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  • Brumidi Corridors
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    Brumidi Corridors

    The Brumidi Corridors are some of the most highly decorated spaces inside the U.S. Capitol. Designed in the late 1850s by Italian painter Constantino Brumidi, these five corridors in the…

  • Senate Reception Room and LBJ Room
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    Senate Reception Room and LBJ Room

    Located just off the Senate floor, the Senate Reception is one of the most ornately decorated spaces in the Capitol. It is today as it was when it first opened up in 1853--a place where senators can meet with constituents or…

  • Old Supreme Court Chamber
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    Old Supreme Court Chamber

    Located on the ground floor of the U.S. Capitol, this room served as the home of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1810-1860. Designed by renowned architects Benjamin Henry Latrobe and later…

  • The Presidents Room
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    The President's Room

    This ornate room is located just off the Senate floor. It is where President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Voting Rights Act and where President Ronald Reagan established a tradition in…

  • Vice Presidents Ceremonial Office
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    Vice President's Ceremonial Office

    Just off the Senate floor, this decorative office provides the vice president a place to conduct business while at the Capitol. It is where Vice President Henry Wilson died in 1875 and six years…

  • The Senate Chamber
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    The Senate Chamber

    C-SPAN toured the U.S. Senate Chamber, in use since 1859, to learn about its history, art, and artifacts, including the famous Senate desks.

  • Old Senate Chamber
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    Old Senate Chamber

    C-SPAN toured the Old Senate Chamber, where the body met from 1810-1859, is where the Senate grew in stature and became the primary forum for debating the issues of the day, including slavery.…