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  • President Trump and National Security
    Last Aired

    President Trump and National Security

    Panelists talked about national security and foreign policy during President Trump’s first year. Panelists included a former CIA undercover agent, two members of the House Intelligence…

  • Washington Journal Tony Mecia Discusses Lobbying During the Trump Administration
    Last Aired

    Tony Mecia on Lobbying During the Trump Administration

    Tony Mecia talked about the increase in lobbyist spending by companies and trade associations during the Trump Administration.

  • TaNehisi Coates Discusses emWe Were Eight Years in Powerem
    Last Aired

    We Were Eight Years in Power

    Ta-Nehisi Coates talked about his book We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy, in which he examines race, the Obama presidency, and the election of Donald Trump through a…

  • EJ Dionne and Newt Gingrich Debate Future of American Democracy
    Last Aired

    Munk Debate on President Trump and American Democracy

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) and Kimberly Strassel debated E.J. Dionne and Andrew Sullivan at the bi-annual Munk Debates in Toronto. The topic of the debate was the Trump…

  • Countering Trump Administration Policies
    Last Aired

    Countering Trump Administration Policies

    Democratic legislators from around the country participated in the annual State Innovation Exchange conferenc. This portion included opening remarks from the organization’s executive…

  • President Trump and the Resistance
    Last Aired

    President Trump and the Resistance

    Colorado’s first Latina House speaker and the president of Planned Parenthood joined a panel of progressive activists to talk about the resistance to the Trump administration’s policies.…

  • Weekly Presidential Address
    Last Aired

    Weekly Presidential Address

    In his weekly address, the president talked about honoring the American flag.

  • emAngry White Maleem
    Last Aired

    Angry White Male

    Wayne Allyn Root talked about his book, Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America-and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class. He was interviewed at…

  • President Trump and Mexico
    Last Aired

    President Trump and Mexico

    Officials from Texas and Mexico examined U.S.-Mexico relations during the Trump presidency. Speakers included Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX), former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Antonio…

  • Washington Journal Bill Kristol Discusses President Trumps Relationship with the GOP
    Last Aired

    Bill Kristol on President Trump and the Republican Party

    William Kristol talked about President Trump’s relationship with the Republican Party.

  • President Trump and Congress
    Last Aired

    President Trump and Congress

    Representatives Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Michael Burgess (R-TX) talked about changes in Congress during the first year of the Trump administration. Topics included health care, border…

  • emAmerica in the Age of Trumpem
    Last Aired

    America in the Age of Trump

    Doug Schoen talked about his book America in the Age of Trump: Opportunities and Oppositions in an Unsettled World, in which he gives his assessment of the Trump presidency.

  • President Pushes Back Against NBC Report He Sought Nuclear Arsenal Increase
    Last Aired

    President Trump Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

    President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau spoke briefly to reporters in the Oval Office on U.S.-Canada relations and NAFTA negotiations. President Trump said the news reports citing that he called for a…

  • emHow Trump Wonem
    Last Aired

    How Trump Won

    Joel Pollak talked about his book, How Trump Won. He was interviewed at FreedomFest, one of the largest libertarian conferences in the country.

  • Historians and Journalists Discuss the Trump Presidency
    Last Aired

    Donald Trump and the Presidency

    Historians and journalists compared President Trump’s first year in office to his predecessors and talked about the future of the presidency. The discussion took place at the annual Texas…

  • Washington Ideas Forum Journalists Panel
    Last Aired

    Washington Ideas Forum Journalists' Panel

    White House correspondents discussed the 2016 presidential campaign and the state of the Trump presidency. Speakers included NBC News Correspondent Katy Tur, author of Unbelievable: My…

  • Washington Journal Bill Press Discusses the Progressive Agenda and the Trump Presidency
    Last Aired

    Bill Press on the Progressive Agenda and the Trump Presidency

    Syndicated radio talk show host Bill Press talked about the progressive agenda and the Trump presidency.

  • Washington Journal Larry OConnor Discusses the Conservative Agenda and the Trump Presidency
    Last Aired

    Larry O'Connor on the Conservative Agenda and the Trump Presidency

    Radio talk show host Larry O’Connor talked about the conservative agenda and the Trump presidency.

  • emRogue Spooksem
    Last Aired

    Rogue Spooks

    Dick Morris talked about his book, Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump, about the Russia investigation and the Trump campaign.

  • Washington Journal Emily Tamkin Discusses the Trump State Department
    Last Aired

    Emily Tamkin on the Trump State Department

    Emily Tamkin discussed the inner workings of the State Department and reports of tension between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Trump. Tamkin recalled events that have reportedly led up to the tension, which…

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