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  • President Johnson Address on Civil Disorder and Kerner Commission
    Last Aired

    President Johnson Address on Civil Disorder and Kerner Commission

    President Johnson addressed the problem of civil disturbances in many cities accros the United States and announced the creation of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, or…

  • 1967 Detroit Riots WXYZTV Documentary
    Last Aired

    1967 Detroit Riots WXYZ-TV Documentary

    This film was recorded during the July 23-27, 1967, civil disorder in Detroit, Michigan, and was compiled into a documentary by WXYZ TV-7, an ABC affiliate. The footage includes scenes of…

  • President Johnson Address on Civil Disorder
    Last Aired

    President Johnson Address on Civil Disorder

    President Lyndon B. Johnson addressed the nation regarding civil disorder in Detroit and his decision to dispatch federal troops to the city.

  • IranContra Investigation Day 28 Part 1
    Last Aired

    Iran-Contra Investigation Day 28 Part 1

    Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North was questioned further by committee members, including Representative Boland on the Boland amendment. The committee chairs then directed summary statements to Lieutenant…

  • IranContra Investigation Day 27
    Last Aired

    Iran-Contra Investigation Day 27

    Questioning of Oliver North continued, with many members of the committee making statements concerning patriotism, democracy, and the lessons of the Iran-Contra affair.

  • IranContra Investigation Day 25
    Last Aired

    Iran-Contra Investigation Day 25

    North reads his opening statement, which he had not been able to read on his first day of testimony because the statement had not been made available to the committee 48 hours in advance. North…

  • IranContra Investigation Day 23
    Last Aired

    Iran-Contra Investigation Day 23

    Oliver North was sworn in by Senator Inouye. Oliver North testified that he had authority and approval from his superiors for all his activities. North maintained that he assumed…

  • emOur Heritageem
    Last Aired

    Our Heritage

    Our Heritage is a 1966 episode from the U.S. Army’s “Big Picture” series marking the July 4th holiday by telling the story of the Declaration of Independence. Hosted by Emmy and Peabody…

  • emThe President June 1967em
    Last Aired

    The President, June 1967

    This U.S. Naval Photographic Center film reports on the activities of President Lyndon Johnson through the month of June 1967. Events included the Six-Day War in the Middle East, nomination…

  • emOn the Firing Line with the Germansem
    Last Aired

    On the Firing Line with the Germans

    Two World War I film scholars and two Library of Congress preservationists described how this film was rediscovered and restored by the Library of Congress. The entire film was then shown…

  • Reel America emHome Front 19171919em
    Last Aired

    Home Front 1917-1919

    Home Front 1917-1919: War Transforms American Life is an educational film, narrated by actor Robert Ryan, that shows how World War I brought about industrial growth, increased government…

  • emThe Ordeal of Woodrow Wilsonem
    Last Aired

    The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson

    Hosted by former President Herbert Hoover, this film details Woodrow Wilson’s efforts to influence the Versailles Peace Treaty following World War I, and his failed push to win Senate approval of U.S.…

  • emNurses in the Armyem
    Last Aired

    Nurses in the Army

    Nurses in the Army is a half-hour look at the work of nurses during peacetime in the mid-1950s. “The Big Picture” was a weekly U.S. Army television series between 1950 and 1975, sometimes…

  • Reel America emThe Palestinian People Do Have Rightsem 1979
    Last Aired

    The Palestinian People Do Have Rights

    This 1979 United Nations film provides an Arab perspective on Palestine. The documentary traces events from 1947 to 1978 with archival film, visits to refugee camps, and interviews with…

  • emNATOem
    Last Aired


    NATO: The Changed Face of Europe is a U.S. Army “Big Picture” episode that documents the devastation of post-WWII Europe and traces the history of the Marshall Plan and the creation of…

  • President Reagans Visit to West Berlin
    Last Aired

    President Reagan's Visit to West Berlin

    American Forces Network (AFN-TV) presented coverage of President Reagan’s 1987 trip to West Berlin to mark the 750th birthday of the city. The broadcast begins by summarizing the Post-World War II…

  • emMen of Bronzeem
    Last Aired

    Men of Bronze

    Men of Bronze: The Black American Heroes of World War I is the story of African American World War I soldiers of the 15th Infantry from New York, known as the “Harlem Hellfighters,” as told…

  • Reel America emAppointment in Tokyoem September 2 1945
    Last Aired

    Appointment in Tokyo

    This 1945 U.S. Army Signal Corps film documents the course of World War II in the Pacific theater, from the Japanese invasion of the Philippines through the surrender ceremony on board the…

  • Ronald Reagan and Robert F Kennedy Discuss the Vietnam War 1967
    Last Aired

    Town Meeting of the World

    Senator Robert Kennedy (D-NY) and Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA) respond to questions via satellite from a group of international students in London at the BBC. The topic is “The Image of America…

  • Interview with Paul Kengor Part 1
    Last Aired

    Interview with Paul Kengor, Part 1

    Professor Paul Kengor, author of the National Review article “The Great Forgotten Debate,” previews the May 15, 1967 CBS program “Town Meeting of the World.” The CBS program included Governor Ronald…

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