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  • emThe Armys Firstem
    Last Aired

    The Army's First

    This U.S. Army “Big Picture” episode is a history of the First Army from World War I to 1960. The First Army was formed by General John Pershing in the summer of 1918, just prior to…

  • emSoldier in Hawaiiem
    Last Aired

    Soldier in Hawaii

    This U.S. Army “Big Picture” episode profiles the 50th state when it was still a territory, and looks at soldier life for the Army and National Guard, and work and leisure activity of…

  • Longines Chronoscope with Delegate Joseph Farrington
    Last Aired

    Longines Chronoscope with Delegate Joseph Farrington

    Journalist William Bradford Huie and diplomat James H.R. Cromwell talk with Congressional Delegate Joseph Farrington (R-HI) about Hawaiian statehood, industries, organized labor, race…

  • emThe Hawaiian Islandsem
    Last Aired

    The Hawaiian Islands

    This Ford Motor Company silent educational film shows scenes of businesses and tourist destinations, banana, sugarcane, and pineapple plantations and processing, fishing, beaches, and…

  • emThe Lost Battalionem
    Last Aired

    The Lost Battalion

    A historian and a film scholar provided commentary for a 1919 silent film about a World War I battle in France during the Meuse-Argonne offensive. The “Lost Battalion” was an Army unit of about…

  • emFramework for Peaceem
    Last Aired

    Framework for Peace

    This U.S. Information Agency video reports on the Camp David Accords signed by President Jimmy Carter, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. It includes their…

  • emThe Inheritanceem
    Last Aired

    The Inheritance

    The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, founded in 1914, produced this documentary to mark its 50th anniversary. The film is a history of the U.S. labor movement between 1900 and 1964,…

  • emWar Comes to Americaem
    Last Aired

    War Comes to America

    This 1945 Office of War Information film examines world events leading to the U.S. entry into World War II. Why We Fight is a series of seven films developed by director Frank Capra to…

  • emWhy We Fight The Battle of Britainem
    Last Aired

    Why We Fight, The Battle of Britain

    The fourth of seven films in the World War II “Why We Fight” series, this U.S. War Department film was seen by service members before they were deployed overseas. It details the fight in the skies over…

  • emDivide and Conquerem
    Last Aired

    Divide and Conquer

    The third of seven films in the Why We Fight series details military aggression by Germany after the September 1, 1939, invasion of Poland. Using animated maps created at Disney studios, newsreels,…

  • emWhy We Fight Prelude to Warem
    Last Aired

    Why We Fight, Prelude to War

    This is the first of seven films in the “Why We Fight” series, covering the outbreak of World War II to the attack on Pearl Harbor. The documentary explores the rise of authoritarianism in Germany, Italy, and…

  • emThe Pershing Storyem
    Last Aired

    The Pershing Story

    This film from the U.S. Army’s Big Picture series details the life of Gen. John “Black Jack” Pershing from his birth in 1860 to his death in 1948. Much of the film describes General…

  • emAn Equal Chanceem
    Last Aired

    An Equal Chance

    This 1949 New York State Commission Against Discrimination film details the state’s anti-discrimination law and argues that talented and productive citizens are being held back by…

  • emSteel Mans Servantem
    Last Aired

    Steel, Man's Servant

    This U.S. Steel Corporation film details steel production, from work in the mines and mills in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania to consumer products. According to the…

  • emFreedom of the American Roadem
    Last Aired

    Freedom of the American Road

    Henry Ford II introduces this film designed to encourage private citizens and communities to support road improvements and safety. Part of the lobbying campaign that culminated in legislation…

  • emGive Yourself the Green Lightem
    Last Aired

    Give Yourself the Green Light

    This 1954 General Motors film encourages citizens to support programs to improve roads and highways. The film begins by depicting traffic jams, unsafe roads, and city congestion, then…

  • emThe American Roadem
    Last Aired

    The American Road

    This 1953 film provides a history of road transportation in the United States featuring the early history of the Ford Motor Company. The documentary details Henry Ford’s first car, the 1896…

  • emThe Road to the Wallem
    Last Aired

    The Road to the Wall

    Narrated by actor James Cagney, this 1962 U.S. Army film presented a critical history of Soviet communism beginning with a 1905 failed revolution up to the construction of the Berlin Wall.…

  • emNATO Background to Berlinem
    Last Aired

    NATO, Background to Berlin

    This 1962 film documents the city of Berlin from the end of World War II to the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. Produced by the NATO Information Service, the film details the Soviet…

  • emNuclear Attack Preparedness Procedures Survive to Fightem
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Attack Preparedness Procedures, Survive to Fight

    This 1968 U.S. Air Force training film dramatizes activities at a military base following a nuclear attack. This Cold War film outlines procedures for assessing damage, stabilizing and…

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