction Industry Future
    Last Aired

    Andrew Soergel on the Construction Industry

    U.S. News and World Report’s Andrew Soergel discussed the future of the U.S. construction industry and how it is being impacted by a worker shortage. This program is part of a “Washington…

  • Washington Journal Ed Yong Discusses US Preparedness for a Plague
    Last Aired

    Ed Yong on U.S. Preparedness for a Plague

    Ed Yong, a science writer for The Atlantic, discussed whether the U.S. is ready for the next plague. This program is part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting recent magazine…

  • Washington Journal Marvin Olasky Discusses the Fiscal State of Puerto Rico
    Last Aired

    Marvin Olasky on the Fiscal State of Puerto Rico

    Marvin Olasky talked about his WORLD Magazine article, "Island in Crisis, on Puerto Rico and the potential for a bailout of the unincorporated territory of the U.S. According to Mr. Olasky’s article, Puerto…

  • Washington Journal Ted Johnson Discusses the ATTTime Warner Merger
    Last Aired

    Ted Johnson on the AT&T-Time Warner Merger

    Ted Johnson talked about his Variety Magazine article, “A Look at the Various Ways the AT&T-Time Warner Ruling Could Turn Out,” on the upcoming court decision on the AT&T-Time Warner merger, expected to be…

  • Washington Journal Tom Chiarella Discusses Carrier One Year Later
    Last Aired

    Tom Chiarella on Carrier One Year Later

    Tom Chiarella talked about his Popular Mechanics article, “The Last Shift: What Really Happened To Those Carrier Jobs Trump Saved.” For the piece Mr. Chiarella investigated how the Carrier plant in Indianapolis…

  • Washington Journal Michael Massing Discusses Media Coverage of America
    Last Aired

    Michael Massing on the Decline of Local News Coverage

    Michael Massing talked about his article in The American Prospect, "How Not to Cover America, on the decline of local news coverage and national news organizations' efforts to fill the void. This…

  • Washington Journal Ethan Epstein Discusses the Rise of Homelessness in Seattle
    Last Aired

    Ethan Epstein on Homelessness in Seattle

    Ethan Epstein discussed his Weekly Standard cover story, “Homeless in Seattle,” on the rise of the homeless population in Seattle and how the city was responding. This program is part of a…

  • Washington Journal Reshma Kapadia Discusses Curbing the Cost of Caregiving
    Last Aired

    Reshma Kapadia on Curbing the Cost of Caregiving

    Barron’s senior editor Reshma Kapadia discussed her recent piece on how to curb the cost of caregiving. This program was part of a “Washington Journal” series highlighting recent magazine…

  • Washington Journal Reverend Kelly Brown Douglas Discusses Evangelicalism  Race
    Last Aired

    Reverend Kelly Brown Douglas on Evangelicalism and Race

    Kelly Brown Douglas talked about her recent Sojourners Magazine article, “How Evangelicals Became White,” on the evolution of evangelicalism and white evangelical support of President Trump. This program was…

  • Washington Journal Robert Atkinson Discusses the Role of Big Business
    Last Aired

    Robert Atkinson on the Role of Big Business

    Robert Atkinson talked about his recent article in The Atlantic, "Is Big Business Really That Bad?", on whether big business is really a bad thing. This program was part of a “Washington…

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