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  • The Weekly With Blake Hounshell
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    The Weekly With Blake Hounshell

    Audio Stream Only

    Blake Hounshell talked about the activities in the Arctic Circle and the effects on the rest of the world. This program is available as a C-SPAN Podcast.

  • Discussion on International Arctic Cooperation
    Last Aired

    International Arctic Cooperation

    The vice commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Charles Michel, talked about the future of geopolitics in the Arctic Ocean. He addressed potential areas of international cooperation, as well…

  • President Obama Remarks in Kotzebue Alaska
    Last Aired

    President Obama on Climate Change in Alaska

    President Obama spoke about the impact on Alaska of climate change. He made the speech at the high school in Kotzebue, a western Alaska town of about 4,000 people. His trip to Kotzebue made…

  • President Obama Shore Tour in Kotzebue Alaska
    Last Aired

    President Obama Shore Tour in Kotzebue, Alaska

    President Obama was seen taking a tour of the shoreline of Kotzebue, Alaska. This trip to Kotzebue made President Obama the first sitting president to go north of the Arctic Circle. Derek Martin showed the…

  • President Obama Remarks on Climate Change
    Last Aired

    President Obama on Climate Change

    President Obama delivered remarks on climate change, calling it a problem that was happening here and now, and appealed to the Arctic nations to come together to combat its impact before the harm…

  • Washington Journal Ben Geman on President Obamas Trip to Alaska
    Last Aired

    President Obama's Alaska Trip and Environmental Policy

    Ben Geman reported by telephone about President Obama’s upcoming trip to Alaska, focusing on climate change, where he would address the Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic:…

  • Discussion on Arctic Operations
    Last Aired

    Arctic Policy

    Robert Papp delivered keynote remarks on U.S. operations in the Arctic and relations with other countries who have a presence in the region. He responded to questions from members of the audience. On April…

  • Washington Journal Amy Harder on New Drilling in the Arctic
    Last Aired

    U.S. Approval of New Drilling in the Arctic

    Amy Harder talked about the Obama administration’s decision to allow Shell to start exploratory drilling for oil and gas off the Alaskan coast this summer. A video clip was shown of…