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  • emEarly Settlers of New England Salem 16261629em
    Last Aired

    Early Settlers of New England, Salem 1626-1629

    This 1940 classroom film depicts the basics of colonial life, from household cooking and crafts, to farming, fishing, game hunting, and home construction methods.

  • emPlymouth Colony The First Yearem
    Last Aired

    Plymouth Colony: The First Year

    This Coronet educational film dramatizes the Pilgrims' journey from England to Holland, and to New England in 1620, and ends with a depiction of the first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. Much of the…

  • emThe Pilgrimsem
    Last Aired

    The Pilgrims

    This classroom film dramatizes the Pilgrim’s flight from religious persecution in England to the Netherlands, then 12 years later their ocean voyage on the Mayflower, and the founding of…

  • emWelcome Homeem
    Last Aired

    Welcome Home

    Anticipating the return home of millions of service men and women after World War II, this film surveys the challenges they faced during years of war, their creative methods of coping, the…

  • emWonderful Worldem
    Last Aired

    Wonderful World

    This film funded by Coca-Cola takes a journey around the world celebrating cultures and tourist sites on six continents while also suggesting that people everywhere drink coke. This film from the…

  • emDiscover Americaem
    Last Aired

    Discover America

    This United Airlines film narrated by actor Burgess Meredith takes a bird’s eye journey across the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific. “Discover America” was also the name of a…

  • emThe Beginning at Plymouth Colonyem
    Last Aired

    The Beginning at Plymouth Colony

    This Cold War classroom lecture film argues that the Pilgrims' early collectivist economic system failed, leading to a more successful capitalist system based on individual responsibility…

  • emZip Code with the Swingin Sixem
    Last Aired

    Zip Code with the Swingin' Six

    The 1960s folk band “The Swingin' Six” stars in a U.S. Postal Service public service announcement explaining the zip code system, which was first introduced in 1963. ZIP is an acronym for…

  • emRoots of Happinessem
    Last Aired

    Roots of Happiness

    This film by the Puerto Rico Health Department contrasts a happy family where the father respects and loves his wife and children with a struggling and unhappy family where hostility and neglect reign…

  • emThe Inside Storyem
    Last Aired

    The Inside Story

    This U.S. Coast Guard training film dramatizes the most common emotional problems a new recruit might experience when first entering military service. The Paramount Pictures World War II…

  • emWe the Mentally Illem
    Last Aired

    We, the Mentally Ill...

    Hosted by a self-identified mental patient, this “March of Medicine” television broadcast begins with a play about 19th century mental health reformer Dorothea Dix, staged by patients from…

  • emNurembergem
    Last Aired


    This 1948 U.S. Army documentary of the Nuremberg trials was first screened in Germany in November, 1948 and was not released in the U.S. until a restored version was completed by a team in 2016. Using…

  • emSummer Review 1955em
    Last Aired

    Summer Review 1955

    This newsreel contains the following stories: Geneva Summit of 1955; continued civil war in Saigon; Allied occupation ends in West Germany; Big Four nations end occupation in Austria; national air raid…

  • emMovies at Warem
    Last Aired

    Movies at War

    This “Film Bulletin” produced by the U.S. Army Signal Corps shows how training, informational, and Hollywood films were distributed by ship, airplane, train, truck, and sometimes camel to…

  • emThe Army in Taiwanem
    Last Aired

    The Army in Taiwan

    This Cold War-era film from the U.S. Army’s “Big Picture” series focuses on the efforts of U.S. military advisers to arm, train, and help Taiwan prepare for a potential attack by Communist…

  • emThe Army Nurseem
    Last Aired

    The Army Nurse

    According to this 1945 War Department film, 57,000 women served as Army nurses during World War II. Produced by the Army Signal Corps for the Treasury Department, this short film was…

  • emAfrican Americans in World War II  A Legacy of Patriotism and Valorem
    Last Aired

    African Americans in World War II - A Legacy of Patriotism and Valor

    This Defense Department documentary uses archival film and interviews with veterans to pay what the film argues is an overdue tribute to the contributions of African Americans during World…

  • August 1945 Universal Newsreel
    Last Aired

    August 1945 Universal Newsreel

    This 1945 Universal Newsreel includes stories about the Potsdam Declaration of Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and President Harry Truman, the science behind the atom bomb, and Truman’s…

  • emArmy in Action  The Cobra Strikesem
    Last Aired

    Army in Action - The Cobra Strikes

    The final episode in a ten-part U.S. Army history series tells the story of the 1950 to 1953 Korean War, when the U.S. military joined other countries to fight communist forces under the…

  • Reel America emSeeds of Destinyem 1946
    Last Aired

    Seeds of Destiny

    This 1946 Academy Award-winning short U.S. Army film depicts the crisis of millions of refugees and orphans at the end of World War II. Showing many graphic scenes of traumatized, hungry,…

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